An Illustrated Guide to Coiling an IGO-W


Ahhh… The IGO-W. Simple. Effective. What more can you ask for?

I am a big fan of both the IGO-L and the IGO-W. I haven’t used my W in a while so I decided to pull it out and whip up this illustrated guide to coiling it quick and perfect.

For drippers of this style, I have really become a big fan of using the Dragon Coil method.

The idea of a dragon coil is to tightly wrap your wick around the coil, while leaving both ends of the coil completely open for air to flow through. In theory this should produce a lot more vapor, and in practice, it certainly has for me.

They are super easy to do on drippers, and only take a minute or two to set up. For this you will need some Kanathal – I use 28ga, a 1/16 drill bit and some cotton.

PLEASE NOTE – Rebuilding any atomizer can potentially be very dangerous. Please do not attempt to build crazy sub ohm coils unless you know what you are doing. 

Step 1 – Wrap the Coil

Clip off a nice chunk of Kanthal – I use 28 ga, but you can really use any kind. The size you use will affect the ohms, so you will need to use more or less wraps depending on the gauge you have selected.  Take your 1/16 drill bit and tightly wrap a coil around it. There shouldn’t be any gaps between the coils – rather they should all be touching uniformly.

Once you have wrapped the coil around the bit, keep the bit inside the coil, and attach it to the posts on the IGO-W. When you are done you should have something that looks very similar to this:


Make sure you check your ohms at this point. I personally don’t usually go anything below 0.7 ohms. This particular coil for me came out to 7 wraps at about 0.9 ohm.

Once you have confirmed that your coil is the correct ohm that you want it to be, clip off the excess around the post.

Once you have a coil that looks like the above, or hopefully better, you are ready to wrap it.

Step 2 Wrapping the Coil

I take a fairly small piece of cotton ball and roll it so that it is about as wide as the coil. It should look like the picture below:


Once you have rolled the cotton, you need to thread it around the coil. Make sure you keep the drill bit through the coil for this step, as it will greatly help you make sure the airhole is not obstructed by cotton wick. I usually go in from underneath, and pull one side through and up. You should end up with both ends of the cotton meeting above the coil. See the picture below:


Now take both ends of the wick and twist them together like you would a twist tie. Make sure to twist them very tightly and all the way down so that it is tight against the coil. The cotton should be fully and tightly wrapped around the outside of the coil at this point.

Once you have done this, tuck the remaining wick under the coil. It should look something like this:


You shouldn’t have any coil showing, all you should be able to see is a clear hole going straight through the coil.

Once you’ve done that, you are ready to go.

At this point, before I put the top cap back on, I like to make sure I get the wick completely saturated with juice. This way, you can make sure there are no spots where you could potentially dry burn, and you can also double check that no outside areas on the coil are exposed. Once your coil is soaked, you should also be able to move it around and position it easier.

I also like to give it a test fire before putting the top cap back on. Here’ s a quick vid of my dragon coil just after wrapping and soaking the wick:

Pretty sick vapor for a quick coil and wick job, eh?

If you did it right, you should have vapor flowing out of both ends of the coil, just like in the video above.

Once you’ve got that all set, you can pop the top cap on and start vaping. Make sure that you align the airhole on the top cap with the coil to get maximum air on it.

NOTE – you can adjust the amount of cotton around the coil – particularly how much you have underneath. You should be able to fit quite a bit of cotton under the coil if you want to be able to hold more juice, however if you notice your coil spitting and gurgling, you probably have too much. For this particular tutorial I used about the minimum amount of cotton you would possibly want to use, so definitely feel free to experiment by adding more.

Also, regarding the coil diameter, I have done these with a much narrower diameter than 1/16th drill bit, so you can feel free to experiment with that as well. I like 1/16 for the IGO-W, because at about 7 wraps, it comes out at almost a perfect distance between the two coils.

Obviously, with the IGO-W, you could easily duplicate this on the other post for a dual coil setup, however you will need to make your coils with twice as many wraps, and you will probably want to widen the airhole. I think you will find that this single coil setup will kick a basic dual coil setup’s ass.


24 comments on “An Illustrated Guide to Coiling an IGO-W

  1. JimmieJoeJohnson says:

    An illustrated guide is a great idea, but you need better pictures.

