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This is a review I’ve been waiting to do for quite some time, and I figured there was no better time than for Tobacco Week. Robacco is one of the few tobacco flavors offered by Azure Vaping.

They don’t actually have a description for it, but basically it is a pipe tobacco flavor. I’ve got mine in and 80/20 blend at 16mg.

First Impressions

I picked up a 120 ml bottle of this back near the beginning of 2013 and I still have it kicking today. I tasted this juice before I got into any of the more fancy and artisan tobacco blends and NETs that I find myself regularly tasting these days. At the time, I probably would have told you it was the most authentic tobacco flavor I had tried yet.

To me, this tastes a lot like pipe tobacco. It has a rich and spicy taste with a little bitterness and a very slight anise finish to it. For a bargain priced juice, it has a ton of complexity, and it is actually quite different than any other tobacco vape I have ever tried.

Vape wise, it hits really nicely, although it doesn’t produce that much vapor. Kind of what you would expect from an 80/20 blend, although I have had other juices from them in the same blend that produce more vapor, so this one was a little lacking.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste is really interesting. There are a lot of different notes that will keep you guessing, and it ranges from peppery to bitter to keep your palette on it’s toes. It doesn’t taste exactly like anise, but it does have kind of an anise quality to it.

True to Description. I couldn’t find an actual description for this one, so it’s tough to say, but I do feel that it tastes like a tobacco vape, so it does live up to its name in that respect.

Throat Hit. It hits really nicely. Pretty much what you would expect out of an 80% PG blend, but at 16 mg, it’s a pleasant surprise.

Vapor. For whatever reason, I don’t think this juice has stellar vapor production. Compared to other Azure juices in this same blend, it just doesn’t seem to deliver the same level of vapor. Normally not a huge deal, but in this case I think it does detract a little from the vape.

Overall. This is a pretty nice juice. The flavor is pretty strong and pronounced, and while I like the taste, I don’t think it would be something I could vape with a lot of regularity. I would tend to get sick of it after a while. It is a nice juice though, and worth trying especially if you like pipe tobaccos. Probably the biggest downer with this one is the crappy vapor production. I have tried this in a variety of different devices and it never quite seems to produce. It kind of reminds me of taking a hit off a dripping atomizer when the hole isn’t aligned on the coil.

Outside of the poor vapor production, I think it is a solid juice, and worth a look. I have not tried any juices in their 100% VG blend before, so I can’t fully recommend it, but that’s what I’m leaning towards with this one because it didn’t cut it at 80/20.

Recommended if you like pipe tobacco, and you might want to try this in high VG.

Check it out here:

Azure Vaping: Robacco Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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