I’ve had my AIOS since mid to late October,  and it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for me.  Of course, manual dripper mode is pretty straightforward and easy to set up, but not knowing how to correctly get it to work in tank mode kept tugging at the back of my mind, and kept me from fully enjoying it.

Let’s step back for just a moment. The AIOS is a very unique atomizer. It is not traditional in several ways.

First of all, it isn’t used like a normal atomizer in that it doesn’t screw in to the top of your mod. Rather, it is designed to make your mod into a hybrid. So basically you need to have a compatible mod – the clones I know of that are compatible are the Chi You and the Astro (which is what I use), then you remove the top cap from your mod and screw the AIOS directly into the mod, transforming it into a hybrid.

Second, in addition to being a dripper, it also has an auto dripping mode, which is designed to act like a reverse genesis atomizer. There is a metal cylinder tank that sits above the atomizer deck with a hole in the bottom for juice to enter the atomizer chamber. The intended function is to thread a stainless steel mesh wick through the coil and up into the tank so it would basically look exactly like an upside down genesis atomizer would. Now that’s not exactly how I use it, but it should give you an idea.

So the AIOS is a really cool and unique piece that has a surprising amount of versatility.

What I DIDN’T like about the AIOS

First off, while I love the hybrid aspect of it, I also don’t love it. For me, I don’t think it’s a great fit on the Astro. I mean it looks OK and all, but it is kind of clunky and doesn’t seem like it totally belongs. This piece would be all the more amazing if you could run it in both hybrid mode and as a standalone tank, and it would allow you to pair it with a lot more mods. The Astro is just OK for me, and I really don’t much care for the Chi You. So that is kind of a bummer.

It is pretty bulky – in order to get the auto dripper setup to work, it needs to be fairly wide and tall, so it does add quite a bit of height and girth to your mod, which isn’t the greatest, although, this isn’t a terrible looking mod either. It’s just OK.

The bottom locking ring looks like it was made specifically for a Chi You, and thus makes it look even more awkward on any mod other than a Chi You. Again, not terrible, but could be better.

What I DID like about the AIOS

I love the fact that it has bottom airflow. The airflow is just right the way it is and produces crazy amounts of vapor and hits hard, and you never have to worry about fucking with the position of your airhole like you would with a typical dripper that has a side airhole. So I love that aspect of it. A lot of people in the forums have complained that the hit is too cool, but I haven’t really found that to be my experience at all. I think the hit is damn near perfect.

The versatility is really tremendous. Both mods work flawlessly when set up correctly, and they both have their uses. I really like being able to have the option to use either.

It is super fast to change from auto dripper to manual dripper mode. It really couldn’t be any easier – just unscrew the top cap, remove the tank portion and screw the small top cap into the atomizer deck. No need to touch your coil at all to switch modes.

It’s also easy to look at your coil if you need to without messing anything up. Some tanks like a Kayfun style tank, for example, need to be emptied before you can get access to the coil, which can be a big pain in the ass.

Autodripper mode works very well, doesn’t leak, and is super easy to set up once you know how.

Manual dripper mode provides some of the BEST flavor I have gotten from any dripping atomizer I have ever tried. I would easily rate it as one of my top drippers for flavor.

The staggered position of the posts where one is higher than the other makes it incredibly easy to set up a perfect vertical coil, which happens to work flawlessly on this atomizer. This is truly one of the easiest tanks to set up and maintain once you understand how it works.

Who is it good for?

Obviously you’ve gotta be an RBA/RDA guy to really want to get into this piece. Additionally, you MUST own a compatible mod. A lot of people already have Chi You clones, and if you do, this is about the best possible application there is for one.

It’s great if you want versatility, and also if you want a no hassle tank system that isn’t going to shit on you while you’re out and about. That’s one reason I particularly love it. This is another setup that I LOVE taking on the go with me because it is so hassle free.

Where to buy?

I picked mine up on Fasttech for around $20 here. 

Do I use it?

Yep. I have been using this piece a lot lately. In fact, I like it so much, I am probably going to break down and get a stainless Chi You clone to match it better. Right now I only have a brass Chi You and an Astro, and I don’t think either look that great with it.

I have been taking this piece out with me a lot over the last couple weeks and it has performed absolutely flawlessly for me. I am really loving it.

I also plan to use manual dripping mode more often for evaluating juices, since the level of flavor it produces is so good.

The Bottom Line

Quality. It’s really well built. I have never seen an authentic AIOS before, but I have to at least imagine that this is pretty close to the original. It also has silver plated contacts, which, since this is used as a hybrid, is probably why it hits SO well.

Performance. Manual dripper mode takes about 1 minute to set up and works absolutely flawlessly. In fact, I would love to see a version of just the manual dripper top that could attach to any mod. I think it would easily be one of my most used pieces for tasting. I think the combination of bottom airflow with the vertical coil is the perfect recipe for a strong throat hit and tons of vapor. This is one of my hardest hitting setups right now.

Ease of Use. It’s not the easiest to set up in auto-dripper mode – the first time. Once you know how to do it, it is probably going to be your easiest RBA to use. Honestly. Check out my tutorial here on setting up the AIOS with a cotton wick in auto dripper mode to give you a perfect walkthrough of how to get this bitch putting out clouds.

Appearance. Probably the biggest drawback to this piece is that it just simply ain’t the prettiest pig in the pen. It’s fairly big and clunky. Now that said, the engravings on it are really cool, and it does look fairly sleek – AND I have never seen it on a Chi You which it is pretty much intended for – so I have to imagine that it looks better on the Chi You than the Astro which I am using it on.

Price. For just around $20, you are getting a dynamic tank system and one of the best manual dripping atomizers there is right now. So already it’s like a 2 in 1, PLUS it will turn your mod into a hybrid, pretty much giving you a brand new mod. So you get a lot of stuff for the $20 price, and it’s plenty to keep you busy. Plus it has silver contacts which are nutz.

Overall. This is definitely not a piece for beginners, BUT if you are willing to take a little time to understand how it works, you will see that not only is it super easy to use, it works AMAZINGLY well.

I don’t see myself taking the AIOS out of my rotation anytime soon. It’s just too versatile, too cool and works too damn good.

This is definitely a GREAT buy and I highly recommend it.

Pick one up on Fasttech for around $20 here. 

Ease of Use

2 comments on “AIOS OMFG: The AIOS Review

  1. Joao Nunes says:

    Hi, Sam! Thank you for the review and tips on setting up the AIOS.
    About a month ago I bought this, from a german site:
    I guess it’s the answer to your “This piece would be all the more amazing if you could run it in both hybrid mode and as a standalone tank” wish! 🙂
    Haven’t had the chance to try it yet (I’m currently waiting for my AIOS from FT), but maybe it will drop a bit in the volts, due to the extra connection?

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