Steamboy Clone Review


I’ve had my Steamboy clone for about a week now, and have been using it as my primary vape. If you’re interested, you can pick one up on Fasttech for $20.99 shipped.

So this is a genesis style rebuildable atomizer. That means it has a deck above the tank for you to build your coil, and then a vertical wick that sticks down into the tank.

The Steamboy has 2 holes in the deck and a post setup to accommodate dual coil builds.

For mine, I went with a single dragon coil with a 100% cotton wick. I have been rocking it all week with no problems at all.

Here are the specs on it from Fasttech :

  • Genesis style RBA
  • Stainless steel 510 drip tip(removable)
  • Gold plated air control ring
  • Frosted acrylic(PMMA) tank
  • Rubber o-ring seals
  • Chromeplated brass center post
  • 510 threaded connector
  • 21mm external diameter

The diameter on it is really soild. It’s just a tiny bit under the diameter of my Chemesis, which is a fairly standard size for mods, and it fits quite well.   It also features a gold plated air control band on it that is quite useful for customizing your airflow. It also has 2 airholes – one on either side. This is my first atomizer with holes on 2 sides and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it works.


Appearance. At first when I had only seen pictures, I really wasn’t crazy for the look, but after looking at it up close, I actually really like the way it looks a lot.

Airflow Control. The built in airflow control is really nice. It works flawlessly for me.

Bitchin Drip Tip. From the pictures it might look like the drip tip is built in because it matches so well, but it actually a removable stainless drip tip – so you could use a different tip if you want, or remove this one and use it on something else. Either way, its a super nice tip that would look slick on a lot of atties.

Screw on Top Cap. The screw on top cap is a feature I like. Top caps, particularly the cheap ones on clones tend to wear down and get loose really fast, so having a screw on is one less thing to worry about.

Airholes on both sides. I really like this feature a lot. It really gets a good amount of air flowing through the chamber and it is no-hassle. With a lot of gennies, I have to make sure I am getting the hole aligned with the coil for optimal performance. With this one, I haven’t given it a second thought.


Hole location. The 2 holes in the deck are located right next to each other, so it doesn’t give you a ton of options if you are running a dual coil setup.

Low post is right next to threaded lip. The post that screws into the deck – the lower one, is up very close next to the lip on the edge of the deck where the atty cap screws on. This is a pretty tight space to work with in getting that coil leg around the screw. That said – I was super uneasy about it when I first saw it was built that way, but it is actually still pretty easy to work with, even given the close quarters.

Threading is a little janky. The threading on it was a little crunchy for me at first, and I feel like the bottom pin sticks out a little to far for my liking. After screwing and unscrewing a few times the threading got a lot better, so overall not a huge issue but I wouldn’t use it on a mech with aluminum threads.

Who is it Good For?

If you’re into genesis atomizers, you are going to like this one. If you’ve never used one before, you may want to start with an RSST instead, as this is a more advanced piece.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can pick one up on Fasttech for $20.99 shipped.

Do I Use it?

I’ve been using this thing all week. it looks way cooler than my RSSTs and it performs flawlessly. I definitely expect to continue using this baby for a long time.

What’s an Ideal Configuration?

I have mine set up with a single nano dragon coil that clocks in at 1.1ohms. I positioned the coil horizontally and then wrapped the wick around it leaving both sides of the coil open for air to flow through. I use only cotton wick. Here’s a cloud shot:

The Bottom Line

Quality. There are some people on the Fasttech reviews that have complained about poor o-rings, threading and leakage. Other than some crispy threads out of the box, I really have had no issues at all with the quality of this piece. For $20, it overdelivers on quality in my opinion.

Performance. This thing performs like a beast. Now to be fair, I feel like I have a pretty solid genesis atomizer setup with cotton and dragon coil, and it performs pretty consistently on any atomizer I try it on, but I really do like the performance of the Steamboy clone. For a 1.1 ohm build, this thing hits hard and produces crazy vapor with no wicking or leaking issues.

Ease of Use. For a gennie, it is pretty easy to use. The only real issue is the close proximity of the screw to the edge of the deck, which might make your job slightly harder in setting up, but the dual airhole with adjustable band will save you a lot of time in the long run. I also like the proximity of the 2 holes if you are only going with a single coil build.

Appearance. You might think it looks a little janky in pictures, but this thing looks really solid up close. It isn’t overly gaudy and there is nothing else out there that looks like it.

Cost. Cost on this one is an amazing value. It’s cheaper than a RSST, but more expensive than an AGA T2. I would take it over either right now. For $20, I probably won’t be loading up on these, but it was totally worth buying one.


I was surprised in checking out the Fasttech reviews that some people were having quality issues, because mine really came out beautiful. The thing I love the most about this is that it DOESN’T LEAK.

I have the second hole in the deck totally open, and have had it that way for a week. I am constantly setting my mod down on its side for long periods of time, and this thing hasn’t leaked at all. That is pretty amazing for a genesis style atomizer.

Even more – you can actually use the adjustable airflow to cover up the airholes completely when you set it down, and that should reduce the leakage risk even more! I honestly haven’t had to do it anyway since it is already so good about not leaking.

That alone is worth it for me- you can take a separate one along in your vape bag and not have to worry about it leaking all over everything. With a RSST or an AGA T2, you could not do that.

I really like this piece a lot. It is probably one of the best atomizers I’ve gotten off Fasttech in quite a while now and I believe I will keep it in my regular rotation for a long time.

If you are in the market for a nice genesis atomizer, I strongly recommend checking this one out. You can pick one up on Fasttech for $20.99 shipped.

Steamboy Clone Review
Ease of Use

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