Weekly Juice Battle 18


Time for another juice battle. Last week I was able to review 10 new juices that will all be going head to head in today’s battle. All around it was a really good week. I got a new Hana DNA20 mod to replace my currently broken Vaporshark, and I also picked up a Vapor Zeus, which has really surprised me with its performance so far.  All of these juices this week were tested in a Fatty V3 at 1.5 ohm and 17 watts. In addition, I tested many of them in other various setups as well.

The top 5 juices this week are probably as close as it has ever been. They were all really excellent in one way or another, and I had a very difficult time narrowing it down. Ultimately, it came down to what I enjoyed vaping the most, and the juices I was consistently reaching for throughout the week.

So with that out of the way, let’s get on with it!

#10 Alien Vapor: Sweet Tarts


Starting us off this week in dead last was Alien Vapor with Sweet Tarts. Here’s what they say about it:

Sweet & Tart……well, that about sums it up!

Ever since I started vaping, I always thought Sweet Tarts would make a nice flavor for an e-liquid. I happened to be placing an order with Alien Vapor, and I noticed they had this flavor in their lineup so I just had to try it.

Unfortunately, this one missed the mark. I didn’t feel that it even tasted remotely like sweet tarts. That’s basically where the problem lies. It kind of smells and tastes like a generic strawberry candy. It’s sweet, with strong artificial candy flavor, and noticeably lacks any tartness that you would normally associate with Sweet Tarts, hence the name. It didn’t necessarily taste horrbile, but I thought it was not even close to Sweet Tarts, and additionally lacked any kind of flare that would give this juice a unique quality.

For that reason, I don’t think anyone would ever be likely to buy this juice twice. Fool me once, shame on me…

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#9 Alice in Vapeland: Afternoon Tea


Coming in at number 9 this week is Alice in Vapeland with Afternoon Tea. Here’s what she says about it:

Afternoon Tea is the perfect blend for times when you feel like sitting with a hot cup of steamy black tea, with just a dab of cream. It’s wonderful to enjoy while taking a quiet moment to yourself, or while sharing the day’s tidings with good friends. Alice and her mixologists worked very hard developing this flavor, sampling “cup after cup”, to find the perfect recipe.

I got a ton of AIV juices in a few weeks ago, and this particular one was the juice that I was most looking forward to try. As a tea junkie, I am always looking for good tea vapes. Unfortunately, this one was wildly different from what I was expecting.

Plain and simple – I found it to be utterly flavorless. I tried it in several different devices just to make sure, and no matter what I did, I really could not get any flavor at all out of this one.  Since I couldn’t get any real flavor at all from it, it’s kind of hard to go into any further detail than that. It just simply didn’t taste like anything to me.

This is total speculation, but I have to wonder if the fact that I had it in a small sample size bottle has made some impact on the level of flavor in the juice. I tried their Black and White Cookie last week, and while I was able to pull significantly more flavor from it, I also noted that the flavor was quite light. So that is two sample bottles in a row from AIV that have just not had any flavor – and the one full sized bottle I have evaluated from them so far was excellent.

So that does make me wonder. I’m sure that Afternoon Tea isn’t a bad juice. I read quite a lot of reviews on their site from people who didn’t seem to have any issues with flavors, so I’m hoping I just got a crappy bottle. Maybe at some point I will have an opportunity to revisit this one.

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#8 Mt. Baker Vapor: Strawberry Shortcake


Coming in at #8 this week is Strawberry Shortcake from MBV. No description, but you should get the gist.

I was really hoping that since Moo Juice is SO good, and happens to be a strawberry flavor, that maybe they would have captured a little of that same magic for their Strawberry Shortcake vape.

Sadly, it wasn’t so. Basically, this one just tasted of pure candy strawberry flavor to me. Not really a whole lot different than Sweet Tarts above, except better overall flavor and a little more strawberry, and it was also very similar to Yaeliq’s Strawberry Lollipop from last week’s battle.

I found that there was a noticeable lack of any cake or cream flavor, two obviously huge components of strawberry shortcake.  For that reason, I don’t see this flavor as anything more than a basic strawberry, and not a particularly remarkable one at that. Simply put, there are way better options out there, including other juices from MBV, if you want a good strawberry vape.

