The IGO-L Review

igo-lThe IGO-L is a rebuildable dripping atomizer. With a piece like this, it basically consists of two posts and a top cap. You lift up the top cap and can then screw in your wick and coil. Overall it is a super easy process and this thing gives a monstrous vape if set up well. Let’s dive into the Pros and Cons.

Pick up an IGO-L on Fasttech for just $7.67


Only 2 posts. When I got my IGO-L, it was set up as a dual coil. So it is definitely possible to run a dual coil on this device. That said, usually for dual coil setups you will have 3 posts instead of two. This makes setup a lot easier.

Airflow. It  doesn’t really have the airflow with the stock hole to support a dual coil, in my opinion. I generally prefer a tighter draw rather than an airy one, but for dual coil you usually want air to be able to easily get to both coils. Overall I like the stock hole a lot on a single coil setup, which is what I use, although it may be slightly small for some.

Loose drip tip.  The drip tip is slightly loose in both of IGOs I have. It’s not REALLY bad like the RSST, but it is a little bit loose. Not enough to make me want to beef up the gasket on my drip tip, but worth mentioning at least.


Appearance. I think it looks awesome on just about any device. It looks great on my Poldaic and is a perfect fit for my Precise Plus 18650.

Roomy.  It has a nice amount of room . I generally use a cotton wick, and with the IGO I can keep a fairly big tail on my wick and it will have plenty of room to swell. This means less juice floating around at the bottom, and no conflicts with airflow.

Post Spacing. The posts are spaced near perfect on this device, IMO. I typically use either a micro coil setup with regular kanathal or a ribbon kanathal setup. Both work fantastic with this post placement.  The posts also use phillips head screws, which I prefer over bolts or hex screws.

Do I use it?

Yes. It is one of my go-to RDAs currently. I have one I am using, one I loaned to a friend and 2 more on order. I don’t intend to give these up anytime soon.

Where can I get one?

I picked mine up at Fasttech for about $9. It comes in about a 1.6 ohm dual coil setup which actually performs quite well right out of the box. Also included is a screwdriver and a sick drip tip that you can find selling on other websites for at least $12 alone.

Pick up an IGO-L on Fasttech for just $7.67

Who is it for?

This is a RDA, so obviously it is going to perform best for someone who is comfortable working with wick and coil. If you have never used an RDA before, but want to try one, this would be a great starter piece. It’s big enough so it’s easy to work with, but not too big, and it comes pre-coiled so you can check out the setup and see how everything is connected before you dive in and start messing with it.

Bottom Line

Overall, this RDA looks great, comes with a crazy sick drip tip, hits hard, and is easy to work with. I had to struggle to even come up with any legitimate cons. For the money, you simply can’t beat it. If you were only going to run with one and only one RDA, this could well be the way to go. If you’re into RDAs at all, this is a must try. If you’re interested in getting started with RDAs, this is a great starter piece. Either way, you can’t go wrong on the IGO-L!

Here’s a video of me blowing a cloud of Yaeliq Cooler on a single coil ribbon kanathal coil with an IGO-L on a Sigeli #20.

The IGO-L Review
Ease of Use

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