Weekly Juice Battle 20


Another week has come and gone, and that means it’s time for another juice battle. I was able to get through 10 juices this past week – some very bad, some very good. All in all it was a good field, and this is sure to be an excellent battle. I tested all of these juices on my Fatty V3 and many of them on other devices as well. I picked up a new DNA30 device this week as well as a Duke and a Duke clone, and I have been having a really good time putting them all through the ringer.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the battle!

#10 Vapor God: DK Tobacco


I don’t get any real pleasure out of labeling a juice as horrible, but I feel compelled to tell it like it is in order to help others avoid dropping money on a truly bad juice. Most of the juices I review, even the ones I don’t like aren’t necessarily bad, as taste is mostly subjective anyway. Unfortunately in this case, this juice is truly awful.

Immediately when I open the bottle I am greeted by a rush of a strong perfume scent. This is a familiar scent in that I have gotten the exact same smell and flavor from a small handful of juices I have reviewed out of hundreds. It is an absolutely overpowering perfume smell and taste. It is so strong that it completely wipes out whatever real flavor was part of the juice, and renders it completely unvapable. Not only that, but even a couple drops of this is enough to permeate your atomizer, get all over your hands and invade whatever space you are in while handling it. It is absolutely awful.

I could tell right away from the smell that this one wasn’t going to be good, but I decided to taste it anyway. It’s like a thick wall of perfume with a tiny nutty tobacco flavor trying to creep through, but the strong overtone is just way too much to get past.

Just a couple drops in my atomizer and I ended up having to clean the entire thing out, dry burn the coil and replace the wick. That still did not get the smell out, and it took a full day and vaping 3 additional juices in the atty to finally clear out the horrid scent of this juice.

This one was simply awful.

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#9 Nirvana Vapor: Gautama Green Tea


9th place this week belongs to Gautama Green Tea by Nirvana Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Gautama Green Tea: This isn’t your grandma’s green tea! This e-liquid is packed with flavor, from fragrant green tea, hints of lemon, and a little cream. This all day vape has a mild sweetness to it, and is sure to put you into a meditative bliss!

The difference between 9th and 10th place this week is vast because really, this wasn’t that bad of a juice at all.

It’s basically your standard green tea flavor – or at least what I’m used to based on the green tea vapes I have tried thus far. It has a very mild flavor, centering on green tea. Green tea is naturally a more mild flavor, and it’s usually a matter of the shit you blend it with that really make it pop.

In this case, they chose to blend it with lemon and cream, which on paper sounds incredibly good. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the execution on this one lived up to the billing. The flavor is predominantly green tea. It does have a little touch of zest from the lemon but it isn’t particularly strong. In fact, before I read the description I actually mistook it for mint. I also didn’t get much cream from this vape. I actually think it would have been a great idea, it just didn’t end up working for me.

This one really wasn’t bad at all, but the flavor wasn’t good enough to give me any desire to want to continue vaping it, so I ended up vaping other better juices a lot more over the course of the week.

Basically, it is a pretty standard green tea vape with a lack of any real personality.

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#8 Bowden’s Mate by Five Pawns


I’m always excited to try a Five Pawns juice just because the presentation and prohibitive pricing tricks my mind into thinking I am about to try something top shelf. This week, the victim was Bowden’s Mate, and it wound up in the 8th spot. Here’s what they say about it:

BOWDEN’S MATE:  Inspired by the after-dinner mint, this flavorful chocolate is sharpened by crisp mint, ending with a touch of French Vanilla. Seductive yet soft, with a refreshing effervescent note.

This wasn’t a bad juice either, but I didn’t particularly care for it – I’m not a huge menthol fan to begin with, so that definitely puts it at a disadvantage, but I have been impressed by some chocolate/mint combos in the past.

This one was too heavy on the menthol for me. The inhale is pretty nice – you get a smooth chocolate flavor. The exhale pounds you with menthol and really, I thought it drowned out the cream presence. I’m not really a huge fan of menthol and cream together anyway, so it’s probably for the better that I really didn’t taste a lot of cream in this vape.

I actually preferred Gautama Green Tea to this juice, but I put Bowden’s a notch ahead because I’m trying to account for my dislike of menthol. That aside, to me this was just an average chocolate mint flavor at best. Considering the exorbitant pricetag on these juices, I didn’t find this one to be even close to living up to the $1 or more per ml you would have to pay to get your hands on it. There are definitely better chocolate mint options out there, and for much less.

