Weekly Juice Battle 19


Last week I was able to run through 11 new juices that will all go head to head here today to determine the best of the week. Actually, I had thought I only did 10, hence the reason 10 are only in the picture above, but after checking everything back over I realized I did in fact review 11 juices, so you get a bonus extra juice this week.

On with the battle!

#11 Halo: Torque 56


Coming in dead last was Torque 56 from Halo. Here’s what they say about it:

Torque56 E-liquid is a premium e-liquid with unfiltered tobacco flavor and serious throat hit. Torque56 E-liquid is for those that want real tobacco flavor without a lot of complex nuances to cloud the taste. Knock your socks off with Torque56 E-liquid.

To put it plainly, this is about as unremarkable a tobacco vape as it gets. It basically just tastes like your standard run-of-the-mill artificial ecig tobacco flavor. It didn’t remind me much at all of a real tobacco flavor. It’s got a light flavor, and kind of tastes like a watered down RY4. It has that faint scotch tape taste to it, and really I don’t find a lot of actual authentic tobacco flavor in this one at all. Oddly, I also got a hint of mint in this one,  even though it doesn’t mention mint anywhere.

The thing I liked the least about this juice is that they actually specifically mentioned that it has a strong throat hit, and frankly I didn’t think this one hit as well at 18mg as any of the the 12mg juices in the battle this week, so I was particularly irritated by that.

Now this is kind of unusual for a juice battle, but I actually did think this juice tasted slightly better than this week’s #10, however the price difference between the two is dramatically different with #10 costing only around $5 for a 30ml bottle and this one costing around 4 times as much.  There is just nothing this juice has to offer that would make it worth a premium over other very similar juices.

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#10 Dekang Turkish Blend


Coming in 10th place this week is Turkish Blend from Dekang. This is (obviously) a Turkish style tobacco vape, probably most commonly identified with the flavor of Camel cigarettes.

The fact of the matter is, that I have tasted so many tobaccos now, and many excellent ones at that, that it has become a lot more difficult for me to rate average synthetic tobaccos because they just frankly aren’t very good when compared against the ones that really shine.

This is one of those juices, as was Torque 56.

I actually picked this up quite some time ago directly from China. This is one of a very small handful of juices that I have ever bought directly from China. At the time I bought it, I was still quite new to vaping, and strictly vaped this one out of cartomizers.

At the time I actually thought it was half decent, but that is mostly because I had a small frame of reference.

Now that I’ve had a chance to taste this in a nice dripper setup, I am pretty convinced that it is just not good. Just like Torque 56, this one has your average artificial tobacco flavor. In this vape, the flavor is incredibly strong. Now much of the time I appreciate a very full flavored vape, however on a fake tobacco vape that doesn’t taste great to begin with, it is more off-putting than anything.

Unlike Torque 56, this one has kind of a funky musty vibe going on. It’s a fairly strong undertone that is present throughout the vape. The closest thing I can really equate it to is body odor. It just feels out of place, and while it doesn’t quite make this juice unvapable, it definitely makes it unsettling.

The plus side of this one is that it is far cheaper than Torque 56 and while I think T56 tastes ever-so-slightly better, the vast price difference would definitely lead me to choose this one if I were forced to pick.

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#9 Moon Mountain Vapor: Buzz Berry


Coming in 9th place this week is Buzz Berry by Moon Mountain Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Fusion of three berries, Blueberry, Razzberry with a hint of Blackberry

I’ve been finding a lot of great berry vapes lately so I was actually looking forward to giving this one a go. Compared to both of the previous tobacco flavors, it is vastly better.

Basically this one has your standard artificial berry taste. It kind of reminds me of some kind of fruit snack I likely had at some point during my life. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but it is a loosely familiar flavor. That said, it really doesn’t taste like real berries whatsoever. I couldn’t find any way of distinguishing between raspberry, blueberry or blackberry notes in the vape. They all kind of blend together to form a sweet, artificial candy-style flavor. It’s not really bad, but compared to some other really nice quality berry juices I have tried over the past weeks, this one really did not measure up well.

It also has kind of a perfume/medicine undertone that kicks in right at the end of the inhale. It isn’t super bad, but it’s enough to make this juice that much more unpleasant. It was also a little on the dry side. With berries, in particular, I really like the berry liquids that have so much flavor that it actually feels juicy in your mouth. This one I found to be particularly dry. I think it would have benefited from either more flavor, or maybe some kind of creamy finish to cut the dryness. It’s not a bad juice but it is painfully average.

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#8 Shark Juice: Peanut Butter and Bacon Milkshake


This week’s number 8 spot belongs to Shark Juice with their Peanut Butter and Bacon Milkshake. Here’s what they say about it:

An incredibly great and addictive flavor. Sweet, creamy and quite thick. This is just completely amazing and delicious!

