How to Fix the Airlow Control Ring on a Fatty V3 Clone

I’ve had a couple people ask about how I fixed the airflow ring on my Fatty V3 after writing this tutorial on setting up a basic microcoil with 24 gauge kanthal.

This is actually really easy to do and all you need is some dental floss, cotton or any other kind of thin string.

So first you need to open ‘er up.

Unscrew the top cap, then unscrew both posts and take everything apart. There aren’t a ton of parts so you should have no problems assembling/disassembling it.

Next locate the bottom piece with the black o-ring pictured below.


Gently slide off the black O-ring. I use a really small flathead screwdriver. Sometimes they can be brittle, so you want to be really careful not to break it if you don’t have any spare o-rings. Mine popped off really easy.

Next, take a long strand of dental floss, wrap it around 3 times, until the 2 ends meet with each other. Grasp them in your fingers and wind them together until they are tight against the atomizer – see below.


Once it is tight enough, gently slide the o-ring back on the atomizer. This can be a real pain in the ass to do. It is the longest part of the process. Don’t be surprised if you have to attempt it a couple times before getting it.

Once you’re done, it should look like mine below:


Now, at this point, I like to take a lighter and burn off the excess. Then take a nail clipper and clip off the burnt end so that there is very little or no floss left sticking out.

At this point you can screw everything back together. Don’t forget to put the black rubber disk back in – I forgot the first time I did this – it still worked fine without it, but you are probably better off using it anyway.

Your airflow ring might still seem loose at this point.

It won’t fully tighten until you have tightened both of the center posts fully once you have attached your coil.

While attaching your coil, you can stick a little screwdriver or something in the hole to keep it from shifting around if you are having problems with it.

You should now be ready to vape.

The Fatty is an awesome dripper once you get this little kink worked out!


3 comments on “How to Fix the Airlow Control Ring on a Fatty V3 Clone

  1. Mark Lee says:

    Thanks for the tips! I was thinking that a slightly larger gauge o-ring is the permanent answer for this problem and they may be found at You only need to know what size to order. The Fatty v.3 is on my shopping list but I can’t seem to find it in stock at the right price; perhaps this means there is going to be a Fatty v.4 in the near future – we can only hope.

    • sam says:

      Yeah that would be the easiest way, but figuring out the dimensions is too much of a pain in the ass for me.

      • Mark Lee says:

        I understand; but I also think it could be as easy as taking the o-ring & the piece to any decent local hardware store to the plumbing department because there are lots of common sizes stacked for faucet stem repairs.

        Good luck – and if you find where we can get a Fatty, let us know.

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