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 #7 Mt Baker Vapor: Peach Tobacco


The 7th spot this week belongs to Mt Baker Vapor with their Peach Tobacco.

If you’ve followed many of my reviews in the past, you will likely know that I don’t think too highly of tobacco flavors from MBV. The simple reason being I haven’t tried one yet that even tastes remotely close to tobacco – in fact, I haven’t even found one that tastes close to a basic Dekang tobacco flavor. They just all seem to be completely flavorless and lacking any real tobacco essence.

I bought this juice last summer before I knew better, because I actually thought it sounded really good. I have vaped this periodically over the past year in a variety of different devices.

The funny thing about this juice is that it is actually pretty darn good. It’s basically just a pure peach flavor, and not a really juicy peach flavor either – it leans more on the watered down and dry side. While that may sound bad, it actually, for whatever reason seems to work OK for this juice.

On merit alone, I would have this at the bottom of the pack pretty much regardless of the competition because I really don’t like when fruit/tobacco blends don’t have any tobacco flavor at all – and it seems to happen way too frequently.

The fact of he matter is, though, that I actually found myself vaping this juice quite a bit over the week. It has a solid throat hit for an 18mg MBV juice at 50/50, vapor is good, and the flavor is good and neutral enough that it is suitable for long term vaping.

So really, it’s not a bad juice. If they would have just called it a plain old peach flavor and taken the tobacco out of the name, I might have actually rated it even higher. As it is, I wouldn’t really recommend it, but you could do a lot worse.

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#6 High Desert Vapes: Organic Strawberries and Cream


Rounding out the bottom half of this week’s battle is Organic Strawberries and Cream from HDV. Here’s what they say about it:

This e-liquid tastes like fresh, sweet strawberries with a hint of cream on the exhale. Made with 100% organic flavors and USP grade PG/VG, sure to please the most demanding sweet tooth!

This was the first juice I’ve ever tried from HDV. My first impression was truly disappointment. This juice isn’t really bad, but basically is your run-of-the-mill strawberry flavor. I seem to get one of these every week. It basically tastes like an artificial candy strawberry flavor. Now that flavor does have it’s place, but when I think of strawberries and cream, I think of a juicy fresh strawberry and rich delicious cream.

This juice tastes like a shitty strawberry lollipop and I hardly got any cream at all.

Now that said, it really wasn’t a bad juice. Just like Peach Tobacco, while the flavor is about as average as it gets, it vapes very well. The taste is not too strong and not too sweet so it won’t make you gag after vaping it for an hour or two, and it has a really nice throat hit and good vapor production.

So even though I wasn’t impressed at all by the flavor, I found myself reaching for this one more than any of it’s predecessors this week. Again, I wouldn’t really recommend this one, but you could do a lot worse.

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#5 Indigo Vapor: Eureka


Kicking off the top half of the countdown this week is Eureka from Indigo. Here’s what they say about it:

Indigo’s most recent foray into the world of RY Tobacco blends. This is a rich and smooth blend that borders on savory. If Tony were allowed to have an all day vape he claims this would be it! Enjoy!

Now this juice is pretty good. I loved their Indigo RY which I reviewed quite some time ago, and while I still consider it one of my top favorite juices of all time, I didn’t think it tasted anything like RY4. Probably a good thing because I personally don’t really love the flavor of true RY4. It was cool back in the day when flavor options were so limited and there were not a lot of good tobacco vapes, but nowadays there are so many better options, I feel like it is bordering on obsolete.

Eureka is nothing like Indigo RY in that it actually DOES taste like RY4. It’s got that kind of scotch-tape vibe that most true RY4 vapes seem to have. While I don’t really care for it, Indigo actually did a pretty good job of presenting the true RY4 flavor in a way that is light and delicate and actually quite palatable for even someone like me who doesn’t like the flavor to begin with.

That said, I have reviewed quite a few Indigo tobaccos, and they all kind of fall into the same category. So far, Indigo RY is easily the best in that category, and everything else I have tried from them has paled in comparison. So for me, this juice didn’t give me anything super special that would ever make me want to order it again over Indigo RY.  If you are one of the faithful RY4 followers, you will probably think I’m fucking crazy because this is about as good a true RY4 as you are going to get.