I really wasn’t expecting much from this one at all. After trying their Chicken and Waffles a few weeks back and really just not liking it at all, I didn’t exactly have high expectations for this one either. In fact, when I did finally have a chance to taste it I was quite surprised that it really isn’t half bad.

Basically this juice starts out on the inhale with a cream overload. I didn’t really get a milkshake vibe at all from this one – I actually think it tastes distinctly of heavy cream. Additionally on the inhale you get the smooth richness of the peanut butter. The peanut butter, to me, really took a back seat in this vape and blended in with the other flavors to form kind of a rich undertone. On the exhale, you get the full force of the bacon, which tastes surprisingly good and gives this juice a smokey finish.

Now this juice actually tastes halfway decent, and they did a good job of incorporating the flavors. Beyond that, I still think this is a novelty at best. The flavor is so incredibly rich that I just couldn’t possibly imagine myself vaping this one with any kind of regularity at all.

This is a cheapo juice, and it would be more than good for fucking with your friends, but beyond that, it doesn’t serve much purpose for long term use as far as I’m concerned, it’s a one and done.

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#7 Heather’s Heavenly Vapes: Dark Horse


Coming in at #7 this week is Dark Horse from HHV. Here’s what they say about it:

Dark Horse is an extracted tobacco that contains both cigarette and pipe tobacco qualities. Slightly punchy, grassy, earthy and flavorful with just the right hint of spice. This flavor is part of our Purity line. All flavor ingredients in our Purity line are propylene glycol (PG) free which is why we can offer this particular vape in your favorite PG/VG ratio including 100% organic VG if desired.

I’ve had this juice for quite a while and I have tried several times to make myself like it. To me, this one is right in the middle of Huntsman and Tribeca flavor-wise. It’s got that really grassy sour huntsman flavor, and that kind of scotch tape RY4 flavor of Tribeca.

I really don’t like either of those 2 flavors, so for me this is just not my favorite. The flavor is incredibly strong and it wears on me after just a couple hits.

That said, it is a very good quality juice and hits like an absolute cannon at 24mg while producing dank vapor. I just personally have an aversion to this kind of flavor, so it is hard for me to enjoy. There are a ton of people out there who love Huntsman and Tribeca, and I’m sure most of those people would likely rate this juice a lot higher than I did.

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#6 Seduce Juice: Mantra


Coming in at #6 this week is Mantra by Seduce Juice. Here’s what they say about it:

Mantra is a relaxing green tea ejuice blend with essences of honeysuckle. Great meditation vape, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I really quite liked the flavor of this one. As a tea junkie, I am always looking for top notch tea vapes, and I have surprisingly few in my repertoire. This one has an all around great taste. It’s light, grassy and has a nice sweetness and slight floral presence from the honeysuckle. Much of the time, floral notes are more problematic than good in an ejuice, but in this juice, I think the floral tone lends itself very well. It actually genuinely tastes like a fresh glass of green tea with a touch of honeysuckle.

It also hits great at 12mg, and produces excellent vapor. The big problem I had with this juice is that it is crazy dry. It has an almost-harsh, dry finish, that for a beverage flavored vape, seems totally wrong to me and kind of ruins the whole thing, sadly. If this one were more juicy, it probably would be at the top of the pack this week, but in it’s current state I really didn’t enjoy it much at all, save for the actual flavor which is very good.

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#5 ECBlend: Dirty Ashtray


Coming in 5th place this week is Dirty Ashtray by ECBlend. Here’s what they say about it:

Dirty Ashtray.  A blend of 8 tobacco varieties with a hint of a Real Analog.

I was pretty impressed with this juice. The thing I like the most about it is that you can really tell that there are a variety of different tobaccos in this blend. After trying numerous tobacco vapes on a weekly basis, every time I take a puff of this stuff, it reminds me of something new. It’s got the earthy grassy notes like Dark Horse mentioned above, it’s got the RY4ish kind of flavor like Tribeca, and it’s even got a little hint of Cuban tobacco in there – among other things.

The one thing I didn’t get from this juice was any real similarity between this juice and an actual cigarette. Mostly because the quality of the tobacco flavor is actually far better than what you would get out of a cig. So it doesn’t really taste like a cig, but for a good reason.

If you’re a tobacco connoisseur, you will probably really appreciate this juice. Even though I am averse to certain tobacco flavors like Dark Horse mentioned above, they are way dialed down in this juice and presented in a way that is palatable for me.

All around this is a great tobacco vape.

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#4 The Vapor Chef: Honey Pearry


Coming in at #4 this week is Honey Pearry by the Vapor Chef. Here’s what he says about it:

Honeydew with hints of strawberry and pear.

This was a pretty good juice across the board. It tastes strongly of melon with light hints of berry and maybe a super light pear essence. I honestly did not get a lot of pear from this one.

