Heather’s Heavenly Vapes Jiggy Review

hhv-jiggyI feel like a broken record, almost, with the amount of HHV juices I have been reviewing. I promise I have a lot more from other vendors coming but first I have to review all the juices I am vaping at the moment.

So this review is for Jiggy, a naturally extracted hookah tobacco that is part of HHV’s Purity line.

Here’s what HHV Says about Jiggy:

This is an extracted hooka tobacco that is a bird of a different feather. Fruits and florals with just a hint of tobacco. Not perfumy, but forward with the fruit and floral notes. When Heather and I first vaped it, we thought, wow, now this is a fun vape. When we blind tested it no one realized it was an extracted tobacco. The fruit/floral notes dominate the show for sure with Jiggy. This flavor is part of our Purity line. All flavor ingredients in our Purity line are propylene glycol (PG) free which is why we can offer this particular vape in your favorite PG/VG ratio including 100% organic VG if desired.

For me, I think that description really hit the nail on the head.

I picked up a 24mg bottle of 100% VG. Actually, when I first tried Jiggy, I was immediately turned off by it. The flavor was so in-your-face and fragrant that it was totally beyond what I was expecting.

On the inhale, I get an extremely powerful floral flavor. Maybe kind of a rose-ish note. It is unlike the flavor from any other vape I have tried. The exhale is more muted, and if you really try, you can catch some hints of tobacco. The most tobacco I get from it is actually in the aroma it leaves behind in the air. The flavor is extremely full, loud and crisp.

For vapor production, I would probably rate this as one of, if not the best I have gotten out of any juice to date. It’s incredible. It also has a powerful throat hit, although I suspect that is helped by the fact that I ordered this in a whopping 24mg of nicotine.

I really prefer running this juice in a Kanger 3TS that I have recoiled down to 1.1ohm and rewicked with a cotton wick. The bottom coil helps with the thicker VG, as I have no wicking problems whatsoever, and overall it gives out an unbelievable hit with everything you would want – vapor, throat hit and flavor.

Bottom Line

Although my first impression was not a good one, I always give juices more than one chance, and I’m glad I do because this one quickly grew on me. In fact, right now I would put it as one of the top 5 juices I have tried, and I vape it regularly. I would absolutely order more, and absolutely order it in 100% VG again. I would likely dial it down to 18mg on the nic.

The thing I like best about this flavor is its uniqueness. It is an unusual flavor with a lot of notes you wouldn’t normally get from a juice. When sharing this with friends, I have gotten mixed reactions as I really feel this one is more of an acquired taste, but if you give it a chance, there’s a strong possibility you’ll become a believer like me. Absolutely worth a try, top notch quality, and totally unique flavor.

Here’s a quick vid of me blowing a stupid crazy cloud of Jiggy on my phreaked out TS3 sitting on a Precise +

Heather’s Heavenly Vapes Jiggy Review
True to Description
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