The Fatty Verticoil on an AGA T2 – An Illustrated Guide


I’m going to be heading out for the day in a couple hours. I’ve mostly been fucking with drippers all week long and I didn’t have a great tank set up to take with me – I really prefer to go with tanks when I’m on the go. I also have been needing to do a review on the AGA T2 for quite some time. So as such, I decided to dust off one of my T2s and get it tricked out so I could take it along with me today. My last build on the AGA was a horizontal nano dragon coil, which was working pretty well, but I decided to take it to a new level.

In looking over the AGA T2 base, I noticed that the tall post they have has a very large hole to thread a coil leg through. I recently picked up a roll of 24ga kanathal and I really like it, but it is hard to fit on a lot of atomizers. However, after taking a look, I realized it would fit perfectly for this setup.  So I decided to do a thick vertical coil with a wider diameter. I generally go for 1/16 diameter or less for coils, however you need a million wraps of 24ga kanathal to give you enough ohms to not blow your face off, and it wouldn’t fit that well on even an AGA at that height.  So I went with a 3/32 width drill bit to wrap my coil on. The results are very promising. You can see from the video below that even with short puffs I’m getting crazy huge vapor from it.

How to do it…

Caution: rebuilding any atomizer can be extremely dangerous. Please don’t attempt any crazy sub ohm builds unless you know what you are doing, and have the proper equipment. Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1 – Wrapping the coil

We’re going to wrap it like a standard micro coil – so all the wraps should be tight and fully touching. For this tutorial I am using 24 ga kanathal on a 3/32 drill bit. 24ga kanathal is super thick, even compared to 28ga, and takes a little work to wrap. If you need to pick some up just get it from Temco on ebay, it’s around $4.00 for a roll shipped.

To wrap this, after the first wrap I actually used a pliers to do the rest of the wraps so I could get it tighter. Normally I never do this with kanathal, but it can be tricky to get it really tight when wrapping it by hand, although I have wrapped some 24ga coils totally by hand that worked OK, so you can try either way.

I did 7 wraps, with one leg pointing to either side. In retrospect I probably would have done 8-9 wraps so that the coil would match up a little better height-wise, but 7 worked out OK for me.

Here’s what my coil looked like:


This came out to 0.6 ohms. I usually don’t like to go any lower than 0.7, but this is close, and I just got some fresh 30 amp batteries from MadVapes, so this should be relatively safe.

Step 2 – Apply the Coil to the AGA T2 Base

So normally with an AGA T2, you screw one end into the deck and wrap one end around the center post. For this build, I am using the second post on the T2. Unscrew the top screw so that you have enough room to thread a leg through the hole, and then tighten it. Then carefully wrap the other leg around the center post. On my AGA, I tricked it out to use a spring and washer combo rather than the shitty bolts they come with. It will make your life a lot easier – I just used the spare pieces that came with my RSST and it works brilliantly.

Here’s what it should look like:


Notice the location – there is an open hole directly below the coil, and a second open hole directly behind the post on the left. The hole behind the post on the left is where you are going to thread the wick.

Once you have it securely fastened, first check the ohms. Then I like to give it a test fire to make sure it lights up even. You will notice that since this is a thicker kanathal, it takes a little longer to heat up. Keep this in mind while using the device- you might need to prime it for a minute before taking a hit if the coil has been cool a long time


Step 3 – Roll the wick

I use a pure cotton wick. Take about 1/4th of a cotton ball, and carefully stretch it apart and then roll it. I believe the holes on the deck of the AGA t2 are 3/32, so you need to get it to around that width to thread into the tank. These holes are wider than on some other genesis style atomizers, so it is pretty easy to get it threaded into the tank, but you still need to roll it out pretty thin. It should look something like this:


Once you have it rolled out, carefully thread it into the tank. Remember, you want to put the wick through the hole that is directly behind the left post.

I used a straightened paperclip to gently push it down in there. If you have to work hard to get it in, then you rolled the wick too thick – it should slide in real nice and easy. It should help with wicking if there is a little play between the wick and the hole.

Step 4 – Wrap the wick around the coil

I ran into a little trouble on this one because I wrapped too much cotton around the wick the first time, and it ended up obstructing the holes. Here’s what my first attempt looked like:


It was wrapped super tight and nice, but there was too much wick getting in the way of the hole through the center of the coil. The most important part of this step is making sure you keep the airhole totally unobstructed.

