Beard Gains – Mashmallow Review


Today I’ve got a really interesting one from Beard Gains called Mashmallow.

I’ve been vaping this juice for the past 3 weeks – primarily in an Aspire Atlantis with an 0.3 ohm coil. I’ve got it at 18mg in a 70/30 blend – they don’t specify which is which, but I believe it is 70% VG. Also, no description on this one.

Mashmallow has a orange color and smells light and fruity in the bottle.

Taste. This juice has a really interesting flavor profile. It seems like every time I take a drag, I get something different. Since there was no real description for it, I honestly have no idea what it is trying to be. The name Mashmallow does kind of indicate a marshmallow type of flavor, however, I don’t get a ton of marshmallow when I vape this. It has kind of a fruity air to it – I would say similar to the flavor of Fruit Stripe Gum. I have tried other juices that have a similar flavor to this, however they are more on the juicy, overtly fruity side, while this juice has more of a creamy cake-like element to it. While it has a very fruity vibe, I do get a kind of cake-like flavor from it quite often as well. While it would be interesting to know exactly what the flavor profile is trying to be, I actually kind of like the mystery of not really knowing. I never look at descriptions before I vape a juice – rather I wait until right before I write the review – so really for the last 3 weeks I was fairly anxious to find out what exactly this juice was supposed to be, and ultimately I still have no idea – LOL. It definitely makes things more interesting. Overall, I think the taste of this juice is absolutely excellent. There are a lot of notes to pick out and it really helps to keep things interesting. I’ve also had some friends try this one as well, and they all gave it extremely positive feedback. I would absolutely buy this one again based on the flavor alone.

True to Description. There’s really no description at all for this juice, and that’s totally OK with me. I just can’t really give it much of a rating one way or another as a result.

Throat Hit. Love the throat hit on this juice. I actually felt that it hit significantly better than the last Beard Gains juice I tried, Melon Cucumber. Not sure if that’s the device or the juice, but since the devices I used were similar on both, I think it may have at least something to do with the juice. The throat hit has a very healthy kick and is more than enough to keep me satisfied.

Quality of Vape. For being a higher VG blend, I thought this juice performed admirably in the Aspire Atlantis tank. I’ve never had a single dry hit at all, and really no performance issues. The vapor production is absolutely stellar – that may be partially due to the rig, but definitely some credit goes to the juice as well. Throat hit is great, and the flavor is especially interesting. At no point in the last 3 weeks when I was vaping nothing but this juice did I ever get sick of it or have any desire to vape anything else.

Overall.  While I wasn’t blown away by Melon Cucumber, I was extremely impressed with Mashmallow. I would definitely buy this one again and I highly recommend it. I feel like this juice would appeal to just about anyone.

Highly recommended.

Check it out here:


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