Sleeping Dragon Vapor: Tattoo Review


This is the 3rd juice I’ve tried from Sleeping Dragon. The first two finished second and first place in juice battles respectively, so this one has some big shoes to fill. Here’s what they say about it:

This is a Fantasy Island kiwi mix. Boss! De Plane!

I’ve got it at 12mg in a 40/60 PG/VG blend.

First Impressions

This juice is orange and smells very lightly of fruit in the bottle.

I was a little let down by the taste of this one. Compared to the intense fullness of the flavor on Mt. Blastmore and the decadent richness of Daft Spunk, this one is very light on flavor. To me, it basically has a faint fruity flavor to it that doesn’t particularly taste like much of anything.

The throat hit is decent at 12mg – it’s a little light for me, but I’m more of an 18-24 vaper anyway. The vapor production is very good.

The Bottom Line

Taste. It’s hard for me to even really describe the flavor of this one, because it really just doesn’t taste like much to me at all. I don’t really get any kiwi from it, and it doesn’t taste particularly tropical either. It mostly just has a light, sort of fruity flavor to it. Not really bad, but too light for me and nothing particularly special.

True to Description. I really didn’t get any kiwi which was the primary ingredient listed. That said, I have had a couple different kiwi vapes, and none of them particularly taste like kiwi either, so I think it may be one of those flavors that is fairly complicated to pin down in a good ejuice.

Throat Hit. I’ve been running this in a DNA30 using a YK1 KTS with a 32 gauge twisted kanthal coil. This is a pretty solid setup for throat hit in general, and the result I am getting from tattoo is just average at best, so I wasn’t blown away by it, but I’ve been vaping it all day and haven’t been dying for something stronger either. So I would rate this as average or slightly above average.

Quality of Vape. This juice vapes pretty well all around. The throat hit is OK – it would probably be a lot better for me at 18mg. The vapor production is very good at 60% VG, and it leaves the vape feeling pretty full despite the flavor being light. The flavor, while nothing special, is still relatively tasty – so considering the juice performs well otherwise, it makes this one a pretty decent vape overall.

Overall. This one just really wasn’t my favorite. It’s not really bad, but there wasn’t a lot of uniqueness to the flavor and nothing really jumped out at me. Compared to the first two Sleeping Dragon juices I tried, this is definitely the weakest out of the three.

Not Recommended.

Check it out here:


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