Halo: Captain Jack Review


I couldn’t end this week without tossing in a tobacco from Halo, and I decided to take it a step further and throw in one I found really interesting and enjoyable from them. It’s called Captain Jack. Here’s what they say about it:

Captain Jack E-liquid is a premium tobacco e-liquid blend named after Calico Jack, a famous 18th century English pirate. Like Calico Jack, this e-liquid is somewhat harsh with a reckless throat hit even at lower nicotine levels. This unique e-liquid blend has a distinct pipe tobacco feel that is not for the faint of heart. Its raw flavor is a great match for those seeking a dry tobacco e-liquid blend with very little sweetness.

I’ve got this at 18mg.

First Impressions

When I first tasted this juice I thought it was absolutely horrible. So much so that I immediately took off the cap and let it steep for the next week. After steeping, it honestly didn’t taste much different, but upon giving it a second chance, I slowly started to come around to it and I ended up really liking it a lot.

Captain Jack has an extremely deep and complex flavor. Honestly, I don’t get a ton of tobacco essence from it, but it’s in the ballpark. It has a really dark and sour undertone. To me, I think it tastes a lot like good ol’ black strap molasses.  It is definitely an acquired taste. I could imagine a lot of people being taken aback by this one at first puff.

It vapes pretty well overall. It does hit pretty hard as they promise in the description, although the vapor is a little lacking.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste is very complex and I could see how many people may not find it appealing. I had to vape quite a bit of it before I really started getting to like it. I think it tastes exactly how pure molasses smells. Dark and sour with some bitterness. It’s a really nice flavor for vaping, and I have found myself craving it from time to time. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you like stepping out of the box you may well find yourself loving this one.

True to Description. From the description, I was really expecting more tobacco in the vape. It does have a kind of pipe tobacco vibe to it, but there aren’t any really discernible tobacco notes that I was able to pull from it.

Throat Hit. As promised, this one really does hit like a champ. Totally strong and crisp vape. Great for going out drinking or hanging with your cig smoking friends.

Vapor. I found the vapor production to be about average with Captain Jack. Nothing to write home about, but good enough.

Overall. This is a really good and interesting vape. I personally love trying juices like this that I can’t compare to anything I’ve ever tried before, and it seems like these days I am gravitating more and more towards this type of juice.

I really like the complexity of this one, and I think that is what keeps me coming back to it again and again. The flavor isn’t overpoweringly thick with this one like it is with Tribeca, so I’m able to vape this one for a much longer period of time.  Even though it isn’t nauseatingly thick with flavor, it still has a very pronounced taste, so you really get the best of what Halo has to offer with Captain Jack.

Recommended, but I would suggest trying it in a small size first as it is truly not for everyone.

Check it out here: http://www.halocigs.com/captain-jack-eliquid.html

Halo: Captain Jack Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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