Roar Vapor: Bazingah Review


Time for another Roar Vapor review. This juice is called Bazingah, a twist on their normal Zingah flavor. Here’s what they say about it:

Usually we wait to release variations of flavors, but we made this and loved it so much that we had to release it now. This is the same Zingah flavor but with the addition of some Blueberry. It mellows out the vape just a hair and adds depth to the juice.

I’ve got a 50/50 blend here at 0mg (it was a free sample). Not really sure why they give out 0mg samples, but no worries.

First Impressions

At first I thought I was in for another throathitless juice. Then I re-read the label and realized it was 0mg. Then I also realized my battery was getting low. So after shifting my paradigm a little bit, I gave it another go.

Taste-wise, it is a pretty nice fruit vape. Before I read the description of the juice, my initial impression was somewhere between 7up, Lemon Sour and watermelon. After reading the review, I found that Zingah, the original juice this was based on is primarily lime and watermelon flavor. So I was at least in the ballpark.

The flavor is really quite vibrant. There are lots of different notes that jump out at you. It’s fruity, a little sour, a little zesty and has a noticeable watermelon kick to it. I didn’t really get any blueberry at first, but after reading the description and vaping it more, I am starting to pick it up.

Throat hit is actually not the absolute worst for a 0mg juice – it is admirable, and vapor is pretty good. An all around solid vape, even at 0mg.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste of this juice is great. It is extremely fresh, vibrant and crisp tasting. It has a lot of different notes in it and I really like the sourness and zest. A good sour vape is hard to come by, at least I haven’t encountered a lot of great ones yet, but this one has enough to keep the taste buds tingling.

True to Description. I would say the lime and watermelon are very easily identifiable. The blueberry is more of a reach, but it’s there. Expect a fruity medley.

Throat Hit. I generally am pretty harsh on throathitless juices. This juice, even at 0mg nicotine still hits better than some of the throathitless juices I have come down hard on, so I have to imagine that at a good 18mg, this stuff would probably pack a nice punch. Overall, I am satisfied with the results.

Vapor. Very nice vapor production for a 50/50 blend. Absolutely no complaints at all.

Overall. Roar vapor hasn’t fared super well with me so far. I hated their JY4, and I wasn’t super crazy for Lazarus either although it wasn’t bad. This juice, however, is another story. It is packed full of flavor. It activates your tastebuds, and it’s interesting. It is also very refreshing.

I wish I had this in a higher nic level because I would probably load it up in a tank and rock it all week. I am sure I could vape this for quite a while without getting burned out on it. It is one of the best sour vapes I have tried so far, and I would definitely consider getting this one again.

Recommended if you like fruit flavors.

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Roar Vapor: Bazingah Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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