Poldaic Uma Review

igo-lAfter finally graduating from my Provari and getting down and dirty with mech mods I started off simple with a Sigeli 19 & 20 but was left with a feeling like there has got to be more to this.

I’ve seen people showing off their various swagged out Chi-You’s, Carvellas and Nemesis’ in the forums, and as someone slightly compulsive about buying more “toys” decided I needed to find out first hand what a higher end mech mod would perform like.

After doing a ton of research, I finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to try out a Poldaic. I did this for several reasons – price point, look and feel, availability, versatility and performance.

The Poldaic Uma is a fully mechanical mod. The Poldaic line is manufactured by Metal Madness Vapors out of Greece. They offer different tubes for different battery lengths, and use a “shirt and pants” system for changing the outer skin of the mod. The Uma is a brass version with stainless buttons and trim.

That said, let’s move into the Pros and Cons.


Fair Pricing

All total I paid just a hair over $230 shipped from Greece for my setup. That is definitely still on the pricey side, however due to the quality of the mod, I feel it is a fair price.

Silver Contacts

The Poldaic uses all silver contacts for improved conductivity. It does require some maintenance, however you can get some really badass hits off a primed piece.


I really like the “Shirt and Pants” system. It only takes a second to remove the shirt and pants and put on a new set. If you’re really into Poldaics, you can pick up alternate shirt and pants combos relatively cheap from MMVapors. You can also get different sized tubes if you want to size down to 18350 or 500.

Firing Button

The firing button isn’t on the bottom like with many mechs, rather it is at the top on the side, similar to the placement of an ego button. I personally like this placement for firing buttons a lot. You can also lock the button by depressing it and wrapping the shirt around it so that it can’t move. Once you get it down, it’s super quick and easy.


Out of the box, this thing looks like a fucking gold bar. The brass looks absolutely amazing when freshly polished and you are sure to dazzle the hell out of your friends. The trim looks really cool, and it has some cool etchings on the bottom and on the button. All around it has a great look.


Unlike a LOT of other high end mods, there are usually SOME Poldaics always in stock. They have quite a few different models and tend to always be restocking them. I had no problem going to the website, finding an 18650 and purchasing it right away. Shipping time only took a couple of days, from Greece, so all around great experience there.


Center Pin

Probably the biggest beef I have with this thing is that the center pin can be finnicky. It is basically a reverse threaded silver screw with a Phillips head that you can screw down or up to get your desired length. The primary problem I have, is that often the screw has a tendency to move itself around if you are changing out atomizers frequently. So you could potentially get yourself in a situation where you are out and about, change your atomizer and mess up the pin so that it is too far depressed to make contact leaving you temporarily fucked until you find a small screwdriver. This has happened to me a couple of times and it really sucks. In fact I have to bring a backup no matter what if I am going out with the Poldaic.


As crazy cool as this thing looks fresh out of the box, the brass gets dull very quickly. Personally I am not one to be constantly polishing this thing, so I have opted instead to let the brass grow a sick petina, but if you’re into the shiny gold bar look, you need to be prepared to polish this thing probably at least on a weekly basis.

Silver Contacts

The silver contacts are nice, but they do require heavier maintenance. I don’t mind polishing them like I would if I were polishing the brass body, but it is still a PITA nonetheless.

Who is this Good For?

As this is a fully mechanical mod, this is not something I would recommend if you don’t have any prior experience with mechs. Pick up a cheapo off Fasttech and mess with that first. Once you start wondering about these crazy high end ones you keep seeing on forums like the Chi You and Carvella, then start looking at the Poldaic. It’s several hundred dollars less than the former and performs great.

This is also great if you want to be able to have one really flexible mod that you can change the look and size of. There are tons of different pant/shirt combos out there and they are pretty cheap so you can build up a hell of  a collection for a modest price and always keep your shit looking fresh to death.

Where Can I Buy One?

MMVapors.com. That’s where I got mine. Super fast service and they actually keep them in stock. Don’t be afraid about the international shipping, it is fast as hell.

They are also constantly for sale on the classifieds, although you aren’t going to get much of a discount from buying a fresh one.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a sick piece. I like mine and I have used the hell out of it. When you think back to how much we used to spend on cigs, $230 is a pretty reasonable price to pay for something of this level of quality that will basically last you forever AND keep most of its resale value. I have thought from time to time about selling mine, just because I want to try other stuff, and I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the cheapo Fasttech pieces generally don’t perform at a much lower level than high end pieces, but overall I don’t know if it will happen, and I am still regularly using it. I will really see in a couple weeks when my Nemesis clone gets here and I can put them head to head. Overall though, if you’re looking for a high end piece for a relatively sane price, this is the cat’s puss.

Here’s a quick vid of me vaping up some HHV Cinful Pear on my Poldaic Uma

Poldaic Uma Review
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