Heather’s Heavenly Vapes: Heavenly Waffles

heavenly-wafflesHeavenly Waffles is one of only 2 non-tobacco vapes I have tried from HHV as of writing this review. I like their tobacco so much, I am inclined to try other flavors, although they have so many tobacco flavors available, I am more likely to go with those first.

At any rate, on one of my recent orders from HHV I decided to kick in a bottle of Heavenly Waffles. Heavenly Waffles is an especially unique HHV flavor due to the fact that you can customize exactly how you want them. Options include:

  • Fruit – Berries or Banana
  • Extra Butter
  • Extra Syrup
  • Topping – Chocolate, Pecans, Whipped Cream

This makes it possible to have quite a few different variations on the juice. In fact I may try a completely different blend on one of my future HHV orders.

For this bottle, I went with Bananas, Extra Butter, Regular Syrup and Pecans. I went with a whopping 24mg at 30/70 PG/VG ratio. Overall I was very pleasantly surprised.

When you first crack open the bottle and give it a whiff, it definitely does smell like waffles. It has a great aroma.

On the inhale, you get waffle, pecan and maple all enveloped by a buttery richness. The exhale is smooth and waffley. It leaves a pleasant maple aroma in the air afterwards.

I have tried some other juices in the past that I thought tasted somewhat like maple, and left a heavy maple aroma in the air afterwards, so I was a little concerned that the maple might be overpowering – so for that reason I didn’t choose to get extra syrup. I think that it was the right choice because the maple undertones are actually quite subtle for me, allowing the other flavors to come through nicely. Pecan is a fairly subtle flavor in my opinion and the fact that it comes through so well is a good testament to the quality of this juice.

It is a very strong and full flavored vape. Often I don’t care for the extremely in-your-face flavor vapes but this one does a great job of tying a lot of rich flavors together in a delicious way.

As I am sitting here writing this, I realize that I have actually pretty much been vaping on this liquid almost exclusively all day, so it’s definitely one that you won’t get burned out on super fast.

Bottom Line

If you’re into rich dessert or breakfast vapes, this one really will not disappoint. It packs a huge amount of flavor and stays true to the description. You can definitely taste the quality. I think I would like to try bananas and chocolate, and strawberry or blueberry with whipped cream because I am sure that they are at least as good as this one.

I would definitely buy this one again and if you are going to make an order with HHV and want to try something besides their amazing tobacco flavors, this is a great place to start.

Heather’s Heavenly Vapes: Heavenly Waffles
True to Description
Throat Hit
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