Weekly Juice Battle 4


It’s that time again and I have a slew of juices from last week to go through. We ended up with 8 new juices reviewed that will do battle here tonight to determine the best of the best from last week.

It was a good week overall. I actually really liked a good half of the juices I reviewed, and several of them I would absolutely buy again, so I was happy to uncover some clear winners and clear losers that will hopefully help you guys get pointed in the right direction for your next juice order.

So without further ado, let the battle begin!

#8 Roar Vapor – Peach Serum


Coming in at the bottom this week by a pretty wide margin was Peach Serum by Roar Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Yeah another version of the classic Truth Serum. This one utilizes a very fleshy and sweet peach that seems to combine with the coconut very well.

I have never tried their classic Truth Serum, so I really don’t know what that tastes like. What I do know is that this is supposed to be a peach flavored vape with coconut flavor. Unfortunately, I didn’t honestly get any peach or coconut from this vape at all.

Peach is a pretty pronounced flavor, and the fact that this juice truly did not taste at all like peaches really speaks to how bad this juice is.

The flavor is basically an artificial sweetness with no real discernible flavors. Really there is nothing good to say about this one.

The good thing is, I tried it and now you don’t have to. Avoid this one at all costs.

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#7 Yaeliq – Saber Blood


So here’s Yaeliq’s Saber Blood coming in at number 7 in the countdown. Really, this wasn’t that bad of a juice, and on a different week it may have been higher, but this week it found itself pretty well at the bottom. Here’s the classic description from Yaeliq:

Close your eyes and imagine that you are a prehistoric hunter and your pray is the terrifying predator the saber tooth tiger and after a long and hard hunt you finally killed it now you are the greatest hunter and for the greatest hunter there is the greatest trophy the “saber tooth blood” sweet and cold as ice…..

I wish that the juice was as good as the description, because that is the best fucking description I have ever seen.

This juice has a very red flavor profile. Probably closest to a strawberry flavor, with some lightness – maybe from a cream or vanilla or something, and then a blast of menthol at the end. Personally, I think it tastes high on the artificial side, which I really just don’t care for that much. I prefer vapes with a more natural flavor profile.

As far as artifical vapes go, it isn’t the worst. The best thing about this vape was the nice blending of menthol. I really don’t get any menthol until the exhale, and it is smooth and light. For someone like me who isn’t crazy for menthol, it was perfect!

I would probably suggest avoiding this one, but if you like menthol you could always get it in a sample size and give ‘er a whirl.

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#6 Totally Wicked Titan/Tornado Fluid – Cinnamon flavor


For me, this one was a really standard cinnamon vape, below average. Yes, it tastes like cinnamon. No, there’s nothing special about it – and it seemed overpriced to me. Here’s what they say about it:

Warm, crisp sweet and savory like a fresh hot cinnamon bun.

Probably the thing I liked least about this juice is the fact that they say in the description that it tastes like a fresh hot cinnamon bun. I honestly didn’t get one iota of “bun” in this vape at all, and the cinnamon tasted medicinal to me – like a breath freshening drop or dental floss, not like a dash of cinnamon in your coffee or a nice cinnamon bun. So for them to actually write that this juice tastes like a cinnamon bun in the description on their website, after they have surely tried it themselves, is pretty sad. There is no fucking way that anyone who has tasted this would attribute it to a cinnamon bun.

Beyond that, it is a pretty standard cinnamon vape. I’ve vaped it off and on all last week and it’s just meh for me. I definitely wouldn’t buy this one again, but it is vapeable. Just not stellar.

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#5 ÆRØ Juice – Aura


Rounding out the bottom half of the countdown this week is Aura from Aero Juice. This one was interesting for me. It had a flavor profile that was completely new to me, and I really found it interesting, despite the fact that I didn’t particularly care for it. Here’s what Aero says about Aura:

“Ever-changing flow of life energy around one’s body”. Delicate, sweet, and uplifting with hints of Violette de Toulouse.

So the Violette de Toulouse is actually a violet (flower) flavor. It gives this juice an interesting floral taste. I actually really like the idea of a floral based vape. I just thought this one was maybe a little too sweet for me, had some artificialness to it, and didn’t hit particularly hard – they only go up to 12mg, and 12mg didn’t do it for me.

I think this is a great vape to try in a sample size, and a sample kit from Aero is super affordable, so this one is totally worth a look. It’s not a bad juice at all, it just wasn’t for me.

#4 Mt. Baker Vapor – Vanilla Custard


Coming in at the top half of this week’s countdown is Vanilla Custard from Mt. Baker Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

The Vanilla Custard e juice is made with the highest quality flavors and ingredients and will satisfy your taste buds and nicotine cravings.

As I said in the original review, I’m all about giving credit where credit is due, and this is a prime example. I’m really no fan of MBV at all. In fact, as of right now, this is probably the only juice from them I’ve tried that I can truly say is worth vaping.

It’s vanilla custard. Almost every vendor has them and most of them are pretty average. This one is no different. I think that custard is a popular flavor among vapers because it’s easy to get right. Yeah, it tastes a little artificial, but it also tastes like rich custardy goodness, so you have to take the good with the bad. I would say this custard flavor is right in line with other average custard flavors I’ve tried. It’s not going to knock you out of your socks, but it is a pretty good juice to vape. I found mine slightly lacking on throat hit, but some of MBV’s juices are completely throathit-less and this wasn’t THAT bad.

