Authentic Kanger Protank Airflow Control Valve: $3 Shipped


Finally, a cheap airflow control valve for Kanger Protanks. I can’t tell you how much difference it makes to have one of these. I know because I have an Aerotank, which uses this same valve, and the difference it makes is incredible. Additionally, this is exactly what you need if you want to run a Protank on a device that doesn’t have built in airflow – which may be more common than you think. I have had problems using Protanks on relatively popular devices like the Provari, VTR and Poldaic to name a few.

Even if you don’t have a device conflict, just having better control over your Protanks should make a world of difference.

For $3, there’s really no way you can go wrong having a couple of these in your arsenal.

Buy it here for $3.97 with free international shipping.

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