    • sam says:

      Thanks, yeah I am taking them with my iphone and closeups are fairly new to me. I’ve only done a couple of these so far, so my skills need a little tuning still. Hopefully I will get better!

  2. Jordan Cahill says:


    awesome! thanks for posting this! very informative and not overly verbose. Clear and concise; perfect.

  3. Dave says:

    Simple. Straight forward. Mine turned out spot on. Best guide I’ve found.. Was about to give up building could, they never turned out great until I followed your guide. Thanks!

    • sam says:

      Awesome, that is great to hear. You can also do this exact same build with a more standard wick-through-the-coil setup, and that also works really well for me. I also recommend drilling out the airhole to 1/16th, and ALWAYS make sure your airhole is aligned in front of the coil.

  4. Aaron Garner says:

    im new to this I have the vamo v2 variable voltage/watt mod and a kangertech pro 2 atomizer I just bought this igo-w today can I use the vv/w with this or should I get a mech mod?

    • sam says:

      You can definitely use the IGO-W with a VV/VW mod. You just have to keep the ohms up high enough so it will fire. For a Vamo, if you keep it above 1.5 you should be totally good to go.

      • jessica says:

        so to do that say im using a igo-w with 28g kanthal on my zmax v3 how many wraps would i need?

        • sam says:

          It depends what you are wrapping the coil on. As a standard coil size, I usually use a 1/16th drill bit – you can pick them up super cheap at Walmart. On a regulated mod like a Zmax, I personally like to shoot for about 1.5 ohms. To get that on a 1/16th drill bit, you would probably want to try doing about 10-12 wraps.

          • jessica says:

            ok… thats for a 1/16th bit.. what about a micro coil build same guage kanthal but 5/64 bit how many wraps would it take?

          • sam says:

            I can’t say for sure because I usually don’t use 5/64, but I would guess somewhere around 7 wraps.

  5. Miguel says:

    Just built my first dragon coil after reading this and I love it. Thanx dude. Btw I used 26g kanthal wire.

  6. Zach says:

    I had been using a two coil setup, and was wondering if there was a way to create as much or more vapor with a one coil setup, and it never occurred to me to use the the coil itself as a wind chamber, genius! Thank you for the walk through. The pictures were extremely helpful. A few more pictures of more of the steps involved, and angles so we can be sure we are doing it correctly would benefit the reader. FYI, I wrapped my twisted cotton around the coil a second time, rather than just tucking it underneath so that it would make more contact with the coil, and cotton touching the coil, so it’s like a giant cotton donut with the coil in the center, and I think that both helps with air flow and juice distribution!

    Quick question, does is it possible to find and use silicone or ceramic instead of cotton as a wick with the igo-w? Something that has a higher smoke point than cotton?

    • sam says:

      Silicone I’m not totally sure about as far as wicking goes. The have ceramic wicks that are pretty easy to work with – they are generally intended for genesis devices but I’m sure you could also use them in an RDA. I have also seen people use stainless steel cable and quartz rods. I haven’t tried either but I’ve heard good things.

  7. Gary says:

    Hey Sam,
    Great write up, just happened to be trolling around for a minute early in the morning here and I will be getting a message out to you very soon Sam,
    Thought this would be helpful to your readers and had it right at hand.
    Thought it might be especially helpful to the one above who asked about using a 5/64th for wrapping.
    This is my go to, yes Sam I know what you thought regarding me and coils..LOL but I sometimes under play things, but this tool is indispensable to me and a really quick calculator, a person just needs to know their material.
    Best to you my Bro and I have not forgot you, actually it was the most exciting idea I’ve been offered in a very longtime just in the middle of a huge family medical problem..!!

  8. santiago says:

    hey sam, so im new at dripping and for my first time i decide to by an igo w. it began perfectly, is amazing how this make me feel the flavor, different how i used to feel it with the cartridges tanks. now i have this issue or i dont know is maybe an issue or normal (again im new), is that suddenly i notice that one side was burning more than the other coil, is wierd because i notice the cotton left gets dry but the other one is still full of juice. so my question is: is this normal or is a coil problem or maybe i need to adjust the little screws, or what could be the issue?
    my last question would be, ok i have always wonder how often i have to change this coils, do i have to change the cotton before changing the coils? im sorry i ask this but i really dont know about this. thank you

    • sam says:

      Hey Santiago,

      I would suggest you start by removing the wick from both coils. Then dry fire the device. Both coils should heat up evenly if it is set up correctly. If one side isn’t heating up as well, the first thing I would try is tightening down the posts.

