Weekly Juice Battle 9

It’s time for another juice battle. Last week was a busy holiday blur, but I still managed to squeeze out 6 reviews that will be going head to head in this week’s juice battle. After a week of tobacco vapes in the first ever Tobacco Battle, I went back to a nice random mix of various juices from various vendors for this week’s battle. I had a chance to try out several new vendors, a couple juices that are hard to find, and a cult classic.

With that said, on with the battle…

#6 eJuice Monkeys: Peaches n’ Cream


This was my first juice ever from eJuice Monkeys. I had actually never even heard of their company before, and was more than excited to check them out. First up for them was Peaches n’ Cream. Here’s what they say about it:

Ripe, juicy summer peaches chilled with freshly whipped cream….

So peaches n’ cream sounds like a pleasant enough idea for a vape, and relatively uncomplicated. While I was really looking forward to this one, I feel like it was a pretty big disappointment.  I don’t think peach is a particularly hard flavor to capture in an ejuice, however they really seemed to botch this one. It did have a subtle peach flavor, but it was heavily crowded on the inhale by perfumey, artificial overtones and ended up coming through far milder than I would expect.

Even more unusual, there was a pronounced darkness to the exhale – I found it t0 be an almost coffee-like taste, although it could maybe be interpreted as sour or fermented. Regardless of what it was, it wasn’t particularly pleasant.

Additionally, the cream just wasn’t there. I didn’t honestly get any cream at all in this juice.

Interestingly enough, it did vape pretty well. I was more than satisfied with the throat hit and vapor. It’s really a shame that the taste was sooo far off, because taste aside, it vapes pretty well. Unfortunately, you can’t really ignore a bad tasting juice.

Not recommended.

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#5 Pixie Juice: Fresh Cream Strawberry Doughnut


Coming in at #5 this week was Fresh Cream Strawberry Doughnut by Pixie Juice. This is another vendor I’ve never heard of before, and unfortunately the first thing I learned about them is that they are no longer in existence. Sometime between June of 2013 and today, they closed up shop, so maybe my bottle will go up in value now. LOL.

Anyway, all we have to go on for this juice is the name, and by name only, this sounds like one hell of a juice. I’ve never had a doughnut flavored ejuice before. The closest thing I’ve had is Bearclaw, and I don’t really consider it close enough to a donut to count. Either way, I was really looking forward to this one.

Unfortunately, much like Peaches n’ Cream, this was another big fail in the taste/description department.

The strawberry flavor was there, but unfortunately it was very candy-like, and I didn’t like it much as a strawberry flavor at all. The strawberry pretty much dominated everything else. There was a very slight essence of what you would could maybe call doughnut on the exhale, but it’s a far stretch at best. Again, just like peach, no cream whatsoever.

While I did like this slightly better than peaches n’ cream, it wasn’t much more than a sub-par strawberry flavored vape taste-wise.

Throat hit and vapor production were both pretty good, but again, it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference when the taste isn’t there.

Not recommended, but it doesn’t really matter anyway since they aren’t around anymore.

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#4 Mt Baker Vapor: Ride the Tiger


Coming in at #4 this week is Ride the Tiger by Mt. Baker Vapor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find this juice on their site, so I don’t know if they stopped making it, or what.

At any rate, I couldn’t go by name to get a feel for this juice, so I had to go on taste alone. Luckily that was a fairly easy task, because I found that it tasted very strongly of watermelon. In fact, I would put this flavor at almost an exact match to a watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher. It has a crisp and pure watermelon flavor on both the inhale and exhale, and I picked up a slight zing of citrus on the exhale as well which really rounded this vape out nicely.

I have been hard on MBV in the past, but I can tell you that this is probably the best MBV juice I have tried so far. I’m usually not crazy about super fruity vapes, but this one managed to be really fruity and flavorful without being too heavy handed on the sweetness, so I could actually see vaping this over an extended period of time and not getting burned out on it.

The biggest issue with any MBV juice is whether or not it is throathitless. Luckily this one packed a very nice throat hit, along with a pretty robust amount of vapor production to really round it out.

I quite liked this juice. Honestly, the top 4 were really close this week and I had a hard time putting any of them in 4th place. The biggest issue I have with this juice is that I couldn’t find it on their site. LOL.

Recommended, if you can manage to get your hands on it.

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#3 Vapedudes Pineapple Upside Down Vape


Next up is Pineapple Upside-Down Vape by Vapedudes. This is another vendor I had never tried before, and I love real pineapple upside down cake so I was more than happy to hit this one up. Here’s what they say about it:

Our new Pineapple Upside Down Vape is a perfect combination of pineapple, cake, and a few drops of our 100% organic maraschino cherry flavor. All of our beta testers have given this new flavor two thumbs up!

I don’t know who their “beta testers” were, but someone should have told them that it doesn’t taste like pineapple. That’s really the biggest gripe I have with this juice. The overall taste is actually really nice. It mostly just tastes like good old white cake, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The pineapple, however, is faint at best. With a juice named after pineapple upside down cake, you would really expect the pineapple to take center stage, however it barely even has a back seat.

