Weekly Juice Battle 11


Last week was a good one, and we’ve got a fat juice battle today with 10 different juices going head to head. Just a minor note – I am changing the evaluation period for the juices to Monday through Sunday rather than Sunday through Saturday. For whatever reason it seems to work out better for me to do my last couple reviews on Sunday morning rather than Saturday.

So with that out of the way, on with this week’s battle.

#10 MadVapes – Top Vapor Spiced Pipe


Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of Mad Vapes’ liquid, but I think that is more from a customer service standpoint than anything. Besides, who out there doesn’t think Spiced Pipe sounds like a perfectly lovely idea for a vape? I certainly did, and I was looking forward to trying it. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Tobacco with a hint of cinnamon and clove.

This one was a true first for me, in that it was a vape that is said to contain clove, yet doesn’t actually have any clove taste at all. If you have ever smoked or vaped cloves before, you will know that they have an extremely strong flavor. In fact, I have yet to taste an ejuice containing ANY level of clove where the clove flavor didn’t heavily dominate the overall taste of the vape – until now.

Spiced pipe tasted neither like spice or pipe to me. Kind of shocking because both pipe tobacco and clove/cinnamon are pretty easy flavors to incorporate into an ejuice. In fact, a lot of times they end up being too strong.

This vape actually has a strange water-like quality. You have to struggle to pick out ANY flavor at all, and the flavor I do pick up is so watered down, you can’t pick out any distinguishable elements in it at all.

The throat hit and vapor were passable, but the flavor was so non-existent that this one is clearly just not worth bothering with at all. This was a no brainier for dead last in this week’s juice battle.

Not recommended.

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#9 Vapure: Strawberry Mango


This was my first one from Vapure. I had never really heard of them before or tried any of their juices, so I had no idea what to expect. Here’s what they say about it:

Sweet strawberries mixed with the perfect blend of mango.

As excited as I was to try a good mango flavor, I was equally disappointed by the noticeable lack of mango in this vape.  Strawberry Mango without the Mango quickly becomes one of the most boring and pedestrian flavors there is out there. I mean pretty much everybody has multiple variations on strawberry, and they are generally pretty unremarkable.

This vape, for me, lacked ANY mango flavor, and was basically a very average to below average strawberry vape.

In addition to the lack of mango, I also felt that it vaped very dry and did not produce a very good “fullness of vape”. I was definitely left wanting a lot more.

While the throat hit and vapor were relatively good, the flavor was way below average and completely unremarkable. There’s nothing about this juice that would make me consider vaping it again.

Not recommended.

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#8 Mt. Baker Vapor: Hawk Sauce


Coming in at #8 this week is Hawk Sauce from Mt. Baker Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Try one of our more complex flavors Hawk Sauce. A Slightly Sour Berry, hint of menthol and Fruit Mix with Inspirations Drawn from the Pacific North West.

I know that this is a fairly popular juice and a lot of people will probably think I am crazy for rating it so low, but I honestly just don’t like it much at all. I think this juice is relatively true to description – it does taste like sour berries, it does have menthol and it clearly has a very fruity overall flavor. I thought it tasted a lot like a Swedish Fish vape I tried a few months back with some menthol added to it.

The flavor isn’t necessarily bad, but for me, it became way too caustic for me quickly. The flavor is thick in this juice. The scent and flavor will get all over everything and stick around in your mouth, and it got old real fast for me.

I’m all for a full flavored vape, but where Strawberry Mango was seriously short on fullness, Hawk Sauce is way too long on it.

I just can’t imagine anyone being able to vape this over an extended period of time without getting sick of the flavor. I thought it was way too heavy, and not very well balanced at all.

Not recommended.

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#7 Yaeliq: Graham Cracker 2


This week Yaeliq lands in #7 with Graham Cracker 2. Here’s what he says about it:

Great flavor of Graham Cracker-sweet and strong with a bit rum at the end

I love the taste of graham cracker, and I think it is an ideal flavor for vaping. I’ve had this juice for quite a while, tested it in a lot of different devices and have really taken my time in forming an opinion on it.

Basically it goes like this: Graham Cracker 2 smells wonderful in the bottle. Sweet, nice notes of graham, a little coconut – perfectly delicious. When you first take a hit of it, the inhale tastes noticeably odd. It has kind of a plasticky artificial taste to it that is very unnatural and not what you would expect considering how good the juice smells in the bottle. Then the exhale is sweet with very vibrant notes of graham spliced with coconut. Maybe a little heavy, but very nice flavor.

The clear problem with this juice that I could not get past is that it tastes very odd and unnatural on the inhale. Now a lot of juices I try sometimes or always taste a little unusual on the inhale, but this is the only case I can think of where it actually upsets the entire vaping experience to the point where the juice is bordering on unvapable.

