Mt. Baker Vapor: USA Blend Tobacco Review


So here’s yet another tobacco for “tobacco week” here at Vapecore. This one comes from Mt. Baker Vapor and it’s called USA Blend Tobacco. Here’s what they say about it:

This USA Blend Tobacco flavor freatures a rich and smooth tobacco flavor.

I actually picked this one out and bought it myself back in July. I just wanted to get a feel for what their tobacco flavors tasted like, as they do have really nice prices so it would be ideal to find a good, cheap tobacco. I’ve got mine in a 15ml bottle, 50/50 blend at 18mg with NO extra flavor shots.

First Impressions

When I first tried this juice last summer, I couldn’t manage to draw any real flavor out of it at all. When it first came to me, it was perfectly clear – like water, and I figured maybe it just needed to steep for a while. So it’s been sitting in my review box now since July. It has turned a very opaque pink color.

Flavor wise, it is incredibly weak. There is really hardly any flavor at all. It is very slightly sweet, and has a faint scotch tape taste to it, similar to other shitty quality tobacco vapes I have tried, except even less flavorful.

Not only is the flavor weak, it really just isn’t a very pleasurable taste to vape at all. While it is largely plain tasting, it has kind of an odd plasticky/artificial quality to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. I’ve been giving it my best effort all afternoon, but I am really looking forward to this review ending so I can move on to something much better.

Vape wise, it isn’t too bad. While it is sweet, it is also kind of oddly dry which for me, really detracts from the overall fullness of vape. The throat hit isn’t too bad. A lot of MBV juices suffer from a bad case of throathitlessness but this one has a decent kick to it. Vapor production is pretty decent as well. The dryness combined with the poor taste makes it kind of an awkward vape, but the throat hit and vapor are at least a small bright spot.

The Bottom Line

Taste. Easily the worst USA Tobacco blend I have tried by far. What flavor is there, does not taste like tobacco at all. Rather more plasticky and scotch-tape-like. For me it was  completely unpleasant and disappointing.

True to Description. I have a really hard time with them calling this USA Tobacco straight faced. This juice pretty much told me everything I needed to know about the quality of tobacco flavors coming out of MBV. Totally off base.

Throat Hit. For MBV, this stuff has a pretty decent throat hit. For me it is still a little on the tame side, but it is probably good enough to satisfy most.

Vapor. Vapor production was quite good, especially for a 50/50. If you could take the throat hit and vapor production from this juice and put it on one of their throathitless juices that actually tastes good, you might have something there.

Overall. This one was a total fail as far as I’m concerned. I know I would personally not feel comfortable marketing a flavor as a tobacco flavor if it tasted like this. I honestly can’t see anyone going crazy for this one and reordering more of it – which really begs the question – Why do they even sell this in the first place? It’s only real purpose is to mislead people into a one-time purchase.

This is down there with a few of the Yaeliq tobaccos I disliked as probably one of my least favorite tobacco vapes that I’ve tried. A total waste.

Check it out here:

Mt. Baker Vapor: USA Blend Tobacco Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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