First Impressions – The Rocket (Kayfun Clone)


SO… I was super excited when I first found that Fasttech had released a Kayfun clone called the Rocket. For only $13.37, I had no choice but to instantly order one.

Well, FT is finally out of shipping hell, and this little beauty got here pretty quick. I have had it in for two days now – despite having a super shitty sinus infection,  I still haven’t been able to keep myself from playing around with it.

I want to wait to do a full, actual review until I have more time to really mess with it. When my sinuses get shitty, it’s hard to really have my heart in it 100%.

Anyway, here are my first impressions on the Rocket Kayfun 3.1 Clone after having a couple of days to kick the tires…

First off, I will preface this by saying that I have never tried an actual Kayfun before, so I can’t compare performance between the two, only tell you how the performance of the Rocket is for me.

When I first got this out of the box, I was impressed by how heavy it is. I have to admit that it looks kind of  “cheap” in the FT pictures – especially compared to the smooth and elegant look of an actual Kayfun.


The first thing I did was take the whole thing apart. This is usually a good idea, particularly with an atty style you have never seen before.

The Kayfun clone is interesting because it is a totally different style of atomizer. It’s loosely similar to a bottom coil and maybe even loosely similar to a genesis atty, but it has a lot of differences.

It has a tank at the bottom where you can fill liquid. then on top of that tank is the vapor chamber. On a raised pedestal in the vapor chamber, the coil sits.

The Rocket came with a 1.8 ohm coil using a figure 8 shaped silica wick.

I gave it a couple pulls with that setup just to see how it was, but it didn’t do much for me.

I rigged up a basic 5 wrap 28g kanathal microcoil on a 1/16 drill bit, which came out to about 1 ohm. I then wet some cotton and threaded it through the coil, leaving a ton of cotton coming out the back end. I screwed on the vapor chamber sleeve, and then pushed the cotton down so that it was touching the bottom of the reservoir. The chamber sleeve screws all the way down to the deck, and there are grooves on either side of the deck for juice to trickle in from the tank.

On my first coil attempt, I didn’t leave a long enough cotton tail, and while it worked, I was getting way hot hits because the coil was too dry. The second time I left a ton of cotton and haven’t had any problems with wicking or dry hits.

The airflow is bottom controlled. It comes up into the vapor chamber from a hole directly under the coil. In my opinion, this is an optimal place for the airhole as you have perfect exposure to the coil with no fuss.

So this build has been working phemoninal for me so far. here’s a vid of me blowing a crazy cloud of Krishna Cola from Nirvana Vapor.

I have this baby rigged up on a Chemisis (Nemisis Clone I also recently just got in). It fits perfectly fllush and blends with the polished top ring on the Chemisis, for a surprisingly nice look.

The thing hits hard as hell and produces crazy clouds. I also haven’t really had any issues with flooding or dry wicking.

When I rigged up the second coil/wick attempt, it took me only about 2 minutes to do.

They do have a nice fill hole option on the bottom, but I don’t have anything small enough to fit it. Additionally, the top cap easily unscrews and you can fill right from the top with no hassle at all.

In fact, it fills so easy from the top, I think it is almost redundant to have the bottom fill hole at all. I doubt I will even try to use it again.

They also have adjustable airflow control on the bottom. I haven’t needed to mess with that because honestly the stock configuration has been working beautifully.

So my overall impression can be boiled down to this:

  • It is amazingly priced
  • Much better quality than I expected
  • Super easy to use
  • Hassle free
  • Looks surprisingly slick on a Nemisis.

There really aren’t a lot of negatives I can find with this. Honestly I believe this is probably the direction vaping is heading – especially now that this style of atomizer is not cost prohibitive.  It is just simply the easiest to set up and most efficiently designed style of atomizer that has come across my desk so far. I wish I would have ordered a few of these because I think I will be using the one I have a LOT.

Once I have had more time to play with it, I will double back and do a full review.

For now, these are shipping next day for $13.37, so I strongly advise ordering a couple. You can pick them up here.

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  1. J says:

    What a complete pile of shit.

    But then what do you expect, for $13, shipped?

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