Copper Taurus RDA: $7 Shipped



With the crazy influx of disgustingly cool copper mods coming out lately, I’ve been fairly surprised by the noticeable lack of copper mods to top them off with. Hopefully today is the day the flood gates are breaking because FT just dropped the copper Taurus rebuildable dripping atomizer. This is basically the same as the other Taurus clone out there, except it has a copper top cap, perfect for pairing with your copper mod. This one is an absolute must for me. Right now I have a total of ZERO copper atomizers, and I  just got a shiny copper Nemesis in that is just dying to be paired up with a sick copper mod.

Tale of the Tape

  • Removable 510 drip tip
  • Single air hole
  • Laser engraved logo on top cap
  • Triple-post design (chromed brass)
  • Accommodate dual coil head
  • 21.7mm outer diameter
  • Height without drip tip: 31.7mm (Approx.)
  • Chromed brass 510 center pin

Click here to buy for $7 with free international shipping.

4 comments on “Copper Taurus RDA: $7 Shipped

  1. I hope this is naval brass without lead! Lead is poisonous and when used in center posts, where it is heated and exposed to liquid, can cause severe damage to you. Why companies make rda’s with brass center posts puzzles me. It shows the lack of concern for their customers. I really hope this kind of brass contains NO lead.

    • sam says:

      Yeah, it is a valid concern. The fact of the matter is, there are multiple schools of thought on what the effects are of using brass in the interior of atomizers – as well as other materials like chrome, stainless steel and copper. It is definitely possible that any of these materials could leech and release various chemicals into the ejuice. That said, it is tough to really know the exact chemistry of the metals used in these devices, and whether the application truly has potential to be harmful or not.

      Obviously, I take a pretty liberal approach. I’m healthier than ever after more than a year of using these types of devices, and other than some flaking on the interior of a couple particular devices, I haven’t seen any noticeable signs of problems in the overwhelming majority of devices I use.

      Definitely, if you have reservations about products like this where you don’t really know for sure what types of metals are being used and what their potential side effects could be, you would probably be better off going with a high end option where you know exactly what you’re getting.

      For me, I’m willing to accept that vaping is in its infancy right now, and nobody really knows what kind of long term effects there are going to be. All I know is I feel a hell of a lot better now that I have been off cigarettes for over a year, and I’m personally willing to roll the dice.

  2. Kenneth says:

    I Just ordered trist and the copper nemesis based pretty much og your site and some youtube reviews. Question is, can I use the prebuilt coils/wicks and where do I buy new ones? Thank you!

    • sam says:

      Yes you can definitely use the prebuild coils and wicks, however generally the prebuilt ones are not nearly as good as building your own wick and coil. I have many tutorials on this site that cover setting up a basic wick and coil – I would definitely suggest giving it a shot.

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