Kato Hammer: IN STOCK NOW


I’ve been waiting around forever for Fasttech to quick dicking around and get the Kato Hammer in stock, but they still haven’t yet and my patience ran out.

101Vape has these in stock right now for $44.99. This is the full set with all the tubes.

Here are the details:

1. 1:1 copy of original

2. 100% full stainless steel

3. engraved logo on side

4. lock protection system

5. brass connection for you

6. Holds18350 battery (not included)

Extension tubes included for 18490/18650 battery

Please note that fine scratches from the manufacturing process may be present on these mods.

The reviews on these have been really good, and I love the idea of a pipe-ish style mod that can run in 18650 mode. It also looks super bad ass with the Ithaka in the picture.

I absolutely cannot wait to get this one in. I have been waiting all through fall to try one of these out and this is one of the best deals on one that is actuall IN STOCK right now.

Check them out here for $44.99. 

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