Now I definitely wouldn’t say it’s unvapable because I have vaped a good amount of it, but after this review I think I am going to be pretty much done with it for good.

I think this would be a near perfect vape if the flavor was dialed back about 30%, and if the inhale was adjusted to not taste extremely odd and out of place.

Not recommended.

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#6 MMV: Light Side Lucidity


Coming in at #6 this week is Light Side Lucidity from MMV. Here’s what they say about it:

If Pluto is the Chocolate planet, well, planetoid really, then Saturn is the Vanilla planet.    Even our supercomputer PAL agrees with me about that.  I mean just look at the cool tanish color and it’s faint rings.  If ever there was a Vanilla planet, Saturn is the one!  Once, while I was checking out Saturn with my Olympic binoculars (don’t even try to look for yourself), I noticed that there was an ice cream truck making it’s rounds.  I could just barely make out the name on the side of the truck; “Saturn’s Finest Vanilla Ice Cream Man.”  My guess is that Saturn is too cool for chocolate and only vanilla can grow there.  PAL thinks that is a good assumption.  PAL’s cousin “VAL” was on the Voyager mission that got real close to Saturn and VAL told PAL, no way could a chocolate plant live there.  So, that’s it then, no doubt about it!  So, to honor the Vanilla planet, I have created “Light Side Lucidity” vape juice.  As a matter of fact, I will be making an entire line of “Light Side” juice and all of them will have some awesome Vanilla flavor.  “Light Side Lucidity” uses Saturn juice (Vanilla), jifffffffy nuts and my special sweet nectar sauce!  It’s the Light Side opposite of my “Dark Side Delirium” juice.  Look, give it a go, you can’t have Dark without the Light!

In general, I have thought that most MMV juices I have tried have been pretty decent. We are getting to that point in the juice battle where the true BAD juices are weeded out and the remaining juices are all pretty vapable and tasty.

This one was interesting for me. I didn’t read the description of it before I vaped it. I could not distinguish any particular flavor based on the smell in the bottle, and after vaping it for a while, I still couldn’t tell what exactly this juice was supposed to be.

It’s basically very rich and very sweet with no particular dominant flavors. It’s interesting that this is described as a primarily Vanilla vape, because I honestly don’t think the vanilla seems very present in the flavor profile at all. It does have kind of an almost savory-like sweetness and slight nuttiness on the exhale that I would assume are the “jiffy nuts”, but I would have never guessed there were supposed to be nuts in this vape without reading the description.

It’s basically just a sweet and rich jumble of flavors. It doesn’t really taste bad, but it is bordering on being overpowering as the flavor is THICK, and since it doesn’t have any clear flavor profile, I didn’t find it particularly pleasant to vape.

It’s definitely vapable, and some people might really like it, but I found it to be way unbalanaced.

Not really recommended but might be worth a try for some.

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#5 The Vapor Room: Vanilla Cupcake


Pulling up the rear on the second half of the countdown this week is Vanilla Cupcake from The Vapor Room. Here’s what they say about it:

Warm, yellow cake covered in creamy vanilla icing for that undeniably delicious cupcake flavor!

I thought this was a relatively decent vape, and I actually vaped through the entire bottle I had in under a day – granted it was a smaller sample sized bottle, but still, it was good enough to easily vape through it.

Where I thought this juice really failed was in living up to it’s billing as a Vanilla Cupcake vape. For me it was basically just a very average vanilla vape. The vanilla taste was good – more like a true vanilla extract rather than a custard vanilla. So I liked that aspect of it, but I personally didn’t feel the flavor was full enough on this juice and left me wanting a lot more.

Yellow cake is a really great flavor, but I thought this juice was noticeably lacking in yellow cake flavor, which was a big disappointment for me.

I thought the overall quality of this juice was not bad, and it was a relatively tasty vape, but it really does not live up to its description at all, and for that reason, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Not really recommended, but it’s still a relatively tasty vape.

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#4 Aero Juice: Blue Dragon


This week Aero lands in the #4 spot with Blue Dragon. Here’s what they say about it:

Breaths of tropical fruits soaring into the midnight sky.

I’ve almost reviewed all of the flavors from Aero now, and so far I have been really impressed by the quality and the originality of the flavors.

Blue Dragon was an interesting one for me. This was another juice where I really could not identify the flavors based on the taste/smell in the bottle.

After reading the description, I was somewhat surprised this is a tropical flavored vape. Generally when you think of tropical flavors you think of bold flavors like coconut and pineapple that are easily discernible and can quickly overpower a vape.

In this vape, I am hard pressed to pick out any actual individual flavors. The taste is very mellow – it kind of reminds me of a naturally flavored bottled water – it has a hint of sweetness and a fruity undertone, but it is very reserved. I found this really interesting for a tropical flavored vape, and I actually really liked the original way they approached a normally “loud” flavor like tropical fruit.