Overall, if you’re on a budget, this is a solid custard vape for the price.

Read the full review.

#3 ECBlends – Cuban Wafer


Coming in at #3 this week is Cuban Wafer from ECBlends. This was my first review of the week and at the time I was already thinking that this juice might take the crown for the week. If there weren’t two other great contenders this week, it probably would have. It is really a different and interesting tobacco blend and a great showing for my first victim from ECBlends. Here’s what they say about it:

Vanilla Cuban premium tobacco flavor, full of rich taste and aroma.  A taste that can only be described as amazing. Sweet and rich.

First and foremost, they got the Cuban part right, and they did a really good job. It is by far the best Cuban tobacco flavored vape I have tried so far. Really dry and peppery. The vanilla was an afterthought in this one. It was kind of an artificial vanilla flavor and didn’t totally seem to be in sync with the tobacco. At times I didn’t get any vanilla at all, and at times I got a mild vanilla finish.

Either way, vanilla or no vanilla, this one worked for me. The Cuban tobacco aspect of it was spot on and the addition of vanilla was if nothing else, a creative idea, and it didn’t do anything to detract from the flavor at all.

If you’re curious about Cuban tobacco, this is the best representation I have vaped so far. I really liked this juice, it is priced affordably and I am very likely to order it again.

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#2 – Eliquid Market – Pineapple


Eliquid Market resells Dekang juices. When I picked up a handful of these, I didn’t really expect them to make a lot of waves, but I put my preconceived notions aside and vaped this with an open mind. I am sure glad I did because Pineapple made it all the way to #2 in the countdown this week – pretty fucking good for a Dekang juice.

Here’s what they say about it:

The Pineapple Dekang e liquid has a smooth hit with a mid-range sweetness. Mix our Pineapple Dekang e liquid with our Coconut Dekang e liquid and head to the pool or beach. This combination makes the perfect Pina Colada tasting e liquid.

Man, I really loved this juice. You would never tell it’s 80/20 PG/VG by the way it vapes. I was getting huge, thick clouds from this, and the flavor and throat hit were spot on.

It has a great pineapple flavor – I think it tastes just like dried pineapple. Sweet, but not super sweet, full of flavor and a little bit of tartness. Perfect flavor-wise, they hit it spot on. For an 80% PG juice, I am beside myself with how well this one vapes. It really vaped like a champ from start to finish. I killed the whole bottle of it in one day and now I am wishing I had more.

I also like their idea about mixing it with coconut and I may actually try that after this first attempt went so well.

You can get 50ml for $10, which is a very solid deal for how good this juice is. If you like pineapple, please do yourself a favor and give this one a shot. I was amazed by how much I liked it.

Read the full review.

#1 Vapetrik – Dorky Stud


Coming in as this week’s clear cut #1 is Dorky Stud by Vapetrik. Here’s what they say about it:

Dorky Stud is one of VapeTrik’s début e-juices, and our best-selling product!  It’s an all-day, heavenly sweet tobacco vape that is ultra satisfying and just may transport you to a place where the air is always sweet and pleasure runs wild.

Vapetrik has been a mixed bag for me so far. I wasn’t high on Khlorine which I know a lot of other people really like, and I started out crazy loving Nana’s Cream, but by the end of the bottle I didn’t like it as much when I started. Dorky Stud has answered any remaining questions I may have had about Vapetrik.  It is really an amazing juice, all around.

Now I should say right now, that I am a tobacco vaper first and foremost. I really like tobacco vapes of all kinds. I do like some dessert vapes, but I don’t love overly sweet stuff. I do like some fruit vapes, but I can get burned out on them. The ones I find myself consistently reaching for are tobaccos.

Vapetrik classifies Dorky Stud as a tobacco, and as an avid tobacco vaper, it is a bit of a reach. As far as vaping goes, it is right in line with other sweeter tobacco vapes, but if you’re expecting it to taste like a cigarette – a cigarette this ain’t.

To me, this is closer to being a dessert vape. It is super sweet, and has a nice light-brown tone to it. I get hints of graham cracker, vanilla, caramel and even a little coconut. It has an amazing complexity to it that I have not yet found in a ton of other rich dessert vapes. The flavor layering was incredible and I was picking out hints of new flavors all the way until the end of the bottle – which I also killed in just over a day.

I would absolutely buy this one again. It’s a great all around vape, and it would make a great all day vape candidate. It’s worth a try for just about everyone.

Read the full review.

The Bottom Line

Well this week I was able to double my review count from last week, so I was glad to have a full lineup for this week’s battle.  I was able to find a couple of clear losers, and I happily uncovered 4 really solid juices – 2 of them sold by extremely affordable vendors, so that’s great.

The biggest thing I learned this week was not to judge any vendor on a single juice. I have hated most MBV juices I’ve tried, but I really thought their custard was not bad. I didn’t expect much out of any DeKang juice – in fact I haven’t vaped any Dekang since practically back to when I first started vaping, and I found a juice that I absolutely loved in Eliquid Market’s Pineapple.

That just goes to show that no matter how bad one juice is, every new bottle is a blank slate so you have to approach everything with an open mind and in the end you might wind up being pleasantly surprised.

I have a TON more juices on tap so hopefully I will manage to get through a good 8-10 of them this week.

Stay Tuned!

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