Aero Juice: Blue Dragon Review


Here’s another one from Aero Juice. This one is called Blue Dragon. Here’s what they say about it:

Breaths of tropical fruits soaring into the midnight sky.

 I’ve got this at 12mg, which is the highest nic they offer. I’m not sure what their PG/VG is.

First Impressions

I’ve been really happy with all the juices from Aero so far. This one was a mystery to me. It has a delightful pale blue color to it and looks like it wants to be vaped. The smell in the bottle is light and has a slight fruity fragrance.

Flavor-wise, I could not tell what this one was without reading the description. The flavor is very light – which I think works quite well in this juice. It tastes a lot like it smells. I don’t think it screams “tropical fruit” at me, but has a nice subdued fruity flavor to it that is very pleasant to vape. The throat hit and vapor are both excellent on this one.

The Bottom Line

Taste. It’s tough to even really describe the taste. It’s fruity, yet it doesn’t taste of any particular kind of fruit. It is very light – crisp and refreshing. I could see really getting into this one on a hot summer day.  A lot of tropical flavored vapes I have tried are heavy on flavor, yet this one is very reserved, which I actually find really interesting about it.

True to Description. Normally with tropical fruits, I immediately think of pineapple and coconut. While there is maybe a very subtle hint of either in this juice, neither plays a prominent role. In fact, I really don’t think there is any coconut at all. It is much more fruity, and doesn’t have the nutty, creamy richness of a coconut vape. So while I don’t think this is overtly tropical, it is kind of a nice subdued take on a tropical flavor medley.

Throat Hit. Once again I was very impressed with the throat hit from Aero even at 12 mg. No complaints whatsoever.

Quality of Vape. This juice is a real pleasure to vape. While it’s not huge on flavor, you don’t have to dig deep to pull it out either. It’s all there and it combines wonderfully with the huge, dense clouds of vapor that follow and the kick from the throat hit. All around, this is a complete and balanced vape.

Overall. I really like this juice a lot. I love fruity vapes that aren’t sugared down and taste heavily of candy. This one tastes very light and refreshing – kind of like a naturally fruit flavored artisan water, or something of that ilk.

I think they did a great job of taking a flavor that’s normally very in-your-face and turning it into something mellow and delicious. It’s really a totally different style of fruit vape.


Check it out here:

Aero Juice: Blue Dragon Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

2 comments on “Aero Juice: Blue Dragon Review

  1. Sound’s good…I stopped analog cigs about 8 months ago (Marlboro Reds) cold turkey! So when I made the vape discovery I looked for that same nic taste….forget it this is not gonna happen… i went towards fruits and smooth interesting tastes… for VG/PG I can add that myself. It’s that first blend that counts, its like making a cake the baker follows the working list and it comes out right…..if you add or subtract ,it;s something else. Anyway I’ve tried to keep the nic down to the minimum and then try it with no nic ,good for me…..but on some flavors it needs a touch if nic.

    • sam says:

      If you really want a good cigarette tasting juice, I would check out Big Spirit from Naturally-Extracted-Tobacco, it’s the closest I’ve found. I have a review of it on this site.

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