Kanger TS3 Review


The Kanger TS3 is often overlooked since Protanks burst onto the scene. The TS3 is the more clearomizer-looking older brother of the Pro Tank. While the Kanger Protank generally tends to steal a lot of the TS3’s thunder, it is actually a great clearomizer. In my opinion probably the first great bottom coil clearomizer. Kanger has had other BCCs but I have tried several and they all fall short of the level of quality the TS3 has.

On with the pros and cons…


Appearance. Overall, the Kanger TS3 has a similar appearance to a lot of other clearomizers both top and bottom coil, which in general I think look cheap and shitty. The TS3 however while following a similar design does look quite a bit better. It has chrome trim around the base and the top, a clear built in drip tip, and isn’t in as much of a cone shape as a lot of other clearomizers are, and I think that helps its appearance quite a bit. Still not perfect, but it can look pretty good on the right mod or even an ego.

Great out of the box. You will probably not see me ever endorsing a lot of pre-coiled products out of the box, but the TS3 is hands down the best clearomizer out of the box I have ever tried. I got into TS3’s back in my variable voltage days before I had any idea how to wrap my own coil, and I was forced to use clearos straight out of the box. Of all the clearos I tried, including the Pro Tank, I found that the T3s are the best out of the box.

Cost effective. I think I picked up a 5 pack of these for around $20 from Health Cabin and I am pretty sure they are genuine Kangers. You can pick up knockoffs from Fasttech for around $2-$2.50 that are likely on par. That is a hell of a lot more effective then picking up a Protank or Protank2. Especially useful if you’re like me and you like having a lot of tanks to choose from. They also have replaceable heads that shouldn’t run more than $1 apice tops.

Easy to DIY. I recoil them myself and they are fucking nuts. The best vape I have right now as of writing this is a 1.1 ohm perfectly coiled TS3 with a fat tank of HHV Jiggy. It just doesn’t get any better. They recoil the exact same way a Protank does so if you know how to phreak a Pro Tank, you can phreak one of these.


Appearance. For this one, it’s both a pro and a con. While it does look good, as far as standard clearos go, it still looks quite a bit like a standard clearo. It also has a very narrow diameter, so it isn’t going to look great on a lot of mods. You aren’t going to get much wow factor popping one on a Chi-You.

Ego threaded. Unfortunately they are Ego threaded, which pretty much sucks. I use a standard Ego to 510 adapter on mine, which you can pick up on Fasttech for about $1. Still, its an extra piece and it just isn’t as good as it would be if you could get them in 510.

Occasional Leakage. Every once in a while I will get a leaker – this is usually from having something not tight enough. Unfortunately there are quite a few places that need to be firmly connected and if you are just a tad off, it can cause a leak. Overall, not a huge problem and not nearly as bad as Evods, but not as good as Pro Tanks on the topic of leakage.

Fixed drip tip. Sadly these have a fixed drip tip. I really wish they didn’t because they would look bad ass with a nice stainless drip tip. It’s not the biggest deal, but definitely one of the biggest cons, if not the biggest.

Who is it For?

This is great for just about anyone. If you like modding your own shit, it’s cheap and effective. If you don’t want to try your hand at wick and coil, it’s one of the best out of the box clearos I have found, BY FAR.

All around, this is great for anyone.

Where Can I Get it?

I got mine from www.healthcabin.net. I believe it was around $20 for a 5 pack at the time. You can also get knockoffs on Fasttech much cheaper. They are also widely available at a lot of online and brick and mortar shops.

Do I Use it?

Yes. I have been using these since I first got them. They were great before I could recoil them and they are amazing now that I can. I don’t see these going out of the rotation anytime soon, and in fact I am going to pick up a batch of knockoffs from Fasttech to do a comparison on soon.

Bottom Line

It’s a simple, affordable piece. It’s easy to fill, easy to mod, works great on everything from egos to mech mods. There is literally no type of vaper I can think of that wouldn’t benefit from one of these in the rotation.

If you haven’t tried one yet, give it a shot.

Here’s a vid of me blowing a crazy cloud of Jiggy on my custom coiled T3s

Kanger TS3 Review
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