Vaping 101: How to Change the Coil Head on Your Evod


This guide is primarily targeted towards people who are very new to vaping.

SO… You’ve been vaping for a little while now, and you like your Evod setup a lot, but it’s time to change the coil. Maybe it’s tasting a little too funky now? Maybe a little burned? Maybe a little flooded? Maybe it wont’ fire at all?

Whatever the reason, the great thing about Evods and similar bottom coil clearomizers like the Protank is they are very easy to maintain, even for beginners.

First off, you will need some replacement coil heads. If you bought some kind of kit, you most likely have a couple of spare heads. If you need to order more coil heads, I get them from Fasttech for $1.28 each shipped.  This is by far the cheapest place to get them, and they work just as good as any other coil heads. You should expect shipping to take about 2 weeks, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Once you’ve got a replacement coil head, the process is very simple.

First, unscrew your Evod from the battery/mod it is attached to.

If there is juice in your tank, you are going to want to flip it upside down. Then unscrew the tank (A) from the base (C).  Keep the tank upside down so the juice won’t spill out.

Firmly grab the top cap of the coil head (B) with your fingers and unscrew it from the base (C).

Take your new coil head, and screw it back in to (C).

It should look exactly like it did before you unscrewed the old one.

Once this is done, screw the tank (A) back into the base (C) and you should be good to go.


The most common problem that can occur when changing heads is that it won’t fire. The reason is almost always because you did not screw the coil head (B) far enough into the base (C).

If you have just changed your coil head and your Evod won’t fire, unscrew everything and screw it back in again. Double check to make sure that the coil head is screwed in as tight as it can go.

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  1. evan says:

    I have a vision and I recently just replaced my cool and the new one taste almost like a metallic burnt taste!

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