Buzz Buzz. The Hornet U-Wick Genesis Atty Review


I got my Hornet from Fasttech a few weeks ago and I’ve had quite a bit of time now to play around with it.  The Hornet isn’t a clone of the popular Hornet RDA, a dripping and bottom feeding rebuildable. In fact I am not entirely sure if it is a clone of anything. It is basically a genesis atomizer that is perfectly set up for a U-wick configuration. It is quite a bit different than any Genesis atty I have ever seen and I was pretty stoked to put this one through the gauntlet.

Here are the specs on it from FT:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Airflow control system
  • Chromed brass 510 drip tip and center pin
  • 2 posts system for single coil wick
  • Coil comes pre-assembled and ready to vape
  • 510 threaded connector
  • External diameter: 20mm
  • Height without drip tip: 49.8mm

So it’s all stainless, uses a poly carb tank, has dual airholes, and a built in locking ring. Not bad overall for around $15.

What I DIDN’T Like about the Hornet

It’s really a nice piece overall, and there wasn’t a ton that I hated about it, but there were a few things.

First off, the poly carb tank. For $15, I would have liked a nice pyrex tank or something like that. In fact, my tank just yesterday cracked, I think from banging it too hard on a table and now I am going to have to find a 20mm replacement tank for it. It is also blue tinted, which I really don’t care for. I would much rather have a plain old clear tank.

The dual airholes are really great, however they do give this piece a pretty airy draw. Some people prefer that on a genesis atty, and I am kind of on the fence with it, but I have gradually been getting used to it, and I do like the draw on it, but it is very airy. If I try to cover them up with the airflow control ring, it whistles quite a bit when I’m taking a draw, and doesn’t feel right, so I pretty much always use it with the holes totally open.

I tried plugging one of the airholes and it was quite a bit more to my liking. I just plugged it with a chunk of cotton temporarily but I will likely try to find a small piece of rubber or silicone to jam in there permanently because it vapes almost perfect for me at that setting.

It’s only 20mm wide, which is a little narrow for my liking. I would love it if it were just a little bit wider so it would sit more flush on a standard mod.

Here’s a picture of my coil setup right now – it’s super simple, just a basic cotton wick through a mirco coil – super easy to do, works like a charm.


What I DID Like about the Hornet

First off, I really like the U-Wick configuration a lot. This is the first piece I have ever attempted a U-Wick on because it was so easy there was no reason not to. I am using a simple 1/16 micro coil with a cotton U-Wick running through the coil and deep into the tank on both ends. It only took me a couple of minutes to set up and I haven’t had to change it yet.

I’ve gone through a ton of juice in this thing with NO wicking issues at all. It hits perfectly every time – no dry hits, nothing. Just a perfect hit every time.

The airflow control ring is another great feature. Not for controlling airflow, because I didn’t think it worked that well in that aspect, but rather for “locking” the mod up. I “lock” it by sealing the airholes with the ring and then I can set the atty on its side when I’m not using it. In the entire time I have had it, it has spent most of its time sitting on its site on my desk and it hasn’t leaked a SINGLE drop of juice at all. That is pretty amazing for a genesis atty. That makes this perfect for taking with you on the go. You can store it in your vape bag without any fear of it leaking all over your stuff, and you won’t have to babysit it if you want to set it down for a while when you’re out.

The overall look and feel of the mod is very nice. It has a nice polished stainless look , and comes with a really nice matching drip tip. I have tried this thing on several mods, and while it is a little on the narrow side, overall it looks really good on just about everything.

Another thing I like is that the posts have holes through the middle for threading your coil legs through. I personally like this a LOT better than having to wrap the legs around the top screws. It’s just one more contributing factor to making the overall setup super fast and easy.

Who is it good for?

If you’re a junky for genesis atomizers and want a dependable one that you can take with you on the go without having to worry about leakage, this is the piece for you. I really love it just for that reason. A lot of my best genesis setups are best if you keep the atty upright at all times to avoid leakage and flooding, and with this one you can do whatever with it and not have to worry about leaking at all.

It is also super easy to set up, so personally I think it is a great beginner genesis atty. As long as you are comfortable using a cotton wick setup, it is a piece of cake to get up and running efficiently.

Where to buy?

I got mine of Fasttech for $15.23 shipped.

Do I use it?

I do. At the moment I have a million different things I am testing out so this particular piece isn’t one I’m using isn’t exactly in the everyday rotation, however I do use it and now that I plugged one of the airholes and got it working more to my liking, I will probably use it quite a bit more, especially since it’s great to take on the go.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Overall, the quality is pretty solid – it’s all stainless, the deck is built well, the threading is good and the airflow ring is easy to move around. So that’s all great. The only real knock is the shitty polycarb tank. Not the biggest deal in the world but this thing would be a world better with a pyrex tank.

Performance. It wicks great, hits hard and overall vapes like a champ. The wicking is some of the best I have ever gotten out of a wick-through-the-coil setup on a genny. Actually, it is the best I have ever gotten from that kind of setup. Not only that, but it doesn’t leak at all. It’s the cleanest genny setup I have ever had so far. It produces crazy vapor – really crazy with both air holes open. I just like the hit a little better with one plugged. For how easy it is to set up, the performance is unparalleled.

Ease of Use. SUPER easy to use for a genesis atomizer. It took me less than 5 minutes to roll out a wick, coil up a quick micro coil and get ‘er set up, and I am still running that same configuration with no issues at all. No dicking around dealing with wicking issues, no problems with hot spots, no trying to wrap your coil around screws and nuts. Super easy.

Appearance. Overall it looks really good, and the drip tip it comes with fits it very nicely as well. Again the only real nit is the blue polycarb tank which seems out of place on an otherwise pristine mod.

Price. For $15, it is a hell of a piece. Now these days we are spoiled with a ton of really nice genesis options in the $15 to $20 range, so as good as that price is, I think it might be just a slight bit high based only on the fact that they don’t have a pyrex tank. If they did, it would be totally worth it. Otherwise, I think it’s maybe a couple dollars higher than it should be but not bad.

Overall. Love this piece. I like the fact that rather than just another genesis clone, it actually has some unique design features that really do help make it stand out from other attys in this price range. Personally, I would probably rate this one over the Steam Turbine and Steamboy performance and ease of use wise. The Hornet doesn’t look quite as cool, but it really works like a charm, and as good as the Steamboy and Steam Turbine are with minimal leaking, this one literally has never leaked a single drop ever. For that reason alone it’s pretty much worth it, plus its a little cheaper as well.

I highly recommend this if you want a genesis you can take with you on the go without having to worry about it leaking. If you’re interested in trying out a U-wick, it’s the perfect way to go.

Get it on Fasttech for $15.23 shipped.

Buzz Buzz. The Hornet U-Wick Genesis Atty Review
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