X1 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review


I’ve had this little bad boy – pictured above – for a long time.  In fact at one point I thought it was even a good idea to pick up two more of these, so I am now blessed with 3.

The X-1 is an aluminum RDA – rebuildable dripping atomizer from Fasttech. I’m not particularly sure if this is a clone of something or just their own horrid creation. And I don’t particularly care.


Posts. The best thing about this atomizer is that the posts are SUPER easy to wrap a coil on. I wish they would consider this type of post setup for other rebuildables because it’s easy to work with, and I have been able to do builds with thick kanathal and flat kanathal on this really easily, which is usually a fairly difficult task given the style of most RDA posts. So if nothing else, it is super easy to wrap a coil on.


Looks like shit. Honestly I am not a fan at all of the aluminum look at all. If this was stainless it might be cool, but really there are very few mods worth their salt that this thing could possibly look good on, regardless of color option.

Bottom airflow is horrid. They had a cool idea to set this up with airflow through the bottom. Now on a dripper, this has the potential to be great if executed correctly. Unfortunately they were not close on this one. I am going to guess that the majority of mods are not going to give hardly any airflow at all when this is mounted flush. Even if the mod has airflow control, which works flawlessly on Pro tanks, it will likely not work on this. At least it didn’t for me. And I have tried with 3 different X-3’s on multiple different mods with bottom airflow.

Shitty pin. The pin is a little bit recessed at the bottom, meaning that if you are using a mod without an adjustable center pin, there is a good chance you won’t be able to make a connections. These won’t fire at all on my P+.

Shitty Aluminum. The aluminum is super shitty and will get dinged up really easily. Mine looks like shit and I’ve hardly even taken it out anywhere.

No dual coils. You could do dual coils if you really wanted, but there are only 2 posts so it will be a bitch to set up.

Who is it Good For?

Pretty much nobody. It is good that you can easily wrap a coil on it, so if you just want to practice, I guess you could argue it’s good for that. Or if you happen to have shitty aluminum mods that would match this, then go for it.

Do I use it?

Hell no.

Where can I buy it?

Pick one up on fasttech here for under $5. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Bottom Line

Quality. The quality is pretty much shit. It is flawed by design to begin with, and they top it with shitty aluminum and sub par threads.

Performance. You can get this to work OK, but not until you drill out an airhole. Since there isn’t an existing one, it is more of a pain in the ass than just widening an airhole. If you’re willing to do a bunch of extra work you can get a decent performance, but out of the box, it is almost unusable.

Ease of Use. See above. It doesn’t work out of the box, so ease of use is irrelevant without heavy modding. Once you do get it modded, it is pretty easy to wrap a coil on it.

Appearance. This is by far the worst looking RDA I own.

Price. For $5, it’s cheap as hell, but you could get a Nimbus clone for about that much and it is infinitely better.


I would strongly suggest avoiding this one unless you specifically have a mod you want to match it to. That is the only possible reason I could see for buying this over a Nimbus for just about the same price.

X1 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review
Ease of Use

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