Vortex RDA Review


Finally time for me to do a proper review of the Vortex…

I’ve had this atty for a while now. I was intrigued by it because it’s kind of similar to your standard drippers – Igo-L, Nimbus, etc. The difference is it has the nice windows and kind of a fresh look to it. It also has very nice posts.

After knocking it around for a month or so, I now have a pretty good feel for this one.

What I DIDN’T like about the Vortex

First off, the airhole is not big enough for me. It’s a pretty standard FT size, but I tried it for quite a while and I just could not get it working the way I wanted to with the stock air hole. I ended up drilling mine out to 1/16.

I don’t really like the position of the airhole much either. It’s drilled into the poly carb tank rather than the metal casing, or the base. I actually think this would have been a much better device if it would have had a bottom airhole like the Fatty or something similar. It also is positioned higher than I would have liked.

Design-wise, I don’t understand why all the windows aren’t the same size. I guess they did that for style, but I think it looks kind of stupid. I would have much preferred them all to be uniform.

Additionally, I don’t really like the way there is a little cone shaped piece or the drip tip to sit in. It adds unnecessary height, and to me, doesn’t look very good.

The top cap doesn’t ever seem to stay on flush. It is always cocked off to one side. This is a pretty big problem area.

Probably the worst thing about this is that the polycarb sleeve doesn’t stay in place. It tends to slide around very easily – making it super easy for the airhole to slide behind the metal sleeve. Sliding it back out is a real pain in the ass, particularly when you’ve got juice in there. It is really a pretty serious flaw that makes this device pretty unusable.

What I DID like about the Vortex

It has super nice posts, which makes it really easy to wrap a coil on it.  Check them out here:


I like the concept of having the windows on the top cap. It’s not perfect, but it does make it a decent looking device.

Appearance-wise, it looks relatively cool.

Who is it good for?

If you’ve already got a ton of drippers, and you like the look of this one, then by all means take a shot on it. Otherwise, there are MUCH better options out there. It’s really not a very well built piece, so it’s only really worth it to someone who wants to play around with it.

Where to Buy?

Pick it up on Fasttech here for $7.43 shipped.

Do I use it?

I’m afraid this one is just not good enough to make it into my rotation. I gave it a hell of a shot because I do somewhat like the look of it, but it is just too poorly built and has too many flaws.

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The Bottom Line

Quality. The quality of this piece is pretty poor. The sleeve doesn’t seem like a good fit and the top cap doesn’t stay on correctly. That’s basically all you need to know. Those 2 things alone make this piece a waste of time.

Performance. When you take the time to rig it up nicely, it works decently well. Unfortunately, I think the position of the airhole is not quite where it should be and it effects the overall performance, so while you CAN make this one work for you, I don’t think it is ever going to work quite as well as one of the alternatives I mentioned above.

Ease of Use. Let’s see – it has great posts. That is probably the biggest advantage of this piece. It is really easy to wrap your coil. Beyond that, having the airhole too small, and having to constantly be messing with the position of the polycarb tank to keep the airhole off the sleeve makes this one a real pain in the ass.

Appearance. From far away it looks decent. From up close, it doesn’t look that great. I think the different sized windows make it look kind of stupid, and the fact that the top cap doesn’t sit on it straight makes it look cheap.

Price. For around $7, it’s not bad I guess. If you already have all the Igo-s and a nice Nimbus, then yeah, I suppose this might be worth checking out. I really think it is a piece of junk, and it is basically worthless. I’m just thankful it didn’t cost any more than it did.

Overall. I really wanted to like this little guy, but it’s really just a piece of shit. Luckily I spent the time and money to check this one out so now you don’t have to! As I mentioned above, there are quite a few attys out there – some even cheaper – that are MUCH better than this one. If you don’t have any/all of those yet, I wouldn’t bother with this one at all. It’s maybe OK if you like the look and want to tinker, but mine is going away forever as soon as I close out this review.

Not recommended.

Check it out on Fasttech here for $7.43 shipped.

Vortex RDA Review
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