Mountain Oak Vapor: MOV Gold


Today I’ve got one from Mountain Oak Vapors called MOV Gold.

I honestly could not find this one anywhere on their site, so I don’t know what exactly the deal is. It is definitely a tobacco vape, although beyond that I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be.

I’ve got it at 18mg in a high PG blend.

First Impressions

This one has a nice medium brown color in the bottle and smells of… the dreaded “funk”.

Unfortunately, I always cringe when I get a juice that smells like this in the bottle, because I know it’s going downhill pretty quickly from there.

If you’re not familiar with my reviews, basically over the course of hundreds of ejuices I’ve tried, I come across one here and there that have this extremely noticeable “funk” about them. It’s like a really high pitched perfumey/floral kind of flavor. I find that it mostly appears in tobacco vapes, and in almost every case, it renders the juice unvapable. I’ve already had another one from MOV- White Leaf, that had the same problem.

Basically this juice tastes like a warm, robust tobacco trapped under a heavy blanket of nasty floral and perfume flavor.

The Bottom Line

Taste. Unfortunately when a juice suffers from “the funk”, it’s almost impossible for it to be good. This one is really no different. I will say that it’s about the most palatable juice with this awful funk that I’ve tried, but that’s pretty much where it ends for me. There is no doubt in my mind that as soon as I’m done with this review, I’m going to throw my wicks away and wash the hell out of my atomizer and drip tip before putting something new in there. The funk tends to easily embed itself into every surface it touches – if you get it on your clothes, hands, desk, purse or anything you care about, you’re going to be smelling it all day long.

True to Description. No description on this one so it’s tough to say either way. As a tobacco vape, it pretty much sucks because you can hardly taste the tobacco at all behind the disgusting veil of funk.

Throat Hit. Throat hit is pretty good at 18mg, and for a high PG juice, it still hits well, so overall, not too bad.

Quality of Vape. For me, this one is basically unvapable. There must be people out there capable of vaping this awful flavor because I keep finding it in juices from various compaines. That said, I can’t imagine how something that tastes like this ever passes the R&D phase, because I think it is flat out disgusting and I have a hard time imagining anyone vaping this stuff and loving it because it is just plain gross.

Overall. Not really much else to say about it. It could be a good tobacco, I suppose, if there wasn’t a terrible funk attached to it that makes it difficult to taste the tobacco at all. Since this is the second one I have tried from them that has this problem, I would now say I am a little hesitant to try any more of their tobaccos, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend running out and spending a ton on them without having tried them first because when you get one like this, it’s basically garbage.

Not Recommended.


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