While this is a good juice, the main beef I have with it is that it tastes almost identical to Hobbes’ Blood. I’ve vaped both over the last few weeks, and it has been extremely hard for me to contrast the two. Now Hobbes’ Blood is a great juice, and it actually won the Juice Battle a few weeks back, however, because these two are so close, I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving this one the same treatment. In fact I probably would have rated it lower, but this is honestly where it lies this week in terms of how good it actually is compared to the field.

I guess if you had to choose between Hobbes’ Blood and Honey Pearry, the main difference is that Hobbes’ Blood has coconut, so if you don’t like coconut, then you would want to go with Honey Pearry or vice-versa. I honestly didn’t get a huge coconut vibe from Hobbes’ Blood to begin with, so the whole thing is kind of splitting hairs.

Bottom line, this is a great tasting juice with incredibly juicy, full flavor. It just happens to taste a lot like Hobbes’ Blood, so pick one or the other – you can’t really go wrong either way.

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#3 Roar Vapor: Truth Serum


This week’s second runner up is Truth Serum by Roar Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

A new favorite of ours and many of our customers. This is a Pear Coconut Cream. This is one of the few juices that really does need to steep. It only takes a couple of days and the shipping process handles some of that. By the time the juice is a orangy yellow color, it is ready! Mentholate it…. mentholate everything…. just do it

This is a really good juice. I started vaping this one at the beginning of last week and vaped it almost exclusively for several days in a row. It tastes of coconut and even though it’s a pear flavor, I get kind of a peachy vibe from it. Sweet, juicy and delicious. It vapes great at 12mg putting out excellent vapor and a great throat hit. At the beginning of the week I was actually thinking this one might run away with the Juice Battle, and if it weren’t for 2 other seriously good juices this week, it surely would have.

I like this juice a lot – I’m a big coconut fan, and the coconut is really presented perfectly in this vape. Absolutely consistent from start to finish, and the performance is there to back it up. I highly recommend trying this one if you are in to coconut.

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#2 Alice in Vapeland: Lavender Ever After


This week’s runner up is Lavender Ever After by AIV. Here’s what they say about it:

A soft & creamy castle . . of Lavender gelato :)

I really loved this juice. I like lavender a lot for all different things aroma and flavor related. It’s great in tea and it is great for clearing out a stuffy head, amongst other things. I have seen a few lavender flavored juices but never got to try one until now.

I absolutely love this juice. I was worried at first that the lavender flavor would be too strong, but it comes through perfectly. The creaminess is absolutely wonderful in this juice and is the perfect way to cut through the strong flavor of the lavender. The result is a wonderfully balanced vape that tastes absolutely phenomenal.

At 11mg, it hits pretty well. Honestly if it would have been 18 or 24, I might have vaped this one a lot more throughout the week and it could have easily taken first place. As it is, I vaped a hell of a lot of it anyway and enjoyed every minute of it.

If you have any curiosity about a lavender flavor whatsoever, this one is an absolute must-try.

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#1 Vapor Crusader: Krunchberry


This week’s big winner is Krunchberry from Vapor Crusader. Here’s what they say about it:

A breakfast flavor with berries and a little bit of cream that gives it the cereal taste you’re looking for.

It’s funny because when I first got my VC package, the whole thing smelled like this juice. It has a strong buttery undertone, similar to the one that I DIDN’T like in Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish a month or two ago, and I was kind of concerned that it might ruin this one for me.

Boy was I ever wrong. this is a perfectly balanced juice that is absolutely bursting with flavor. The best part – it tastes EXACTLY like Crunch Berries from Captain Crunch. While the butter presence smells quite strong, it actually comes through as a perfect undertone throughout the vape and helps give this a perfect cereal taste.

I’ve actually been vaping this one for a good 3 weeks or so and didn’t finally get to reviewing it until now- I wanted to give it a proper review before I plowed through the entire bottle, which is rapidly approaching.

At 24 mg, this has a spot-on throat hit. Probably the main reason why I have been taking this one on the road with me. When I need a juice that is going to perform all day for me and give me a consistent flavor and throat hit after vaping it for 8 hours straight, this is the one I have been reaching for.

It’s just plain delicious. Plus, pretty much everyone likes Crunch Berries, so it’s kind of a no brainer. This one is a must try.

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The Bottom Line

Another week has come and gone. This week the field wasn’t as competitive as last week’s. Really, the top 3 juices were exceptional. Both Lavender Ever After and Truth Serum could have easily run away with the battle on a different week, but Krunchberry has just been way too good to me lately and I haven’t been able to get it out of my rotation – I suspect this won’t happen until I literally don’t have any left.

I have a bunch of great new juices lined up for next week’s battle, so be sure to stay tuned.

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