Mad Vapes: Spiced Pipe Review


Here’s one from Mad Vapes’ Top Vapor line. Here’s what they say about it:

Tobacco with a hint of cinnamon and clove.

I’ve got it at 18mg in a 20/80 PG/VG blend.

First Impressions

You probably aren’t used to seeing any Mad Vapes ejuice reviewed here, and that’s because I frankly don’t like it very much. Early in my vaping career, I ordered a couple bottles of tobacco juices from them. They came to me crystal clear and tasting of practically nothing except a faint hint of scotch tape – which I now think is a very basic low-end RY4. After a back and forth with their support all they could tell me was that it needs to steep for a while. After several months, it was still crystal clear and still had no flavor. Since then, I have never ordered another juice from them and the only thing I have ordered is a few batteries.

Anyway, on to this juice specifically. I got this in a bulk juice buy, and didn’t even realize it was a MadVapes juice. The sound of a “Spiced Pipe” flavored ejuice actually really appealed to me, especially after all the fruit and dessert vapes I have been reviewing lately. Unfortunately, this one really missed the mark, and not just because I’m not a huge fan of Mad Vapes.

For one thing, it doesn’t smell of anything in the bottle. Tasting it wasn’t much better. I have to struggle to pull any flavor out of it at all. The taste is practically non-existent. I didn’t pick up ANY spice at all, and no tobacco either. It’s just a very plain tasting juice with almost no flavor at all.

Vape wise, it hits OK for an 18mg juice and it puts out an OK amount of vapor but could be better at 80% VG.

The Bottom Line

Taste. This is by far the most tasteless pipe tobacco flavor I have ever tried. Not only that, but I haven’t had a clove flavored vape yet that wasn’t overpoweringly strong on clove flavor – this one claims to have clove, but I didn’t get any at all – OR cinnamon. I don’t know if I got a shitty batch, or what, but this one was a complete miss for me.

True to Description. Couldn’t have been further from the description if they tried. I didn’t get any tobacco or any spice. Nuff said.

Throat Hit. Throat hit was OK. I’m not super ecstatic about it, but it was good enough.

Quality of Vape. I didn’t think it put off a hell of a lot of vapor for an 80% VG juice. Throat hit was just OK, and there was basically no flavor at all. This one is a pretty poor quality vape in just about every category.

Overall. I actually really hoped this one would be tasty and I was looking for a change of pace. What I found was a completely flavorless vape lacking any kind of personality and sub par performance at best in every category. This one is a total stinker.

Not recommended.

Check it out here:

Tobacco with a hint of cinnamon and clove.


Mad Vapes: Spiced Pipe Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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