The Chobra – a Clone of the Cobra RBA

precise-plusSo interestingly, I picked up 2 Chobras off Fasttech a couple months ago – a clone of the far more expensive Cobra Rebuildable Atomizer.  I was on a genesis kick – I had 2 AGA t2 that I just couldn’t for the life of me master, so I picked up a couple Chobra and a couple DID clones in hopes that they would be a little more easy to set up.

By the time they arrived, I had probably spent over 20 hours fucking around with AGAs with lackluster results and I was totally burned out on genesis atomizers, so I only set one up, fucked with it for a short amount of time and then stashed it in the box and moved on to only using drippers for the next 6-8 weeks.

Anyway, I finally decided to give gennie’s another try – sometimes you try too hard and it’s best to just step away for a while – thats what I did with genesis atomizers, and now I have finally got into a groove and can phreak one out pretty easily.

So I pulled back out my first Chobra, rigged it up and had it singing like a bird. It worked so well that I finally cracked out my other brand new one out of the box and got that one fired up too. The last couple days I have been vaping on them almost exclusively and they are pretty sweet.

So as far as the anatomy goes – they are pretty straightforward. They have a metal cap that screws on. 2 holes in the top – one for the wick and one for adding juice, both secured by small hex bolts and they have a nice see thru poly tank.

You can pick up a Chobra on Fasttech here for $11.86.


Comes pre-built.

Lots of gennie’s don’t come pre-built. This baby already has a wick and coil set up. This is particularly helpful if you aren’t that experienced with them and want to see how they are set up.

See Through Tank

The DID clone is very similar but has a metal tank, which is kind of a pain in the ass because you really never know how much liq you have left in the tank. I personally prefer the see through, unless you are vaping something crazy that breaks poly tanks.

Nice Nuts on Center Post

Unlike the AGA T2, the chobra has nice big nuts on the center post that make it a lot easier to wrap your coil and avoid getting hot spots.

Nice Look and Feel

Overall this thing actually looks like a high end device, with the combo of poly, stainless and the black o-rings. The whole thing comes together very nice and I think it looks cool.

Airhole lines up with wick

This has a screw on top, which I normally don’t care for with gennie’s but in this case the screw on top results in perfect alignment with the airhole every single time.


Poly Tank

For me, it’s not really a con as I don’t currently vape any unsafe juices for a poly tank, HOWEVER, this could be a big issue for some people who would likely much prefer pyrex. I like poly because outside of not working with certain juices, it is pretty durable. I just dropped my piece in the driveway yesterday and there wasn’t a scuff on it.  A pyrex tank could have easily shattered.


For me, the diameter is actually a pro because it fits perfectly on my Precise Plus, which has a smaller diameter. The Chobra is quite a bit more narrow in diameter than an AGA, so on some mods it could look awkward.  I’m kind of grasping at straws on this one.

Who Should Buy It

If you want to get into genesis atomizers for the first time, this is an absolute no brainer. They cost less than $10, look like they cost way more and they are vastly easier to use than an AGA t2, plus they even come pre-coiled.

If you have a narrower diameter mod like the P+, its also great because it is likely to fit pretty flush and give you a clean look.

Where Can I Buy It

I got mine from Fasttech. I don’t currently know of anywhere else to get the knockoffs. They cost around $8 which is crazy low for a piece like this.

You can pick up a Chobra on Fasttech here for $11.86.

Bottom Line

I’m fucking in love with this thing. It works great, it looks great, it’s cheap, it’s easy to set up. It’s a total no brainer. In fact, it has made me want to mess around more with the DID clones now too because of how well it works and the similarities between the two. I have an e-pipe mod coming in the mail and I am primarily waiting to see which fits better on it. Whichever one fits best is probably likely to become an every day vape for me.

Here’s a vid of me vaping some Heather’s Heavenly Waffles in my Chobra which you can see fits like a glove on the Precise Plus:

The Chobra – a Clone of the Cobra RBA
Ease of Use

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