Overall it is a pretty good juice, not really my favorite, but I think a lot of people would definitely like it.

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#4 Shark Juice: Mall Burro


This weeks #4 spot belongs to Mall Burro by The Vapor Co. Here’s what they say about it:

So you’re a cowboy and you have been smoking your favorite blend of cowboy tobacco for years. Have you tried switching over to Electronic Cigarettes but can’t find that flavor that you are used to? Have you tried other brands that say they have your flavor only to be disappointed that it tastes nothing like it? Well we have got you covered. Come on over to The Vapor Company and try our Mall Burro, and you will be utterly shocked. We have spent many hours in the lab to perfect an exact match for your traditional cowboy blend. Once you try it we are positive you will never need another “pack” of those sticks again.

Anyone who really knows Indigo vapor tobaccos probably will think I am out of my mind for putting this juice ahead of Eureka, and that would be a relatively fair assessment. The fact of the matter is, when I am evaluating juices, I go by several criteria including price, and what I actually WANTED to vape more of during the week. Based on those 2 criteria, I actually liked Mall Burro quite a bit better than Eureka.

It has an interesting flavor. I have tried quite a few juices from The Vapor Co. now, and I have noticed that some of them have a similar kind of rich undertone – specifically Liquid Gold and Karma so far. Both are rich, creamy nutty juices, and they both have a fairly strong undertone that is hard to really describe other than it is very rich and doesn’t have any particularly distinct notes. When I try Karma, Liquid Gold and Mall Burro together, I can easily tell that they all share this common flavor. I wish I could go into more detail on what it is but it is kind of hard to describe.

At any rate, it is interesting in this juice because it’s a tobacco, rather than the other two which are just blobs of rich creamy nuttyness. So with Mall Burro, you have a kind of artificial tobacco base, with this rich sort of creamy, nougaty undertone and then a slightly smokey finish. It’s really a far cry from an actual Marlboro, which it is named for, but I kind of like it because it’s different from your average shitty cheap artificial tobacco flavor.

All in all, the flavor is slightly above average, but the overall performance of this juice is incredibly good providing a massive throat hit and very good vapor, and I found myself vaping a ton of this throughout the week, including a full day while I was out and I ONLY vaped this juice for about 12 hours straight.

So while it isn’t the most exciting flavor in the world, it’s pretty good for a super cheap artificial tobacco vape.

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#3 Vapor4Life: WOW Vanilla


This weeks 3rd place winner is WOW Vanilla from V4L. Here’s what they say about it:

Rich, sweet vanilla flavoring in a high-performing vapor juice.

This is another one of those juices that is just solid. The flavor is a pretty average vanilla flavor across the board. The vanilla doesn’t go super deep to the point where it tastes like a fine vanilla extract, and it isn’t dressed up with cake notes or cream notes. It’s just a plain vanilla flavor. While this vape is very full, the flavor is fairly light. For this particular juice, I actually think it works wonderfully well.

A lot of times the juices that are rich and deep with flavor can be amazing, yet tend to wear on you after a while, or suffer performance issues. This juice feels like it is more focused on providing a good vape than providing the best possible vanilla flavor, and it definitely worked for me. I vaped this in a dripper and a Taifun and it performed amazingly well in both devices.

At 18mg, this juice had one of the best throat hits of the week. While I suspect it is a high PG juice, it puts out an admirable amount of vapor. The flavor is neutral enough where you can vape this all day long with no problems at all. Sometimes really heavy flavors just don’t do as well for long term vaping.

I found myself vaping the hell out of this stuff all week, and while I wasn’t blown away by the flavor, the performance won me over. In fact, I plan on experimenting with using this juice to help pick up juices that are good, but suffer from either poor throat hit or lacking full flavor. I think mixing a couple drops of this stuff in your tank or dripper with just about any other juice will probably only help to elevate it.

All around I was really happy with this one and it was definitely one of my most used this week.

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#2 Yaeliq: Tiramisu


It seems like for Yaeliq, it’s always the bridesmaid, never the bride as he has had a few strong finishes but never quite made it over the hump to grab the elusive first spot. This week his Tiramisu comes in at #2. Here’s what he says about it:

Very sweet tastes like brilliant Italian dessert

Before we go further, you have to understand that I really had a very difficult time picking a winner this week. In fact, up until about 1/3 of the way through writing this juice battle I was pretty confident that Tiramisu was going to be the top dawg this week.

