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Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Authentic Hana V2 DNA20 mod. Now a couple of months ago, this was probably the hottest shit going. Since then, the Hana V3 DNA30 dropped and they have been selling for crazy money IF you can even find them, plus within the last two weeks, the Hana DNA30 and Hana DNA20 have both been cloned, meaning the hottest shit going is about to get a whole lot cheaper.

I bought this device 1-2 months ago for $268 used. At the time, my Vaporshark DNA20 had just shit on me, and I was badly needing another DNA20 device to replace it.  At the time, it was nearly impossible to find any DNA device for under $300 readily available, so I jumped on this one when I had the opportunity.

So basically, this is a pretty standard DNA20 device, with some additional nice features. Most notably, it takes one 18650 battery which you can remove/replace, but also charge via USB within the device. Otherwise, it has all the basic DNA features, boxy construction with top mount and is available in various colors. Mine is a matte black.

Here are some additional pictures…

Back View


Interior View


Side View


Top View


What I DIDN’T like about the Hana

Probably the primary thing I’m not crazy about is that it doesn’t seem to be particularly stellar quality – at least not enough to merit the incredibly high price. It’s basically just a plastic box with the chip glued in and a place to put your batteries.

The buttons really aren’t anything special, although they do work fine – but they seem to be a little lacking to me.

The top connection area is very deeply recessed. I would have liked to see maybe an adjustable pin, or have it raised just a slight bit up.

It’s kind of bulky in both feel and appearance. It fits pretty well in the hand, but it’s quite a large, boxy-looking device considering it only contains a single 18650 battery and a circuit board.

What I DID like about the Hana

First and foremost, it works flawlessly. Everything is pretty much exactly as it should be. It’s a no brainer to set up – pop in your battery, screw on your atty, dial in your wattage and start vaping. It doesn’t get more simple than that.

The removable battery is huge for me. I think it’s kind of too bad that more DNA devices don’t have this same functionality. When you buy an expensive mod with a built in battery, then the lifespan of the product is going to be tied directly to that battery – so if your battery gets fucked, then your whole device is fucked. With the Hana, you will never have that issue as you can always just pop in a fresh battery.

I also really like the fact that while the battery is removable, you can still charge it via the USB connection on the device. I never had to change my battery after putting one in when I first got the device.

Who is it good for?

This is an excellent starter-DNA device. I think the fact that the battery is removable makes it a little more user friendly, and gives you that extra bit of insurance against anything catastrophic happening.

It’s a very easy-to-use device across the board. Basically, it’s about as standard as you can get for any DNA device. No crazy bells and whistles, just functionality and performance.

Obviously if you already have a DNA20 or 30 device, then this one would more than likely be redundant, so it would only be good as a backup if you can get one on the cheap.

Where to buy?

I got mine off the ECF classifieds. There are some online stores that sell these, but they are almost always sold out and now that the V3’s are out, you are pretty much going to have to find one second hand.

Do I use it?

I’ve used this heavily for the past 1-2 months – it has basically been one of my primary devices for daily use. At the moment, I have gotten an influx of VW devices, so I haven’t used it as much  just because I have many other similar items I am testing. If this were the only DNA device I owned, I would be using it as my primary device.

My Ideal Setup

I really found that I liked using this the best with big tanks – IE the Taifun or Kayfun. They fit nearly perfect on the top of the device, and you would rarely have a need to ever go over 20 watts with either, so they seem to be idea. I spent a lot of time using a basic Taifun setup with a single 1.8 ohm coil at around 14 watts – not a super powered setup by any stretch, but the performance is unbeatable and it’s a no-fuss kind of setup. I didn’t like drippers AS much with this one just because they don’t fit snug in the recessed area, however it’s a very minor nit.

The Bottom Line

Quality. This is kind of a weird one – from a practical standpoint, the quality has been great. I’ve had literally ZERO problems with this device after using it heavily (I DID have problems with the Vaporshark DNA20 after a similar stretch of heavy use). Everything is built well, the connections are good, etc. The main issue I have is that the quality you do get is relatively low considering the pricetag. When you boil it all down, it’s basically a plastic box with a DNA chip and a 510 connection. Not counting the cost of the chip itself, I can only imagine the cost of the materials is extremely low. So I don’t see a lot of quality here to merit the incredibly high pricetag.

Performance. The performance is near perfect. You get an even, consistent result every time. The battery life is as good as the battery you put in the device, and it seems to charge quite fast via the USB charger. The DNA functions obviously all perform very well too.

Ease of Use. Probably the greatest thing about this device is the fact that it is SO incredibly easy to use. There is really no guesswork involved here. For such a high powered device, it only takes seconds to get it setup and pumping out clouds for you.

Appearance. I’m really not a fan of the look of these at all. It isn’t bad by any stretch, but I think they are kind of big and clunky. Again, considering what you pay, I think they could be a lot more sleek.

Price. Price is the big issue for me with these. At the time $268 was a relatively average deal for a V2. Now that the market is finally more saturated with cheaper versions, these are going to be worth a lot less. So I definitely don’t think it was worth the initial price I paid for it, but now that they have put out a $50 clone that basically looks and functions in an identical way, it is a hell of a deal.

So at this point, these are almost becoming obsolete because newer more powerful versions are coming out. For the time being, I would say that the Hana V2 Clone for $50 on Fasttech is probably just about the best deal you can get on any APV at the time of writing this. I’m sure that will change because it probably won’t be more than a month or two before you can get a DNA30 version for the same price – but honestly if you mostly use Kayfuns, Foggers or Taifuns anyway, then 20 watts should be more than enough.

Overall. This is a really nice mod overall. At the time I bought it, it was probably just barely worth what I paid for it. At the time of writing this, it’s basically worth about whatever you can sell it for since the clones are going to blow these out of the water within the next month and bring DNA devices into an actual affordable price bracket.

I wouldn’t recommend buying any authentic Hana device right now because the prices are either going to drop a lot to compete with the clones, or they are going to have to really enhance the design and features to justify the high cost.

Hana V2 DNA 20 Review
Ease of Use

2 comments on “Hana V2 DNA 20 Review

  1. clif walker says:

    you said twice that your Hana “was just a plastic box etc.” My Hana’s box is machined from a block of billet aluminum. Also, my Hana stopped working, I notified Hana Modz and they emailed me an RMA number. Even though it was out of warrenty they changed out the two smaller buttons, the charger and even gave me a new battery, no charge. It was then shipped back to me, this all took less then 6 days. If you buy a clone from Fasttech and it stops working, throw it away. I love my Hana.

    • sam says:

      Lol sounds like you had quite a few issues with yours. That is definitely good that their customer service is at such a high level. I shouldn’t have said plastic – I have the matte version and it feels a lot like plastic to me but it is very sturdy. It’s a very nice mod overall – kind of a shame that they got picked on first by the Chinese manufacturers.

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