How To Create Your Own E-Pipe for $26

Since I started vaping, I always liked the idea of an e-pipe. I never really smoked a real pipe as a smoker – at least not a tobacco pipe, but I think that pipes have the potential to look a lot more cool than a lot of the mechs and APVs out there. The pipe has a kind of classic look and feel to it that just seems natural.

Unfortunately, good e-pipes are few and far between. The good ones are extremely hard to get and extremely expensive. The shitty ones are still fairly expensive and don’t come anywhere near living up to the hype.

I have had the opportunity to try out a variety of different pipes. There are still some very high end ones that have eluded me so far, but I have tried pipes ranging from $20 to $150 in cost. So far, the best I have come up with in terms of balancing performance and price is this fairly simple option that I am about to share with you.

Basically we are going to run a Smoktech E-Pipe with a T4 clearomizer fitted with a 510 adapter and a long stainless drip tip. Here’s what it looks like:


It’s simple, small, durable, effective, and looks like a pipe.

Your Shopping List

Total Cost: $26.26, free shipping.

The Pipe

If you are venturing into the world of electronic pipes, you should probably start small. You also need to understand that a good majority of epipes run on 18350 batteries, and therefore you need to understand what kind of performance they are going to offer before you go drop $200 on an 18350 epipe without realizing that you can’t reasonably run sub ohm coils on it.

So for that reason, I recommend picking up a Smoktech E-Pipe clone for the pipe component. Now you may have seen these selling in stores for a lot more than $19. This particular model is a clone, and although it is not authentic, I haven’t been able to find any really noticeable differences between this and the authentic. Plus, this is more of a starter setup anyway, so the goal is not to spend a lot of money.

This epipe takes a single 18350 flat top battery. You can use whatever kind you like, however I strongly recommend IMR batteries.

Get it here for $3.00, free shipping

The Tank

For this build I really like using a clearomizer. The problem with most clearomizers out there is they usually don’t have removable drip tips. The T4, however, does have a removable drip tip. This will allow us to replace the shitty plastic one with a really nice long stainless steel one that will add to the pipe effect.

Personally I like to coil these myself. If you aren’t willing to try your hand at coiling one yourself, then I strongly recommend picking up the lowest ohm coil heads you can find – it will probably be in the 1.5 to 1.8 ohm range.

The Accessories

The tank is eGo threaded like most clearomizers this size, and the pipe unfortunately is not, so we need to get an inexpensive and easy to use ego to 510 adapter. It screws right into the bottom of your clearomizer and then will seamlessly attach to the epipe.

Get it here for $1.30 free shipping

Additionally we’re going to go a step further and outfit our clearomizer with a nice long drip tip. This will help emulate the long stem of a traditional pipe and give you a more authentic experience. This drip tip will also work on any of your other atomizers so it’s well worth a couple bucks for a nice piece of stainless that you will likely get a lot of use out of.

Get it here for $2.92, free shipping

The Setup

Ok now that you have all the pieces, it’s time to put them together. Most of it should be pretty straightforward.

The important point is the atomizer. Personally I recoil these myself. It is very easy to do if you’re willing to give it a shot, and it will give you dramatically better performance. Since we are using an 18350 battery, I would say anything down to 1 ohm would be a safe range for your coil. I am personally using a 1.2 ohm coil on mine right now. Click here for a complete tutorial on how I created the coil.

I strongly suggest you do not try running this setup below 1 ohm.

Here’s a quick video showing you how mine turned out:

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