The Bliss Clone: Better than the Steam Turbine?


I’ve had my Bliss clone for a good week or so now and I’ve had a chance to try out a couple different builds on it. I picked it up on Fasttech for $12.40, which is cheaper than the Steam Turbine, which is the sibling to this RBA.

This is basically another fancy looking genesis style atomizer. Here are the specs on it:

  • Genesis style RBA
  • Stainless steel protective shield
  • 2.0mL glass tank
  • Extra hole for optional dual coil build
  • 2 opposite air holes
  • Diameter of wick holes: 2.4mm (approx.)
  • 21mm overall diameter
  • Can be used with 510 drip tips

So it has some pretty nice features – extra hole for optional dual coil, 2 opposite airholes, screw on top, glass tank and decorative protective shield for the glass tank.

Not bad overall.

First Impressions

I wasn’t crazy about the look of this one before I bought it, and considered not buying it at all, but I liked the look of the Steam Turbine so much, I figured I would give it a shot anyway.

Well when it got here, it didn’t look any better up close than it did in the picture, totally opposite of my experience with the Steam Turbine.

I think it is pretty bulky and boxy looking. It doesn’t have the sleekness to it that the Steam Turbine has.

I have yet to find a mod that it really looks good on.

Looks aside, it is fairly well built. The glass tank is kind of shitty – mine had little nicks and chunks missing around the top and bottom edges, although nothing serious. The really weird thing is that the airholes on either side are different sizes. I can’t really figure that one out, although it doesn’t seem to negatively effect performance.

Beyond those flaws, it is otherwise built really well. Solid, thick stainless, nice posts, nice wick holes. It also has the versatility of being able to run dual coils, and unlike the Steam Turbine, the stock holes will accommodate a dual coil build out of the box.

What I DIDN’T like about the Bliss

Biggest thing I didn’t like was the appearance. It is just way too big and bulky looking for me. The steam turbine has nice contours and lines that, while big, still make it at least look streamlined and help it blend with various mods. The Bliss is just big and boxy with no real style to it other than the decorative tank cover. It looks like an IGO-W with a tank underneath it – and frankly I didn’t care much for the look of the IGO-W either.

Looks aside, there are a few shoddy manufacturing points that I mentioned above – shitty glass and different sized airholes. The shitty glass doesn’t surprise me at all, and it’s not a huge deal. What I can’t wrap my head around is why they would possibly have 2 different sized airholes. The only conclusion I can come to is poor manufacturing.

I think that the wick holes are kind of oddly positioned. Right now I am running a U-wick configuration because there are 2 holes on either side of the positive post on one end, so it suits that well, however it doesn’t align with any airhole and it is clearly not where you would naturally want to run your coil which would be in the center on either side, which is not close to any wick hole, although it does align with the airhole. So overall, while it’s not a huge deal, it is kind of odd.

The positive posts are also extremely close to the lip of the atty deck, making attachment that much more difficult.

What I DID like about the Bliss

It’s built like a tank. Even with the dubious glass, I am pretty confident in the sturdiness of this piece and would feel totally comfortable taking it on the go with me.

It seems to do OK sitting on its side. I actually have been keeping it on its side when not in use to help with wicking and so far it hasn’t leaked, although I wouldn’t suggest putting it in your purse or something because I’m sure it’s quite capable of leaking.  But compared to an RSST or AGA T2, it is way less prone to leaking in my opinion, and that is probably due largely in part to the screw on top cap, which I am a big fan of even if it does make it more difficult to attach the coil.

The center post has washers which is such a nice feature and it makes getting your coil wrapped on that end WAY easier. I wish all genesis atomizers were built more like that.

Three wick holes is a big plus. I actually would have really liked a fourth, but I can always drill one out myself if I get adventurous.

The decorative glass shield looks nice, and appearance wise is the only saving grace of this piece.

Who is it good for?

Primarily, this would only really be recommended if for some reason you actually like the appearance of it. Otherwise there are a lot of other options out there.

Where to Buy?

 I picked it up on Fasttech for $12.40

Do I use it?

I’ve been using it all week, primarily so I could write a fair review. Beyond this, I don’t really expect this one to get a lot of play.

The Bottom Line

Quality. While it is built with glass and stainless, the fact that the glass isn’t that great and the airholes are not the same definitely docks it some quality points. Those 2 things aside, it is otherwise a well built and sturdy piece.

Performance. For whatever reason, I haven’t found a build I totally love with this one. The U-wick configuration is just OK for me, and I also tried a more standard verticoil setup that was also just OK. The airholes are probably a tad larger than what I would normally go with – although I also prefer single coil builds, so dual coil-wise, it would probably be more suitable.

Ease of Use. It’s relatively easy to use. The lip around the base of the deck makes it more difficult to wrap the positive post, but they do have washers to make wrapping the negative post easier, and usually the negative post is the more difficult one to wrap. So in general I would say this is pretty easy to use, and it’s worth having the lip on the deck to help prevent leakage.

Appearance. I personally think this thing is ass-ugly. I really don’t care for it at all. I’m thinking maybe the Kato Hammer would look OK with it, but I will have to wait and see on that one. Otherwise, none of the TONS of other mods I currently have look good with it at all.

Price. For $12.40, I think it is priced fair. That said, I think you could probably do a lot better with your 12 bucks unless you really like the way this one looks. It just isn’t that great.

Overall. I’m really not a huge fan of this mod. Luckily I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get it so it’s no big deal. I feel really bad for anyone who spent the crazy amount of money on an original because these simply look like shit. It’s weird because in the pictures it doesn’t look that much different than the Steam Turbine, but in person the Steam Turbine is one of the best looking atomizers I own and this is truly one of the worst.

I really wouldn’t recommend this one at all. The price is pretty good, but you could spend a couple dollars less and get a Chobra which performs better and looks better, or spend a few dollars more and get a Steamboy or get a Steam Turbine and drill the holes out.

So really I wouldn’t recommend it at all, but if you must, pick one up on Fasttech for $12.40.

The Bliss Clone: Better than the Steam Turbine?
Ease of Use

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