Vaping 101: 1 Simple Trick to Get Better Performance from your Evod


So, you like your Evod, but wish it performed just a little bit better?

Lucky for you there is an EASY way to dramatically improve the vapor quality and flavor without having to worry about wrapping your own coil or any of that stuff.

The only thing you will probably want for this is a pliers. I have done it before without a pliers, but it is a lot harder.

Start by removing your tank from your evod.

You should see something similar to the above, except with a top cap covering the area where you see the wick and coil.

Take your pliers and gently pull the top cap off. That should expose the wick and coil and it should look just like mine does above. Be sure not to pinch too tightly with the pliers as you can pinch the top cap completely together if you overdo it.

Now, you should see the wick and coil just like mine, and just like mine you should also notice the additional wick(s) laying over the top of the coil.

These are called flavor wicks. The manufacturers put them there in just about every bottom coil clearomizer made. The theory is that they are supposed to prevent the tank from flooding by absorbing any extra liquid not absorbed by the main wick.

The problem is, their presence actually cools down the vape, and mutes the flavor. Kind of ironic considering they call it a flavor wick.

Anyway, all you need to do now is carefully pull the flavor wick(s) off. Make sure you don’t disturb the primary wick and coil.

Once you’ve removed the flavor wick, put the top cap back on. Make sure it is as tight as possible. I use the pliers to put it back on too.

Screw everything back in and you’re good to go!

This will work for almost every kind of bottom coil clearomizer including Kanger Protanks, Evods, T3S, T3, T2, and many more.

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