I wouldn’t say this was my favorite Aero vape, but I liked it enough at first to throw the rest of the bottle into a tank, and I have been happily vaping it for a couple days now, so I do think it is pretty darn tasty.

Recommended – definitely worth a try in a sample size.

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#3 Vape Dudes: Blue Honey


Coming in at a solid #3 this week is Blue Honey from Vape Dudes. Here’s what they say about it:

Honey is one of the most beloved creations of nature in the world. Bask in the distinctive flavors of honey and blueberry combined in this vape. A strong, sweet yet slightly earthy taste with blueberry undertones. A best seller!

I can definitely see why this one is a best seller because it is a very tasting juice that hits amazingly well and produces very nice clouds of vapor. The flavor is well balanced and makes for a very full vape.

This is a perfectly good vape, and quite delicious. Where I think it did fall somewhat short is that I personally didn’t find there to be much of any honey presence. Now my experience with honey flavors is that I have basically not tried any honey flavor yet that I have actually liked. This is my most favorite “honey” flavored vape I have tried so far, and funny, it doesn’t actually even have any real honey taste that I could pick out. So if you’re buying this for the honey component, you might have the same experience I did.

What I did like about this juice was that the clarity of the blueberry flavor was very nice. It was crisp, refreshing and just sweet enough so that you can vape this stuff all day long without getting sick of it.

It’s really a very nice vape, I just didn’t find it to be long on honey.


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#2 Eliquid Market: Banana


Coming in a strong second this week was Banana from Eliquid Market. Here’s what they say about it:

Very Bold and Sweet Banana Flavor. It Tastes like Banana Laffy Taffy.

I almost feel bad to some degree, because Eliquid market has it so easy. I mean, most of the other vendors whose juices I am rating here go to a lot of trouble to think of new and exciting ideas for flavors and then have to mix and test them to get them just right – only to have them picked apart and criticized by people like me, while you have a company like Eliquid Market who basically doesn’t have to do any of that, and they are able to put out a delicious and affordable product with minimal work.

I think the takeaway here is that sometimes simplicity is the best way to go.

Banana by Eliquid Market is the only juice with banana flavoring that I have tried that I really, truly like. I have tried a good amount of banana tobaccos and banana chocolate combos, and while some of them are decent, I haven’t come across one yet that I have wanted to vape for an extended period of time.

This juice, however, is really fucking good. It is a candy banana flavor – they liken it to Laffy Taffy, which I think is a good comparison. My first thought was banana popsicle, and it even kind of reminded me of Circus Peanuts.

The flavor is totally clear, crisp and full of flavor. The fullness of vape is excellent. It puts out a great amount of vapor for a high PG juice, and it hits like a cannon at 12 mg.

Oh yeah, and it is also priced extremely affordably.

Truthfully, it’s probably not one that I would be vaping on a constant basis, but it’s an amazing change of pace. I could also see it being very good for mixing. This is a great all around juice to have in your arsenal. You never know when it might come in handy.

Highly recommended.

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#1 Ms. T’s Bakery: Sugar Cookie


This week’s winner is Sugar Cookie from Ms. T’s Bakery. Here’s what she said about it:

This flavor gives of the taste of a fresh and warm sugary vanilla cookie. A very popular tasty treat at Ms. T’s Bakery.

This is my second juice from Ms. T’s. The first one – Peanut Butter Cookie also finished fairly high in a recent juice battle, and I have actually continued vaping it and liking it even more since the battle.

I think I liked Peanut Butter Cookie better than Sugar Cookie, but that may only be because PB cookie is a little more out of the box.

Sugar Cookie is a really good juice. It smells WONDERFUL in the bottle. Sweet, gooey, sugary and plenty of vanilla. Just like a good sugar cookie should be.

While I don’t think this vape is as close to tasting like a real sugar cookie as PB cookie is to tasting like a real cookie, I think it’s about as close as it’s going to get.

The flavor is rich and full with nice notes of vanilla and sugar on the inhale and exhale and it produces a good amount of vapor and a great throat hit at 12mg.

Out of the pool I had to work with this week, this is easily the juice I would see myself going back for seconds on out of the whole bunch. I have tried it in my typical dripping setup and in tanks and it works great in both.

Highly recommended.

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The Bottom Line

Although I reviewed 10 juices this week, I think the pool was a little weaker than it has been for previous battles. Truthfully, Sugar Cookie might have had a tougher time winning against stiffer competition, but that’s just the way it shook out this week. I did think that the top 3 juices this week were all VERY good and totally worth checking out.

Now that I’ve switched my weekly schedule for reviewing by a day, I believe I am going to have a much easier time getting a higher amount of reviews in each week, and my goal is going to be at least 10.

This week is Custard week. I already have a nice variety of different custards to sample and rate this week for an all custard battle a week from today.

Stay tuned!

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