This is really a fantastic juice in every sense. First off, the flavor is absolutely amazing. It tastes exactly like Tiramisu. It starts off with a warm coffee base wrapped with a slightly sweet cake flavor. The exhale adds in a nice punch of rum that really elevates this juice and leaves you wanting more. The flavor is perfectly balanced and I could not ask for a more accurate Tiramisu vape, honestly.

Both the throat hit and vapor are superb. I got this one at 21mg, and it hits perfectly for me. When I want a higher nic juice, I would be happy to have a fat bottle of this stuff on hand. In fact, I am sure that I WILL be ordering a 100ml bottle of this at some point in the near future. It is just really that good.

Not only is it a great representation of Tiramisu, it is honestly the best coffee flavored vape I have tried so far. I have tried several different coffee flavors and while they have been pretty good, they do feel like they are missing something. Tiramisu is the perfect answer because you get all the benefits of an amazing coffee flavored vape with the additional cream, cake and rum flavor added and it really puts this juice over the top.

Tiramisu is completely deserving of a 1st place finish and it is very hard for me to have to make the decision to put it at #2. Probably the toughest fight for first place in any juice battle I have had so far.

This is easily the best Yaeliq juice I have tasted yet, and I probably have close to 50 under my belt.

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#1 ECBlend: Dragon’s Crown


This week’s big winner is Dragon’s Crown by ECblend. Here’s what they say about it:

Dragon’s Tear® meets Coconut in a creamy burst of flavor!  If you love Tiger’s Blood® soft drink and snowcone flavoring*, you will love Dragon’s Crown™ by ECBlend®!   “Oh! So Creamy!!”®

This is really an outstanding juice. It’s interesting because I don’t really hear a lot of buzz about ECblend, but they have a great selection at reasonable prices, and I have liked a lot more of their juices than I have disliked. In fact I think I have really liked all the ECblend juices I have tried so far save for maybe 1 or 2.

Their Dragon series might just be one of Vaping’s best kept secrets. This is the first Dragon series juice I have had a chance to try. It is based on the Tiger’s Blood snow cone flavor, which I never even heard of until I tried Hobbes’ Blood. Now I am thinking I need to track down one of these snow cones so I can see how these juices really compare to the real thing.

Regardless of whether it tastes like Tiger’s Blood or not, the taste is simply fantastic.

The most interesting thing about this juice is it has a powerful and mysterious flavor note on the inhale that I can’t seem to put my finger on. It almost seems peppery to me. In fact, I had to go read the description to see if there was cuban tobacco in here or something because I just could not figure out what it is. Whatever it is, it really takes this juice to the next level. The interesting flavor on the inhale combines with a very nice strawberry, and the exhale has a sweet mixture of coconut and cream. From start to finish, this vape is loaded with flavor and it is wonderfully full. Additionally, it hits amazingly well at 18mg, one of the reasons I had to put it above Yaeliq this week, and the vapor production is excellent for a lower VG juice.

I was originally going to put Yaeliq ahead of Dragon’s Crown, however about 1/3 of the way through writing this, I ran out of Tiramisu and reached right for the Dragon’s Crown. I hadn’t vaped it in two days, and after the first drag I was immediately reminded of why I have vaped through almost the entire 15ml bottle in 1 week – something I rarely ever do. The flavor is simply amazing and it has that mysterious side to it that keeps me guessing.

To top it all off, this stuff is very reasonably priced. This one is an absolute must try and completely deserving of 1st place this week. It is probably the most I have vaped of any single juice in a one-week period for at least a good 6 months.

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The Bottom Line

Man, it was a crazy week. Normally it is a little easier for me to rate these, but this week I really had to resort to looking primarily at what I was reaching for the most because a lot of these juices are quite good and it’s fairly hard to say one is better than the other. The results don’t lie, though, because I am sitting here staring at a nearly empty 15ml bottle of Dragon’s Crown that was full at the beginning of the week.

I have a lot more stuff lined up for this week. I am woefully backed up on hardware reviews and tutorials. I have been doing a lot of stuff with DNA mods and OKR T/10 mods like the Duke. I also have about 10 new drippers that I haven’t even taken out of the packaging yet. Needless to say I have plenty of stuff planned and hopefully I will be blessed with enough spare time this week to start putting a dent in it.

Thanks for reading and vape on!

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