Mt Baker Vapor: Hawk Sauce Review


Next up this week is Hawk Sauce from Mt Baker Vapor. This is a widely popular flavor. It’s one of the first flavors I ever ordered, and I’m finally going to give it a full workup. Here’s what they say about it:

Try one of our more complex flavors Hawk Sauce. A Slightly Sour Berry, hint of menthol and Fruit Mix with Inspirations Drawn from the Pacific North West.

I’ve got it in an 80/20 blend at 6mg.

First Impressions

This is one of the first juices I ever ordered – after doing my due diligence on ECF, I found that a lot of people had highly regarded this juice, so I wanted to give it a try myself.

Honestly, flavor-wise, it was a big miss for me. As menthol vapes go, the menthol factor isn’t that bad. Actual flavor, though, I don’t think is the best. When I was first starting out vaping, I picked up a bottle of Swedish Fish flavored ejuice from a local vendor here in Minnesota. I think that Hawk Sauce tastes a lot like that, except with menthol. It’s got kind of a super sweet gummy-bear thing going on. I personally think it is just way too in-your-face to vape with any kind of regularity.

On the vape side, it hits surprisingly well for a 6mg juice at 80% VG. I would normally not be super interested in a 6mg juice, but I have to say this one is completely satisifying and I would have guessed it to be 18mg if I hadn’t looked first, so they get big kudos for that. Vapor production is very good for a low VG juice. The all around vape isn’t bad, but I think the flavor is so thick that it will wear on you quickly.

The Bottom Line

Taste. Like I said above, I really think this tastes a lot like a Swedish Fish vape that I tried a while back, except with menthol. It’s super fruity – but in a candy way, not in an actual fruit way. It isn’t easy to discern any particular flavor of fruit from it – rather it is just kind of a sweet and fruity jumble. I thought that the flavor was particularly thick and I quickly got tired of it. If you primarily use tanks, you might have a tough time polishing off a full tank of it without switching to something else in between.

True to Description. I actually liked the description – I don’t really know what elements in this juice really scream Pacific Northwest to me, but that’s ok. It is a fairly complex flavor – try yourself to pick out distinct notes and you will probably find that it isn’t super easy.

Throat hit. I was blown away by how well the throat hit on this juice was. It gives me hope that I might someday be vaping primarily 6mg juices. I honestly only vape higher nic for the better throat hit, so I love to see a juice perform this well.

Quality of Vape. It really produces a thick and full vape that hits well and offers plenty of vapor. Where I think the shortcoming is, is that the flavor is just too much. It will invade your mouth and you will be tasting it for a long time after. It is very thick and heavy. Personally, I don’t like something that’s going to be stuck on my palate all day, pleasant tasting or not. I like a full flavor while I’m vaping, and then I prefer it to dissipate.

Overall. It’s not the worst juice in the world, but it’s not right for me personally. I’m not a huge menthol fan to begin with, and while I actually didn’t mind the menthol in this vape, the rest of the flavor killed it for me. Too sweet, candy-like and thick for my tastes.

On the plus side, I’m beginning to find that maybe the sweet spot for MBV juices is 80/20, because all the high PG blends from them that I have had recently have been really good in the throat hit area, so I hope to see this trend continue.

Not recommended.

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Mt Baker Vapor: Hawk Sauce Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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