Dekang: RY4 Review


Ok so I get that this is a pretty boring one. I mean, Dekang RY4 has to be probably the most generic possible ejuice flavor there is – BUT, it’s still an ejuice, and it’s still here on my desk, so it deserves a review just as much as anything.

No description, but you get the idea. If you’re not familiar with RY4, basically it is like the “original” ejuice flavor – it’s kind of got a very loose relation to tobacco, however many vendors have created their own spin on RY4s that taste much more like tobacco, so it kind of depends where you get it.

I’ve got this one at a sorry 0mg, in what I think is an 80% PG blend.

First Impressions

This juice is 100% crystal clear in the bottle, and really doesn’t carry much of a scent.

The flavor on this juice is really, very light. It has that RY4 quality to it that I most liken to scotch tape, however it is WAY subdued in this vape, which I actually prefer, so it only comes through as a light undertone. I find that the RY4 flavor can be particularly abrasive if it is too strong, so I think it is balanced well here.

Obviously at 0mg, I don’t have much to say on the throat hit- since there is none. Vapor production is nice for a high PG juice.

The Bottom Line

Taste. It actually doesn’t taste half bad to me. On the one hand, the flavor is VERY light – like you really have to stretch to taste it. On the other hand, if the flavor were any heavier, I think I would like this juice a lot less, because I just really don’t like pure RY4 flavor that much. It definitely has that scotch tape element, but it is light enough where it actually tastes halfway decent. SO all around, the taste is really quite generic, but not bad either.

True to Description. I think a real RY4 fan would probably think this is kind of a lame RY4. I personally like it the way it is, with the flavor being a lot less heavy, and it does technically taste like a RY4, so I would say this one is pretty close.

Throat Hit. I can’t really judge on this one because I only have it at 0mg and there is literally no throat hit at all.

Quality of Vape. For being about as generic as it gets, this really isn’t that bad of a vape. The flavor is light, but good, and the nasty elements of the RY4 are not present here, so you could easily vape this stuff all day long without getting tired of it – although it may be a little on the boring side. I’m sure that the throat hit would be totally fine if you moved up to a normal nic level, and the vapor production is actually really good even with low VG.

Overall. This is really just a Plain Jane ejuice. There’s nothing particularly good about it and nothing particularly bad about it. If you’re big into RY4, you probably won’t think much of this one because the flavor is light. If you’ve never had a RY4 before, and are curious, this would be a great choice because it’s cheap, it performs well, and it has all the flavor of a RY4 without it coming through too strong.  I personally wouldn’t suggest this one unless you are really interested in trying RY4 on the cheap.

Not recommended.

Dekang: RY4 Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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