Alien Visions: Boba’s Bounty Review


If you haven’t heard about Boba’s Bounty by now, you are probably VERY new to vaping. After P Busardo noted Boba’s Bounty as his ADV (All Day Vape), Boba’s Bounty took off and achieved cult status among vapers. In fact, it was actually next to impossible to get this all summer long, as the demand far outweighed the supply.

There have already been countless reviews done on this juice, so my review isn’t going to be much of a revelation, but I think it’s about high time I sat down and put in my 2 cents.

Here’s what AVE says about Boba’s:

A smooth and mysterious tobacco blend with just the right hint of sweet.

I’ve got it in a 12mg blend.

First Impressions

I took me the better part of a year to finally getting around to trying Boba’s Bounty, but I finally did. I really wasn’t sure what to expect at all considering how much hype there is surrounding this juice.

The flavor is actually very smooth and subtle. It doesn’t jump out and scream “best juice ever” upon the first puff. It actually took me a while before I could really start putting my finger on what this tastes like. To me, it taste really strongly of raisin and graham cracker. I really don’t pick up any tobacco flavor from this juice at all, so it’s interesting to me that it is classified as such. It’s not really sweet enough to be a dessert vape, and it’s not fruity either, so it’s kind of in a class of its own.  There’s also really nothing good to compare it to. On the inhale, you get kind on unusual raisin note that dominates the flavor. On the exhale, more of the subtle sweetness of the raisin combined with a graham cracker type finish.  Overall it is super smooth and the flavor is very mellow. Nothing like I would have expected, but pleasant nonetheless.

Vape wise, it hits great at 12mg, although if I was going to order it again I would probably try 18 or 24 just because if I’m going to be shelling out for premium juice, I want something that’s really going to have a potent hit. But at 12 mg it more than satisfies. Right now I am running this on a Unitank in my VTR at 3 volts and 15 watts and it vapes really nice and gives a surprisingly good hit. The vapor production is stellar. I’m not totally sure, but I think that this is 100% VG, and that is the only way they offer it.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste is nothing like I was prepared for. Smooth and very subtle sweetness that is just right. It has a very unique flavor that isn’t even close to any juice I have tried. They did a great job of really balancing the flavors to make a perfectly complete vape. There aren’t going to be a lot of people who wouldn’t like the taste of this one, so I can see how it would have a super broad appeal. To me, I can definitely pick out raisin notes. In fact, the overall flavor kind of reminds me of raisin bread without the cinnamon. There might also be a little essence of rum in there somewhere as well, but it doesn’t have any actual alcohol vibe to it at all.

True to Description. The only real negative to the description is that they classify this as a tobacco. I guess it’s a decent classification ONLY because there really isn’t any other good way to categorize it, as it doesn’t fit any of the common ejuice themes very well. But really, I don’t consider this much of a tobacco vape whatsoever.

Throat Hit. For 3 volts and 15 watts at 12mg, I think it hits remarkably well. Personally, I would dial up the nic on this one for an even better throat hit, but it is plenty to keep me satisfied at 12, and considering the high VG content, it is quite impressive just how well it hits.

Vapor. Probably some of the best vapor production I have ever gotten out of any juice. The plumes are extremely dense and they are big. Perfect vapor, and it rounds this out as a very well balanced vape in every aspect.

Overall. I can definitely see why a lot of people would choose this as an everyday vape. It is one of those juices that I just can’t see ever getting tired of. The flavor is neutral enough where you could easily vape it all day, every day and never get tired of it at all.

I was kind of expecting that this juice wouldn’t live up to the hype, but that is not necessarily what I found after trying it. It took me a little while to come around to it, but now I can say confidently that I like this juice a LOT, and I find myself craving it.

The biggest problem with it is that it is fairly expensive, and could be difficult to get a hold of at times. However, if you were ever going to shell out $50 on a 100ml bottle, this would probably be the juice to do it on because you should have no problems going through the entire thing, and it will almost surely leave you wanting more.

I would put this right up there with Indigo RY as one of the best extended vaping juices. I don’t know if I would make it my own ADV juice, but I do like it a lot, and I think there is a very strong chance I will be getting more of it in the future.

It definitely lives up to the hype, but it is likely not going to be what you are expecting. The flavor isn’t going to blow you away on your first drag, rather it’s something that will quickly grow on you  and likely leave you wanting more.

Highly recommended. I would get it in at least 18 mg, and buy a large bottle with confidence.

Check it out here:

Alien Visions: Boba’s Bounty Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
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