So for my second attempt, instead of wrapping it dry, I primed the wick with juice first, and then wrapped.

Since you threaded the wick through the hole behind the left post, once you have primed the wick, thread it through the opening between the left post and the coil, then tightly wrap it around the front of the coil, and thread back through the other side between the coil and the center post.

You should end up with your wick wrapped completely around the coil, tightly, and no obstruction of either airhole. I like to keep the drill bit through the coil during this process to help ensure the airhole stays open.

You can also adjust the wick with a small screwdriver if it is hanging over the bottom or top of the coil. You want the edge of the wick to be as flush with the edge of the coil as possible on both ends.

Mine looked like this the second time:


It doesn’t look pretty but it vapes like a motherfucker.

Once you’re wrapped and primed, give it a test fire. You should see a ton of vapor coming out of both ends of the coil. Here’s how mine looked:

 Step 5 – apply the top cap and hit that shit

When you put the top cap back on, you want to make sure that the hole in the cap is lined up directly with the coil. This will help give you proper airflow.

Also, I have drilled the top cap on mine out to 1/16th. That is still relatively small for a setup like this. You could try 5/64 or as big as 3/32.

The stock cap hole is not going to allow you to get your full potential out of this build, so it is definitely worth expanding, and it is pretty easy to do on the T2.

Once you’re ready to take a hit, remember that it can take a second for the coils to get fully hot, so if you don’t prime it for a minute, your first hit might not be as good as your next one.

You can get a huge amount of vapor out of a very small hit – see my video at the beginning of the tutorial.

I loaded mine up with a full tank of Serendipity 50/50 from HHV that has been steeping for over 9 months and it hits like a beast.

If you don’t already have an AGA T2, I actually got mine from Discount Vapers and Exhale Vapors. In both cases they were in the neighborhood of $20 – $30. If you are impatient, this isn’t a terrible way to go, however last month they did release them on Fasttech for only around $12 if you’re willing to wait a week or two, which is an incredible deal for this piece.

The Bottom Line

This is a super fast and easy build to do. Probably my favorite so far on the AGA T2.  I also keep an additional hole open on the deck so if the wick starts to get dry I can tilt it and it will get saturated again pretty quickly. Just remember to keep it upright because it will leak if you set it up like this and leave it on it’s side.

24ga kanathal is pretty cool and I have liked all the builds I have successfully done with it so far. If you don’t feel like picking any up, you could always try twisted kanathal with this same setup too.

The coil is big and thick and it really produces a shit ton of vapor and an amazing throat hit, and flavor-wise it is really not bad for me either compared to some other dragon coil builds.

Give this one a try next time you want to head out with a full tank for the day.


One comment on “The Fatty Verticoil on an AGA T2 – An Illustrated Guide

  1. Arvid Sollom says:

    Hey man, been going through your site and I dig it. Good info and I like the way you come at things. I was happy to hear of more repurposing of genisis attys for auto drip setups. The wick struggle is over! Spent a long time cycling through builds that slowly improved. I ended up going down a line that it looks like you are coming around. I built my first truly long term coil just before the Tucson Vapers first meeting in April of this year. It was the 24g that first did it on a genisis for me. I had actually purchased it because I was proof testing vaping on AA batteries with 20g wire (which works btw but has caveats and learnings to go) I wanted to try pulling parallel power with several 24g instead. That wire sat around for a while after I had proved out the idea, that is until April. I had finally heard of Contact Coils and had already seen the benefit of parallel coiling with the 6 way 24g at 1.2v, and immediately felt the bell go off, an another veil lifted on how these ecigs really are running inside. Well anyhow moving ahead I built a .6 ohm 24g coil that with one repair lasted 4 months. A goof on my part shorted a leg and burnt it out, so I put the drill bit back in, unwrapped two wraps and voila, .4 ohm and I hit the sweet spot. At the end of those 4 months of the same 1/8th inner diameter 24g coil I had also gotten time to work the wick side only. I put together a 3 part system essentially that maximizes refill time on the auto dripper, gives a large durable coil to work with, and potentially…. leaves the tank Leak Resistant. Now I phrase it that way because once in a while, the setup will get knocked ‘out of tune’, but once you see what is going on, an In tune setup like i’ll show you the video to, just made the genisis every thing I imagined it could be. Ok as you can see I do like to go on about things, so enough of that, Check out the video here, I hope you have time to go through it fully, I know it is not short.

    Enjoy man and Vape on

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