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#7 Nirvana Vapor: Chocolate Cherry Chakra


Our 7th place this week belongs to Nirvana Vapor with their Chakra Cherry. Here’s what they say about it:

Chocolate Cherry Chakra: If you like chocolate covered cherries you will love this one! Smooth milky chocolate top notes, followed by a bright cherry tang! Delicious! This e-liquid also has a slight coolness to it… NOT MENTHOL flavored, but a nice cooling sensation on the exhale! Check it out!

It’s been a while for me since I tried a new juice from Nirvana. In fairness, this wasn’t a flavor that sounded particularly good for me to begin with, so I kind of had a feeling I wasn’t going to like it very much.

It actually wasn’t terrible – at least, it was vapable for me. I found a strong chocolate presence on the inhale, and the exhale was much stronger on the cherry side. This also has a cool finish on the exhale – not actual menthol but just a cooler. While I thought the cool finish did help in giving this juice a very nice throat hit at 18mg, I also thought it seemed like kind of an awkward fit with the chocolate and cherry. To me, it probably would have had better flavor without the coolness.

Additionally, I just didn’t think it was balanced that well. There was a lot more chocolate on the inhale, and a lot more cherry on the exhale. The two don’t really combine to give you that Cherry Cordial kind of taste until you get to the aftertaste, at which point it is somewhat reminiscent of the real thing.

Now if you’re really big into chocolate and cherry, and you don’t mind menthol, you might like this one a lot. If you’re one of those people, like me, who don’t really care for Cherry Cordials, then you probably will want to try something else.

This wasn’t a bad juice, but I didn’t really care for the pairing and I think it could have been executed better.

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#6 Shark Juice: Dragon Fruit Delight


Rounding out the bottom half of the countdown this week is Dragonfruit Delight by Shark Juice. Here’s what they say about it:

Let’s take a trip to South America where you will find one of the most incredible fruits around, the dragon fruit. If you are a fan of fruit flavors then there is no way possible you will pass this one up. Revered as one of the most exotic and delicious fruits around, Dragon Fruit Delight will be at the top of your favorite fruits list.

I’ve really been digging the juice I got from The Vapor Co – probably because it got it all in 24mg so every juice hits incredibly well. I’ve actually been vaping this one for about 2 weeks now and I’ve gone through almost an entire bottle of it.

I’m not super familiar with the actual flavor of dragon fruit. I believe it is somewhat similar to strawberry with a little more tartness. This particular juice is light and fruity. It kind of has a light berry flavor to it. I believe that in this case, the 24mg level actually did play some part in reducing the quality of the flavor in the juice because it was on the lighter side. That said, it is a pretty darn good vape if you are after a consistent throat hit.

For a fruity vape, it is very light and not especially sweet – this makes it ideal for long term vaping. I went through several full tanks of this in a Kayfun and it performed extremely well all the way through. In fact I was vaping it at only 7 watts for much of the time and it was still kicking out a better throat hit than anything else I had going.

So performance-wise, this juice is so good that it kind of makes the flavor irrelevant. Flavor-wise, it is a decent flavor but unremarkable and lacks any real personality in my opinion.

For me, the performance won out and despite a mediocre flavor I have been vaping the hell out of this stuff. If you’re a throat hit junkie, this one is definitely worth a look.

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#5 Indigo Vapor: Indigo Express


Kicking off the top half of our countdown this week is Indigo Express by Indigo Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Our version of the classic 555 express. Enough complexity to keep you guessing about the recipe while staying true to the original. A fantastic nutty blend, complimented with an authentic tobacco.

This flavor includes nut flavoring, which the manufacturer recommends not be consumed in any way if you have had allergic reactions to nuts in the past.

I thought this juice was really good. From here on out, these last 5 juices are all quite excellent and it was hard for me to put Indigo Express in last place out of all of them.

This juice is modeled after 555 Express. I don’t know exactly what the “express” part means, but I have tried a lot of 555 juices, and they are typically more the cheap vape tobacco variety – light bodied, light in color, synthetic tobacco flavor.

This juice is nothing like that. It’s got a rich dark brown color, and smells rich and slightly sour in the bottle – very similar to Legend from HHV.

It is bursting with flavor. The inhale is rich, smooth and almost has a chocolate quality to it with maybe a little bit of raisin notes. The exhale has a very earthy, nutty finish. Overall the flavor is outstanding, and it hits very well at 18mg.

The biggest problem I personally had with this juice is that it was just too rich for me to vape for very long. I used to like flavors like this a lot more, but I think the more I have been vaping, they have started to wear me down. It’s just such a rich and heavy flavor that it begins to get a little off-putting to me after a while.