      Otherwise, since your new, the best thing to do is probably just remove one of the coils and practice with just a single coil setup until you are confortable with it. I honestly use single coil setups most of the time anyway – as long as you have a good setup you should get basically about the same performance out of a single coil as you would from dual coils. I know a lot of people would likely tell you otherwise, but I have built hundreds of coils and I honestly don’t think there’s much difference and it’s much easier, so it’s definitely the way to go if you are a beginner.

      As far as changing out the wick/coils – basically, if you have a good setup, you really shouldn’t need to change either often. I primarily change my wicks when I am changing juices and that’s about it. If I have an atty where I am running the same juice for 2 months straight, I will likely keep the same wick the whole time.

      Now if your wick gets burned or starts tasting bad, definitely remove it and put in a new one – but generally there’s no real reason your wicks should be getting burned in a dripping atomizer like the IGO-W.

      As far as the coils go – same general thing. I really change coils out more arbitrarily than anything else. Once you have a good coil it can last a long time. Whenever you change out your wick, dry fire the coil until it glows orange, then blow off all the excess debris. That should pretty well clean it off. If you do that every couple weeks you can make a coil last for months.

  9. David says:

    I’ve been dripping for various while and i have wrapped dual coil for a long time to help I’d like to suggest a few tips for those looking for a bigger cloud
    Japanese cotton will eliminate the cotton taste u might get from some Rda tanks
    YouTube for designing those special coils
    Dual coil 24 gage kenthal with 5 wraps will get ur coils below 0.4 make sure to check your ohms with an ohm checker before firing
    Try and maintain cottons fluffy form as much as possible when wrapping it
    Maximize airflow by widening your air holes and using a wide bore drip tip
    Make sure for safety matter use a mechanical or DNA mod with a vtc4 or vtc5 18650 battery with 30 amp range
    Using a higher pg ratio fluid will increase ur cloud size as well

    • dk says:

      agree with everything but that last part..
      pg = dryer, more throat hit, less clouds
      vg = sweeter, more and denser clouds

      personally i prefer a 50/50.

      also, with this dual-wick setup, i was getting far smaller clouds than the traditional “through-the-loop” style wick. flavor was about the same

  10. Vincent says:

    I just ordered an IGO-W6 and some 28 gauge Kanthal wire. I’m going to use a Kanger Evod battery from a starter kit I got before. 1) Can I do the same single Dragon coil method with the IGO-W6, not just the IGO-W? 2) Also, if I wanted to do quad Dragon coil method, would I just do the same number of wraps for 4 separate coils? I don’t understand the reasoning behind using twice the number of wraps for a dual-coil build. Thanks for the help!

    • sam says:

      Yes, you can definitely still do a dragon coil on an IGO-W6. It will be a little different based on the post layout, but the setup is generally the same.

      Every time you add a coil, it halves the overall ohms of the atomizer. So if both of your coils are 1 ohm, the overall ohms will be 0.5. With 4 coils at 1 ohm each, you would get 0.25 ohms.

      Remember if you are doing this on an evod battery, it probably won’t fire unless the overall ohms are above 1.5. You are really better off doing it on a higher powered device.

  11. Thomas says:

    Hey I got my igo-w a week or two some 26awg wire and some cotton..last night I made about 10 coils because they hit kept shortening out ..i have a kamry 20 mod …and its electronic..and my ohms go up and down…but when I fully tighten the post it ay its shorted out?…and i end up having to loosen the bolts to where they barely touch the wire and it works…but it took 10 coils?…what am I doing wrong…and btw when i got it to work..i didn’t even use the holes the prongs have..i ended up wrapping the wire around the screw and tightening it down..can anyone please explain what I am doing wrong…i am new to this so I don’t understand what the f*** is goin on and its irritating cuz al I wanna do Is chuck vape…s that so much to ask for? Please some one HELPPP MEEEE!!!

  12. Kdawg says:

    Just wanted to say thanks. It kicks ass!

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