Vaping 101: The Anatomy of an Evod

The Evod has been one of the most popular and widely used atomizers for quite some time now. It’s great for beginners due to its amazing simplicity and ability to change coil heads inexpensively. It can also be good for more advanced vapers who aren’t afraid to do some tinkering.

The Evod is a Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC), which basically means that the coil (the part that heats the liquid to produce vapor) sits at the bottom of the atomizer, below the tank containing the juice so that it can take advantage of gravity for better wicking.

The biggest problem with Evods is, due to their bottom coil nature, they can occasionally produce various problems. Whether its dry hits, gurgling and spitting, or not firing at all, it can be very difficult to troubleshoot this kind of problem if you don’t have a good understanding of how the device works.

Once you have a good feel for all the parts, where they are, and what they do, it can become much easier to troubleshoot minor issues you have rather than just tossing your old coils and putting in a fresh one.

This post is going to explain the various components to the Evod and what they are for.

High Level View


The picture above is a high level view of the main 3 components to an Evod. Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

A) Tank and Drip Tip

This piece is pretty self explanatory. This is the reservoir where the juice is stored. It also has a built in drip tip. MOST BCCs use a similar style tank – the main differences being whether or not the drip tip is removable. There are a few BCCs that have a different style tank – like the Kanger Unitank for example, but even that is fairly similar.

This component is unscrewed, turned upside down and filled with juice, then screwed back in. Beyond that, it doesn’t have any other function.

B) Coil Head

The coil head is basically where all the magic happens. The coil head screws into the base (C), and threads into the tube in the middle of the top cap (A). There is so much going on here that we are going to dissect the coil head and take a look at all the components in the next section.

C) Base

The base has threading on the top portion for screwing in the Coil Head (B), and then has threading on the underside for screwing on to a battery/mod. The Evod uses Ego Threading (female), meaning it will only screw on to a connection like an eGo Battery. Some BCCs have a 510 connection (male), which is more common overall, and can screw into any mod/battery with a 510 connections. Most Mods/Batteries have a 510 connection. eGo batteries and many Innokin products have eGo threading and 510 threading as well.

Coil Head View


Above is what the coil head looks like when disassembled. It consists of 6 different components.

A) Wick, Coil, Flavor Wick

The wick and coil is what make the magic happens. The coil is that little wire wrapped around the wick. The legs, the two pieces coming off the coil, supply the connection between your coil and atomizer.

The wick is a piece of Silica, which is a heat resistance type of fiber that is very commonly used for wicking in factory-wicked products. It’s job is to absorb your e-juice and supply it to the coil.

When your atomizer is fired, the coil will turn red hot. Any wet areas exposed to the coil produce vapor.

The flavor wick is that little piece of wick right above the wick that is threaded through the coil. For whatever reason, it is a standard practice for manufacturers to place this “flavor wick” over the wick and coil. This is an unnecessary component that can be easily removed.

B) Bottom Pin

The bottom pin, while fairly simple looking, is a critical piece of the puzzle. This is the piece that makes a direct connection with your mod/battery once it is screwed in. If you take a look at an assembled Evod on the underside, you will see the bottom pin right in the center.

C) Rubber Gasket

The rubber gasket acts as an inner sleeve for the atomizer deck (D) and an outer sleeve for the bottom pin (B). It is also used to trap the resistance wire. One wire is trapped on the outside between D and C and the other is trapped on the inside between B and C.

D) Atomizer Deck

This is basically the part of the atomizer that everything is connected to in some way. B and C are threaded through the bottom. The wick and coil sits directly in the center with both legs going down through B and C. The top cap fits tightly on the top.

Here’s what the deck looks like once the wick and coil have been attached:


The atomizer deck also features the threading that makes it so you can screw it in to the Base.

E) Top Cap

The top cap locks into the deck (D). This closes up most of the openings in the coil head making it so that juice doesn’t flood the chamber too quickly. This is the piece that is threaded into the tank once it has been filled. It also acts as a chimney, where the vapor will eventually be pulled from when you take a drag.

F) Top Sleeve 

The top sleeve slides over the top cap (E) once it has been secured to the atomizer deck (D). It’s function is to help prevent the deck (D) from flooding. Too much liquid getting trapped in the deck will lead to gurgling and a flooded tank that is ultimately unvapable.

I have used builds with and without a top sleeve. I don’t think it usually matters that much whether you use it or not, but it doesn’t hurt.

Using this Knowledge to Solve Common Problems

So now that you have a good idea of what all the components are and how they function, you can use this to solve common problems. Let’s look at a few.

My Evod Has a Burnt Taste

If your evod is tasting burned, then you can guess it probably has something to do with the Wick (A) not getting saturated enough. One easy way to check this is to pop off the top cap (E) and look at it. Is it black? is there nothing there at all? Does the coil look dirty and grimy?  Is something blocking juice from flowing into the chamber?

My Evod is Flooded

If your evod is gurgling and you’re getting a mouth full of juice and very little vapor, it is probably flooded. This means too much liquid has gotten into the chamber The easiest way to fix this is to unscrew your coil head from the Base. Grab a paper towel and hold it over the bottom of the coil head, and blow through the top cap (E). If your tank was flooded, you will probably notice a ton of ejuice being blown into your paper towel. this will likely clear the flooding issue. If it continues to flood, check to make sure the top cap (E) is secured tightly to the atomizer deck (D).

My Evod Won’t Fire

If your evod won’t fire at all, the most like reason is a poor connection. The connection is made between your mod/battery and the bottom pin (B). Some devices such as the iTaste MVP for example, have a very deep 510 well, meaning that the pin on your atomizer might not be extending out enough to make full contact with the battery. This is almost always why an atomizer won’t fire at all.  Now since this Evod is eGo threaded, this is a problem that is less likely to occur. It would be a lot more likely to happen on a 510 threaded device.

The Bottom Line

This is really just the tip of the iceberg. One thing I’ve found with vaping is that since I have been able to understand the parts involved, I have felt a lot more in control and enjoyed it a lot more.

Getting familiar with the components is an important first step. Once you have begun to feel comfortable troubleshooting basic issues, you can more on to more advanced modifications that will make your vaping experience that much better.

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  1. Debby Bondi says:

    First let me thank you for listening to my story. I come to you because I am very confused about what to buy in the way of a a new mod. I’m not into building or creating…just looking to enjoy vaping. I quit smoking almost a year ago and have gone from the old silver batteries with the string wicks. Currently I have, One Bonita Tank which I use my itaztevv which works very well. My son bought me a Cool Fire 1 which I was using an Aspire BDC which was working just fine except that I had to really draw hard to get a good hit. He convinced me to buy a Kangertech Aerotank Mega which I do get a very smooth hit however I find that I need to buy a new “mod” with Variable Voltage to experience the full effect of such a tank. I am looking for something ladylike and big enough that with the Kangertech it doesn’t look top heavy. I don’t know what or where to look or buy. I have also developed “vapers fatigue” so at the moment I really can’t taste anything except Zombie Killer. Can you give me some suggestions? Thank you.

  2. punnoose anil says:

    the whole liquid is flowing through and getting into my mouth when i smoke. how do i stop it?

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