That is basically the reason I liked it the least out of these last 5 – quite simply, I just didn’t vape it as much as the other ones because it was a touch too rich for me.

It’s funny because I just saw my friend yesterday who I had given a bunch of Indigo juice to last week, and he mentioned to me out of the blue that he was starting to get a little sick of them too.

This one is not bad by ANY stretch. In fact if you are into high quality tobacco vapes, this one is totally worth a look. A lot of people might rate this one higher than I did. For me, I just couldn’t vape it as much as some other juices this week.

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Yaeliq: Bazooka Bubble Gum Review


Coming in at #4 this week is Yaeliq’s Bazooka Bubble Gum. Here’s what he says about it:

One of the most sellers in israel – very fun vape

 I’ve had this bottle sitting untouched in my review box since last summer. I picked it up in a sample pack, and frankly was not interested in even tasting it because I just didn’t think it sounded that good. I’m not a big gum fan to begin with, and I can’t really think of a lot of bubble gum flavored stuff I have ever liked.

I finally decided to pull it out and review it this week because I noticed he had it on his Steal of a Deal for March, so you can currently get a 100ml bottle for $10.

As low as my expectations were for this juice, I was equally shocked by just how good it actually is. First of all, it tastes EXACTLY like Bazooka Joe gum. The inhale has a slight strawberry tone to it, but the exhale is just thick and full of bubble gum flavor and it leaves a gum taste in your mouth that makes it seem as though you were actually just chewing it. For a guy who doesn’t particularly care for bubble gum, I can say that this is a near perfect juice.

It vapes amazingly well – I have mine at 21mg, and I’m pretty happy with it there. The vapor production is superb at 50/50. There are no awkward flavors at all, and it burns great. All around, this is a totally perfect juice. In fact, outside of this week’s winner, I vaped this juice probably the most out of anything, much to my own surprise.

Right now you can get a 100ml bottle of this stuff for $10 and I can confirm that it is an amazingly good deal. Even if you don’t think you would be crazy for a bubble gum flavored juice, this one still might be worth a shot at this price. He definitely made me a believer. I think on a different week this juice could have easily took first place. It was just a particularly competitive week with some really good juices to follow.

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#3 Cyclops Vapor: Poseidon


Our 3rd place winner this week is Poseidon from Cyclops Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Our Poseidon premium eLiquid provides vapers with a crisp, delicious fruity flavor combination, pulling together elements from some of the worlds most succulent melon types.  This special 65/35 VG/PG blend pulls together delicate hints of fruits and melons, offering a satisfying decadence akin to the sea when it as at its calmest.

This was my first juice from Cyclops Vapor, and they have definitely made me a believer. The clarity of flavor on this vape was probably the best of the week. It really is crisp as they describe, and they keep the flavor full, succulent and juicy without it becoming too “heavy”. I reviewed Hobbes’ Blood a couple weeks ago and I believe it actually won the juice battle that week. Hobbes’ Blood is more of a watermelon vape, where in this vape, it definitely has a lot of melon flavor, but doesn’t really taste like any particular kind of melon. The flavor was also a lot crisper and slightly less heavy than Hobbes’ Blood – so for me, I actually think I prefer this one.

The only reason I really didn’t vape it more throughout the week was because I only have it at 6mg, and it didn’t quite hit hard enough for me. That said, I was still pretty impressed by how well it did perform at that level, but it still wasn’t enough for me to want to vape this one consistently throughout the week.

I put this one ahead of Yaeliq which I vaped much more because I am confident that if I got this at a stronger nic level, I would have vaped it a TON more and might be nearly done with the bottle before.

The clarity of the flavor and the outright delicousness of this juice made it a total winner for me. I am definitely looking forward to trying this one in a heavier nic level, and it is very highly recommended.

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#2 Seduce Juice: Snake Venom


Our runner up this week is Snake Venom by Seduce Juice. Here’s what they say about it:

Snake Venom – A delightful creamy and crisp peach vape with notes of coconut. Very similar to snake oil in character, with juicy peaches transposed for the pear.

I tried this juice a few months back and never got around to reviewing it. After picking up a second bottle, I finally decided to throw it into the mix. Man, this is really a good juice. The peach is nice and light, yet still peachy and the level of cream is absolutely perfect on both the inhale and the exhale. The flavor is balanced amazingly well so that it basically tastes exactly the same from the inhale to the aftertaste, which I absolutely love.

