VIP Arcadia Line – 6 Reviewed

I had a chance to sample a handful of juices from VIP Juice’s Arcadia line, and today we’re going to be taking a more in depth look at them.



Here’s what they say about it:

The Greek goddess Aphrodite is synonymous with passion, love and pleasure.

These are the elements that we tried to bring together in our e-liquid of the same name.

Arcadia Aphrodite combines the flavours of deep brown sugar, with the citrusy sharp sweetness of strawberry and a large dollop of vanilla custard.

My Thoughts:

This juice came in a 70/30 vg/pg blend. I really liked the blend and although I tend to prefer 18mg, I had no problem getting a strong hit from all of these juices even at 12, so the blend worked well for me.

I tend to prefer frutier vapes, as I don’t get burned out on them as quickly, and this one was right in my wheelhouse. It had a great strawberry taste, and while there was definitely a custard element, it wasn’t overpowering like it can be in a lot of custard vapes.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and would absolutely vape it again.



What they say about it:

The word divinity is derived from a Latin word that means belonging to the gods. Trying Divinity for the first time will leave you in no doubt as to why we choose the name for this particular e-liquid.

Arcadia Divinity blends sweet blueberries with pomegranates and then smothers them in silky smooth cream. Made in the UK, this e-liquid is a heavenly delight bottled up and ready for you to vape.

My Thoughts:

Another fruity vape with a touch of cream. I felt this one had a stronger creak element than Aphrodite, however it really worked well with the blueberry, and the pomegranate seemed to give it the little kick of acidity to make it a really tasty and interesting vape. Between this one and Aphrodite, I like both but I think this one was slightly more my style. Would gladly vape more!



What they say about it:

Ecstasy is an e-liquid that blends the fantastic flavours of hot-baked Crème Brûlée with raspberries and a light as a feather cheesecake. This is a for those of you with a sweet tooth and a love of sugary treats.

This eye catching liquid is red in colour and decadent in flavour. Made in the UK, but loved around the world, Ecstasy is a real feast for the senses and a celebration for the soul.

Vaping Ecstasy will leave your head in a whirl and your taste buds tingling!

My Thoughts:

This juice followed along the same lines as the first two – fruit with a creamy, rich element. I thought it was ok. I didn’t get as much cheescake from it as I would have hoped, and honestly I don’t like raspberry as much as strawberry or blueberry. So while this one was not bad by any stretch, I didn’t like it nearly as much as the first two. Would still vape it again though.

Night Screamer


What they say about it:

Night Screamer is an e-liquid that shouts fun and frolics from the rooftops. Flavoured with a fantastic mix of lemonade, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. This liquid fizzes, bubbles and is bursting with energy.

Made in the UK from the finest of ingredients, Night Screamer is a real party liquid and once tried you will want to vape it all night long.

Night Screamer will leave your taste buds tingling and your head in a whirl!

My Thoughts:

Lemonade and citrus in general is one of my favorite flavors to vape. I was interested to see how this one would taste- merging sour with cream. Overall, I thought this was a good vape. I think I would have liked a little less strawberry and a little more lemon, but all the flavors did come out in this juice, and really made for a nice combination. I really liked the creativity and would definitely vape this one again.

The Heretic


What they say about it:

This e-liquid is a renegade amongst a congregation of flavours who don’t follow the rules.

Cinnamon cookies fresh from the oven, are blended with the creamy taste of miniature bananas and brought together in a mouth watering combination.

Made in the UK, this premium e-liquid is for freethinkers who enjoy a smooth, sweet and spicy vape. Hanging out with The Heretic is an experience like no other, a journey that you won’t want to reach the end of.

My Thoughts:

Out of all the juices I sampled from VIP, this one was my least favorite. I felt like the banana really overpowered the other flavors in the vape and this one ended up pretty much tasting like straight banana to me. If you’re the type who likes a good banana vape, you may have a completely different opinion on this one, as I personally don’t care much for banana flavor. Overall, while I was still able to comfortably vape through a bottle of it, it wasn’t my favorite.

Holier than Thou


What they say about it:

Holier Than Thou is a sacred blend of sweet English apples, New Zealand kiwis and Californian black grapes. This luscious, cosmopolitan e-liquid has an intense sweet citrus taste and makes for a great daytime vaping experience.

This premium e-liquid contains flavours from around the globe, but is made in the UK using the highest quality ingredients. The result is an orange coloured liquid that packed with juicy flavours and will make a welcome addition to your vape juice collection.

My Thoughts:

I decided to save the best for last. I found this juice to be extraordinary. It has a really, fruity and juicy taste to it that was unlike anything else I’d ever vaped. While you can individually pick out the different flavors, none overpowers the other making for a really wonderfully balanced  overall flavor. I had friends try this juice as well and they were all enamored with it. I found myself wishing I had a much bigger bottle. Truthfully this is probably the best juice I’ve tasted in the last year and a half. If you get any juice from VIP, I strongly recommend this one.


I felt very grateful to have the opportunity to taste these juices from Arcadia. Overall I felt they were all good, and particularly I was impressed by Holier Than Thou, which had a unique taste and extremely full flavor. The higher VG blend worked out great for me, and while I wish they had these available in 18mg, I was surprised by how satisfying it was at 12, so don’t let that scare you off from ordering. This company seems like they are really creative and putting out some great quality juice, and I would strongly recommend giving them a shot!

Check them out here:


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