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Full disclosure here – I really have not had the luxury of sampling a lot of actual Dragon Fruit in my lifetime. In fact the only time I can ever really remember tasting it was about 5 years ago when I picked up a pack of dried dragon fruit from Trader Joes. Since it was dried out and laden with sugar, it probably wasn’t a completely accurate representation of true dragon fruit, but it’s all I have to go on at the moment. I seem to remember it being tart, having a slight strawberry style flavor, and being very seedy.

Here’s what Shark Juice says about it:

Let’s take a trip to South America where you will find one of the most incredible fruits around, the dragon fruit. If you are a fan of fruit flavors then there is no way possible you will pass this one up. Revered as one of the most exotic and delicious fruits around, Dragon Fruit Delight will be at the top of your favorite fruits list.

I’ve got this one at 24mg.

First Impressions

I normally don’t make any bones about higher nicotine levels having an effect on flavor, but I know it does happen. I believe this is one of those juices where the nic level being so high has affected the flavor to some degree.

This juice is very opaque colored in the bottle and smells fresh and fruity.

I think the main problem with the taste is that it is fairly delicate and the nicotine is so heavy at 24mg that I think it cuts into the flavor to some degree.

Overall, it tastes light and fruity. Close to strawberry flavor, but not that typical candy-strawberry type of flavor that a lot of strawberry juices have. Based on my experience with dragon fruit, which is admittedly limited, I do wish it had a little more tartness to it. All around it is a decent flavor but light, and I do think the higher nic level makes a difference here.

It obviously kicks like a mule at 24 mg which I love. I have tried this in a dripper and a Kayfun. It probably has given me the most intense throat hit I have ever had from a juice in a Kayfun so far, and the vapor production is stellar. So all around it’s a nice vape.

The Bottom Line

Taste. It’s light. It’s fruity. It reminds me of a GOOD, light strawberry flavor. Beyond that, there isn’t a lot of personality here, probably because the nic is too overbearing for the delicateness of the flavor. It also is fairly dry- the driest vape I have tried so far from Shark Juice. This isn’t always a bad thing, but generally with fruit vapes, I prefer them to be thick and succulent rather than dry and light. Either way, the taste is solid, just not stellar.

True to Description. It’s tough for me to judge because I just haven’t tasted much dragon fruit, and I have never had another dragon fruit vape to compare it against. Based on what I do know, I think it’s in the ballpark, and maybe only slightly lacking in sourness. Other than that, it seems to be close.

Throat Hit. If you want a juice that’s gonna kick you in the face with throat hit, this is the one. It really packs one hell of a punch at 24mg. I actually vaped this for nearly a week straight last week, before I even had it on my review list, and I have gone through nearly an entire bottle of it already- primarily on the strong merit of the throat hit this stuff kicks out. If you know you’re going to be in a situation where you want something with some real oomph, this is the juice you want to be bringing with you.

Quality of Vape. All around, it is a pretty good vape. I love the throat hit, and this is one of those juices where the I will vape it just based on the crazy good throat hit alone. The flavor is OK, not bad, not stellar. It is a little on the light and dry side, making it noticeably lack that juicy quality I like in a really good fruit juice. Despite the average flavor, it performs great, and as such, I think it is still a winner.

Overall. There’s nothing super extraordinary about this juice. I primarily love it for the crazy good throat hit. The throat hit is so good, I don’t even care what the flavor is- and there is nothing about this flavor to make it too heavy, overbearing or unpleasant, so this is definitely a juice I feel comfortable taking out with me for all day vaping because I know I’m not going to get tired of it and I know it’s going to keep kicking until the last drop. If you’re a throat hit junkie like me, this one is absolutely worth a look.

Recommended – particularly if you love a great throat hit.

Check it out here:

Shark Juice: Dragon Fruit Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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