At 12mg, my bottle was hitting extremely well for me and producing some very nice, thick clouds.

While they didn’t have the clarity of flavor and crispness that Cyclops had, the overall flavor profile and balance on this juice is absolutely spot on and basically perfect for long-term vaping. It’s got a nice amount of richness, but not too rich and a nice amount of sweetness, but not too sweet. This makes it so that you won’t get burned out on it quickly. In fact, I vaped through my entire bottle within a day and didn’t even realize it until I squeezed out the last drop.

If I would have had more, I probably would have been vaping it even more throughout the week. This one is an absolute must-try. It’s great as a dessert vape and it’s great as a fruit vape, and personally I think this is easily all day vaping material.

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#1 Vapor4Life: WOW Smilin Tobacco


This week’s winner is WOW Smilin Tobacco by Vapor4Life. Here’s what they say about it:

Sick of tobacco e-juices that fail to give you the satisfaction of a real cigarette? After over a year of development and continuous tweaking, we have created the most realistic cigarette tasting e-liquid on the market today. The Smilin Tobacco WOW Vapor E-Juice flavor is the only e-juice on the market that gives you the true flavor of an actual cigarette.

Prior to this, I had only tried one other juice from V4L ever, and I didn’t have a great experience, so my expectations were tempered going into it.

As soon as I smelled it in the bottle, I became a LOT more interested. It’s got a very light brown/mustard kind of color and smells exactly like the smell you get when you crack open a fresh pack of cigarettes. That nice, raw tobacco smell. I’ve never had a juice that actually smells so much like actual cigarette tobacco.

As soon as I started vaping it, I instantly became a believer. I have tried a crazy amount of tobacco vapes, and of course one of the big questions is always – does it actually taste like a cigarette? In almost every case, you are never going to get a juice that really vapes just like a cig. I have found a couple that I think are really good substitutes, but nothing comes close to this one.

From start to finish, this vape really reminds me of smoking a cig. It’s got a great tobacco flavor that actually tastes dead-on like cigarette tobacco. It has smoke notes running throughout it from start to finish that really help give you that authentic cig feel. Even the vapor left in the air is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of cigarette smoke. I vaped a bunch of this in my car yesterday and I was amazed that it was actually starting to smell kind of like cigs in my car for the first time in a very long time.

Quite simply, I have not had a vape yet that was as close to actually smoking a real cig as this one. I had several other people try it and they also felt the same way. I haven’t been able to put this one down all week. I’ve been using it heavily in my Vapor Zeus, that I got along with it, and it really provides a vaping experience that is very close to actually smoking. This juice also does extremely well in drippers – the flavor is even better and more accurate.

All around, I can see myself using this one as a go-to juice for whenever I really want to feel like I’m actually smoking. It does the job better than any juice I’ve ever tried, and it’s not even close. This would also be excellent for people just starting to vape and trying to quit cigs. There’s nothing I’ve tried that will get you closer to the real thing. I absolutely love this juice and it’s a must try if you have ever wanted a juice that could bring you a vaping experience close to actual smoking.

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The Bottom Line

This was a great vaping week for me because I had a lot of truly excellent juices to choose from, so I always had something tasty loaded up in my atty.  The top 5 were all very close. I think Indigo Express is a great all around juice and while it was a little heavy for me, I’m sure there are many who would disagree. Yaeliq’s Bubble Gum was by far the best value of the pack and I highly recommend getting 100ml of it for $10 while that option is still available. Amazing flavor, amazing value. I was really impressed with the overall clarity of flavor on Poseidon – it might have been the best tasting overall juice this week and was absolutely gushing with flavor – while still being light enough to vape a ton of it without getting burnout. Snake Venom is simply a must-try juice. I am sure a lot of people have already made this one their all-day-vape, and I could see myself vaping a lot more of it in the future because it is just an outstanding juice that could have easily won on a less competitive week. Smilin Tobacco, while maybe not the most intricate or best tasting flavor this week did something that I have never seen another juice do yet – and that is accurately imitate the flavor and performance of a cigarette. Flavor aside, sometimes we just want to SMOKE, and that is exactly where this juice excels. I am sure I will be a fan of Smilin Tobacco for a long time – this is for sure another must try.

I have a lot more stuff on tap for next week so stay tuned and vape on.

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