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So this is my second Immortalizer review. My first Immortalizer review was for the real thing. Today I am taking a look at the clone. It’s important to note that I am reviewing this specific Immortalizer, as there are more than 1 clone out there from various manufacturers.

Now as you can see in my picture above, it’s fucking broken. Just like my authentic Immortalizer, this one did not last me long at all.

Here’s basically how it went.

I got the new Immortalizer. I created a beautiful coil out of ribbon kanthal.

Drilled out one of the holes on the sleeve to 1/16.

Vaped it for about a week, loving every minute of it.

Decided to do a review/tutorial, so I unscrewed the sleeve and top cap, and right away I knew I was fucked because the ceramic cup was tilted way up to one side. Tried to loosen the screws and gently move it back into place, and it proceeded to crack rendering my second immortalizer useless.

So here’s the problem. Basically if you fuck with the screws too much you are going to ruin the whole unit, and it doesn’t take much to fuck it up. In fact, I was being extremely cautious since my first one got fucked up in a similar fashion.

This is seriously one of the best drippers out there when it is working, but it is so dangerous to fuck with the coil at all that it essentially makes this device not worth the money and hassle.

What I DIDN’T like about the Immortalizer

The ceramic cup thing is bullshit. I know I’m not the only one who has had this problem. I also know I’m not an expert on working with Immortalizers, but I have coiled tons of different devices and actually somewhat know what I’m doing when it comes to Immortalizers, and I still managed to fuck mine up before ever getting to a second coil. I personally think the design is flawed. I would love to see this same device, with some kind of alternative to the ceramic cup, because it would probably be perfect.

The draw is tight. Now I like a tight draw, but this is very tight. I drilled out one of the holes in the sleeve to 1/16 and that seemed to help. I was actually going to drill out the other hole as well but never made it that far. I personally don’t mind it but I know a lot of people don’t like a tight draw, so if that’s you, then you probably won’t like this piece.

Also, the insulator around the bottom of the pin popped right off for no particular reason.

What I DID like about the Immortalizer

The draw is tight, and tight in a unique way. When you get a tight draw on a more standard atty with side airflow it feels very awkward, but on the Immortalizer it actually feels right. I liked having it in my lineup just as a change of pace from an atty with an airy draw. It’s great when you’ve been vaping on an airy draw all day, to switch to this and get a completely different experience.

The look and feel is probably one of the best for any RDA. It’s simple, and has a more boxy look to it, but it looks great on just about any mech, and I also thought it looked really good on my apv box mods as well. You could run this on just about anything and it would look good.

It’s pretty much the only atty I’ve ever seen designed for ribbon kanthal. I really love ribbon kanthal but it is a huge pain in the ass to use it on normal atomizers because they just aren’t really set up to connect it properly. I’ve done it before but it’s not really worth the hassle.

It has a copper connection pin. There are only a few attys I have that use a copper pin and I strongly prefer it whenever possible.

Who is it good for?

This is absolutely not a device for beginners. It’s also no bueno if you prefer an airy draw.

If you like a tighter draw and are willing to roll the dice that you won’t fuck up the ceramic cup, then by all means…

Where to buy?

Get it here for $9 with free shipping.

Do I use it?

I would love to say that I use it all the time, and frankly I probably would if I could keep one around for more than a week without breaking the fucking thing.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Ceramic cup aside, this is a phenomenal piece. Unfortunately, the issues with the ceramic cup make this dramatically harder to work with.

Performance. I really like the quality of throat hit you get from the Immortalizer. There really isn’t any other atomizer out there that hits like it – it is totally unique. Personally I think this is one of the best performing drippers I have ever used.

Ease of Use. Again, the ceramic cup really fucks things up. The problem is that it’s kind of tricky to get your coil tightened down, and as such, it is easy to overtighten the screws, which I can only assume is the reason I keep messing mine up. So you have to be extremely careful and it is already fairly tedious to begin with. This is not a device for beginners at all.

Appearance. I personally think it looks great. The lines match several different mods I have for a seamless look. I thought it looked awesome on my Hana V2. You could probably run just about any drip tip on it and it would look great. Across the board this is an excellent looking piece.

Price. The good thing about this is that at least it doesn’t cost a fortune. The original authentic Immortalizer I bought last year cost me close to $70 and I had the exact same problem. Fucking up a $9 piece is a lot easier pill to swallow, let me tell you.

Overall. I really do love the Immortalizer. It just really bothers me that I have managed to break 2 and between them both I have only built 3 coils, so there is a pretty small margin for error. That said, I like it so much I will probably get another one anyway and try it all again. I am pretty sure I can also pick up some replacement ceramic, so it’s not like a total wash or anything. It’s just irritating that it is so delicate. I definitely think that performance-wise and appearance-wise, this is a superior piece to a lot of other drippers out right now. If you’re willing to have some serious patience, it could work for you.

Get it here for $9 with free shipping.

Immortalizer Clone Review
Ease of Use

2 comments on “Immortalizer Clone Review

  1. Ryan Disano says:


    I wasn’t aware there were multiple version clones of the immo?? I’m only aware of the aluminum sleeve one, and the stainless steel sleeve one, both on fasttech (and found on other sites as well). As far as i know, these are both made by the same manufacturer? Is there another version of this? If so, where can i find it please?
    Also, I agree. While the ceramic plate is great for keeping a clean crisp flavour, its fragility makes it not worth the benefit. You are right, they should redesign with a metal deck. Immortalizer v2?

    Anyways, as fragile as it IS, im pretty sure you could have been more careful. I have the tilted ceramic plate EVERY time i open my atty. Its inherant to the design unfortunately. I’m ULTRA careful during each rebuild, and only takes a few minutes. Don’t rush things and it won’t break. I’ve had my immo for 6 months, and still on the original ceramic plate!!

    Also, there are other options on this atty to a tight draw, and there are two ways to achieve a loose draw on this atty:
    1) first is simple… leave off the sleeve!! You will get a VERY loose draw, and it kinda looks cool this way, dumbbell like.
    2) if you like the look of the sleeve, but want a loose draw draw, put on the sleeve all the way, then screw on top cap, once topcap on all the way, back it off a few small turns, then tighten up the sleeve TO the topcap, so it will not move. There you have it. Full unobstructed airflow on the immortalizer! (for THIS #2 setup, it may require you to remove the bottom oring)

    • sam says:

      Thanks this is all great advice. I am probably going to pick up at least one more and give it another go. The 2 clones on fasttech are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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