The Innokin SVD

Innokin SVDOk, so this is my first ever review of a VV Mod. I have actually had many since I began vaping. I have had:

  • A V1 Lavatube – My first VV Mod that is sitting in a box
  • An Itaste MVP – My first REAL VV mod that I used for quite a while, then loaned to a friend who promptly lost it on the bus
  • An Ego Twist – Barely fits the category and I only used egos for about a month ever. Loaned this to a different friend who also lost it.
  • A Provari – Loaned to a friend who managed to somehow break the top.
  • A Vamo – Loaned to a friend who lost it.

So out of all the VV mods I own, the SVD is the only one I actually use with any regularity and it sits here on my desk every day.

So what is the SVD?

The SVD is Innokin’s answer to the Vamo, Provari and other similar VV/VW devices.

It features variable voltage up to 6 volts AND variable wattage up to 15 watts. It is telescopic so it can fit a variety of 18 series batteries and it is both ego and 510 threaded so you can use pretty much any normal carto or clearo on it. It also reads ohms, which is pretty much the primary reason I have it.

So without further ado, here are the pros and cons.


Cost Effective

As of right now, you can pick this up on Fasttech for $37. That is a hell of a deal for a mod with the amount of features and the build quality of the SVD.

Good Quality

I bought the SVD in the spring when I actually was still ONLY using VV/VW devices and used it heavily for some time, I even took it on a 4 day camping trip where it was outside the whole time and I have never had a single issue with it. Being able to compare it side by side with a Vamo, I can pretty much say with certainty that it is way better quality.


This thing is just flat out versatile. You’ve got your variable voltage. You’ve got your variable wattage. You’ve got ego and 510 threading. You’ve got the option to use different sizes of batteries. That is basically everything you could want in a VV/VW device.


It has an up and down button for voltage/wattage which makes toggling much faster than it is on a Provari which only features 1 button. Personally that is a big selling point for me. The only slight issue with the buttons is it seems like they should be reversed, but it’s a small issue overall.



This is totally subjective and I know some people actually think it looks cool, but personally I think it looks like a cross between a sex toy and a pipe bomb. It’s absolutely not something I would want to take out with me. If you like the appearance, then more power to ya.

Who Should Buy It

If you’re relatively new to vaping and want to move to the next level and try a real VV/VW device, this is absolutely a great choice.

Where Can I Buy It?

I would absolutely get this from Fasttech. They will probably hit you for at least $70 if you go to a vape shop or some other online merchant. I got mine from Fasttech – it came super fast and I have had 0 problems with it EVER.

You can find the Innokin SVD at Fasttech here.

Bottom Line

When I first started really getting into vaping I was using my Provari a lot, and I never thought I would ever recommend any device other than the Provari particularly for someone interested in VV/VW mods. As time has gone by, I am not as big of a fan of the Provari as I once was, although I still do think very highly about it. Cost wise, the Provari is going to cost you over $100 more, and doesn’t have variable wattage. Performance wise, I would honestly say the SVD and Provari are pretty close. So that said, I would say if you have any reservations about springing for the Provari, start with the SVD instead and you won’t be disappointed.

I really don’t use any non-mech devices with any regularity so for everyday use, it’s not for me. However, I do use it every day for measuring ohms on any new coils I build and I don’t have any intention of ever getting rid of it. And I absolutely did use it as an every day vape device for quite a while before I got into mechs and it served me well.

I even had a friend ask me about it the other day and I fully recommended getting it. For the price, it’s probably one of the best vaping values out there right now.

The Innokin SVD
Ease of Use

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