Luckily, this juice was still really good tasting. It’s a flavorful, indulgent dessert vape regardless of whether or not you can taste pineapple in it, so for that reason, it made it all the way to #3 this week, and that is really a testament to how good it is, because I don’t normally rate juices highly that aren’t true to description. But in the end, it is a more than solid all around vape when you combine the rich cake flavor with a hearty throat hit and fairly good vapor production.

Recommended, but try it in a small size first.

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#2 Ms. T’s Bakery: Peanut Butter Cookie


Coming in at #2 this week was Peanut Butter Cookie from Ms. T’s Bakery. This was yet ANOTHER vendor that I had never tried before. I had always been a little curious, probably because I kept seeing their banner on ECF, but I also heard some really horrible things about their delivery times and customer service, so I decided not to place an order with them. But I did end up picking up a couple bottles a few weeks ago off the classifieds and first up was Peanut Butter Cookie. Here’s what they say about it:

A delicious sugary cookie made with creamy peanut butter. Doesn’t get any closer than this!

This was an interesting one for me. I really wasn’t super keen on it at first and you can probably tell by my less than glowing review of it. However, over time I started liking this juice more and more.

When you think about a real peanut butter cookie – they generally aren’t super moist, rich and indulgent like say a chocolate chip cookie. They are usually more dry, lighter on flavor and far less rich. But they are still good in their own way.

After vaping this juice quite a bit, I have come to the conclusion that it actually does do a pretty good job of mimicking a peanut butter cookie.

It’s not super sweet, it’s super peanut-buttery, and it’s definitely not rich. It has kind of a dry, well-done aura to it, but to me, that is what most peanut butter cookies are really like anyway.

The flavor is actually really interesting, and it managed to grow on me quite a bit over the week. So I think there is an acquired taste aspect to it, but it does taste good out of the bottle – just maybe not exactly how you would expect.

Vape wise, it isn’t too bad, throat hit is pretty good and vapor is OK. It vapes like a high PG juice to me which is OK I guess.

I would recommend this one, but you need to be careful if ordering directly from them, and also maybe get it in a smaller size rather than a huge fat bottle, as I could see this not being for everyone, but I really do like it.

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#1 Alien Visions: Boba’s Bounty


This week’s winner, and by a wide margin, is Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions. Here’s what they say about it:

A smooth and mysterious tobacco blend with just the right hint of sweet.

I really wasn’t sure how to handle this one since I was kind of late to the party on it. Boba’s Bounty practically has its own cult following, and it’s pretty obvious that it is a top notch juice without any real need for further review on my part.

The top 2-4 this week were all very close and could have been arranged in almost any order, but Boba’s is really on another level.

It’s interesting because they classify this as a tobacco flavor, because that’s the one thing I don’t think it provides much of. Taste wise, I think it tastes a lot like raisin bread without the cinnamon. There’s a very clear raisin/plum like flavor on the inhale and kind of a warm medium-brown flavor on the exhale. There’s maybe a little rum flavor mixed in there, but there isn’t any real sourness or tang to this juice. It is super, super smooth.

It’s hard to describe, because there’s nothing else out there that is even close. This is a pure, original vape flavor and the accolades it has won are definitely warranted.

When I first got this in and had a chance to try it, I wanted to find some faults and try to peel away at some of the crazy hype surrounding it, but there were just no holes in it at all. It really is as good as the hype, and it really is an outstanding flavor that is totally worthy of being an all day vape.

The only notable thing about it, is that it’s likely not going to be what you are expecting at all. The hype is crazy, but this is a very mellow juice. You might not think much of it right away, but it will quickly grow on you and be the flavor you’re constantly reaching for. It never gets old.

At a paltry 12mg, it still hits good, and produces ample amounts of vapor. If I were going to order again, I would for sure get it in higher nic level, but if you’re not a throat hit junkie like me, 12mg will likely keep you very happy.

The only negative to making this an all day vape is that it is expensive, and you never know if there’s going to be a shortage of it. Other than that, it is rock solid in every aspect and totally worthy of a win in this week’s battle.

Highly recommended. Everyone should try it at least once.

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The Bottom Line

I had to review Boba’s and get it out there at some point, so I’m glad that’s over now. It’s hard to put such a good quality and esteemed juice up against random juices from all over the place and I’m glad I won’t have to do that again.

I didn’t put Boba’s in the Tobacco Battle last week because frankly I don’t think of it as a tobacco flavor at all, and while it is probably better than every single juice I reviewed last week, it wouldn’t have made any sense to put it up against them because it’s just in a complete league of its own.

Aside from that, I was actually pleasantly surprised by Ms. T’s after hearing some bad things, and Vapedudes showed a lot of promise even though I didn’t find their Pineapple Upside Down Vape to be very accurate.

This week is another fairly busy holiday week, but I should still have a slew of new juices for next week’s battle.

Stay tuned.

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