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Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Panzer clone, as you can see pictured above with a Crown atty on the top. Honestly, at this point and time, I haven’t been getting too excited for mechs – they are generally all very similar so once you have a good one, there’s nothing else beyond that other than different aesthetics. That said, I have been using the fuck out of this thing since I got it. It is really a nice looking, nicely put together mod that performs quite well with only a few minor nits.

What I DIDN’T like about the Panzer

There’s not really a ton I didn’t like about it.

Probably the biggest thing is the button tends to work itself out of position relatively easily. Once that happens it causes a variety of problems – it’s harder to get the locking ring to work, you definitely can’t set it down vertically, and it gets super crunchy.

Now a minor adjustment of the button will fix that, but you will need to do it every now and then once the button works its way out.

So that kind of sucks.

Another thing with this is that even with the button screwed in good, I still really don’t find myself comfortable sitting this one vertically without locking it – so as a result, I have found myself locking the button more on this device than any other e-cigarette I have ever owned. It’s not a huge deal, but kind of annoying.

It doesn’t have any built in airflow, so you could find yourself in a sticky situation with bottom airflow devices. Luckily the bottom airflow atties themselves have been getting a lot better lately so this isn’t a super big deal, but I’m sure there’s plenty of you out there still rocking first gen Protanks. I still have a couple I pop out now and then.

What I DID like about the Panzer

It’s heavy as fuck. Some people might not like this, but to me it makes it feel a lot more sturdy and I don’t mind the extra weight at all. The only time it’s an issue is when I would want to be carrying it around in my pocket for an extended period of time, which does occur now and then – particularly now that summer is coming. This is definitely not the piece you want to be pocketing.

The engravings are all really nice. I personally don’t care much for the engraving at the top, but it is at least well done.

The button lock is probably the most well done locking mechanism I have seen on a mech yet. It is super easy to lock and unlock – which surprisingly is something almost no other mechs do very well. This one I have locked more than any other mech and it works perfect every time as long as the button isn’t way out of place.

It hits hard as hell – There are only regular old brass contacts on this piece, but it doesn’t seem to matter because it hits like a beast.

The top pin extends downward to support various battery sizes.  When I first got this I couldn’t even figure out why I couldn’t get my MNKE to fit and I finally realized I had to WAY unscrew the top pin so that it would reach the shorter MNKE battery. It works surprisingly well and I’ve had no issues at all.

Who is it good for?

This is a great all purpose mod. If you were only going to have 1 mech ever, this would definitely be a top contender in my book. It’s super rugged, all the threading is great, the button and locking mechanism work well and it’s a serious hard hitter. It doesn’t have a million extra tubes and it doesn’t telescope – it’s just a super nice 18650 mech. So if you want a mech that is going to be your go-to mod that you are going to use the hell out of, this is one of the best ones you can pick.

If you already have a ton of mechs, this one doesn’t exactly do anything original, and personally I don’t think it’s the greatest looking mod out there, although it is relatively cool, so it’s pretty much a matter of aesthetics.

Where to buy?

I picked mine up on Fasttech for around $30. They also have the Blackhawk edition now which looks super cool as well if you want to go the black route.

Do I use it?

This has basically been the ONLY mech I have used whatsoever since I got my hands on it outside of some testing I did with the Kato Hammer. It performs super well, I haven’t had a single issue with it, and the locking ring works well. I don’t know if I will have it in my rotation forever, but there’s really no reason I wouldn’t keep using it other than the fact that I have a ton more mechs to test out and evaluate.

The Bottom Line

Quality. I think this is pretty much an excellent quality mod. You pay a little more for it, but it is sturdy as hell. Some of the cheaper ones are really quite flimsy – not that it’s a huge deal, but it is reassuring to have such a sturdy mod. Additionally the threading on everything is superb. The engravings are all really well done. The button works great. Across the board, I am more than happy with the quality for what you pay.

Performance. This is a great hitting mod – probably the one I have liked the best since the Launcher, one of my all time favorites.  I would still love to see it with copper or silver contacts, but I have to say it works incredibly well with plain ol’ brass.

Ease of Use. Other than having to figure out how to extend the top pin downward to make a proper battery connection, this thing has been super easy to use. The threading is all good so I haven’t gotten anything stuck in there, and the locking mechanism on the button is the best I have ever seen – which as far as mechs go is one of the biggest ease of use issues.

Appearance. I’m not super in love with the look and feel of it. It’s got a slightly wider diameter than most atomizers, so almost any atty is going to look small on this thing. All the beveling on the tube is cool I guess, but I’m generally a less is more kind of guy, so I could really take it or leave it. The engravings are well done,but I don’t think they look especially cool. Really, I think appearance is probably the weakest point here. I think the Blackhawk version would probably be a lot cooler looking.

Price.  You will have to pay a little more to get your hands on this one, but it is really good quality so in my opinion it’s well worth it. That’s basically all there is to it. I wish it was a little cheaper so I could justify picking up the Blackhawk version, but I already have a pile of mods I haven’t even reviewed yet so I’m not really at the point where I need doubles on anything.

Overall. I truly wasn’t expecting much with this one – in fact I was half thinking that it wouldn’t really be worth the more expensive price when I already have quite a few mods for at least $10 less that I really like, but I was very impressed once I got my hands on it, at just how well it works. The button locking is one of the best features of this mod and it works great. The button isn’t crunchy at all as long as it is correctly in place, and this thing just simply hits hard as hell. It’s a great all around piece – perfect if you need a really dependable mod that is going to last you.



Panzer Clone Review
Ease of Use

6 comments on “Panzer Clone Review

  1. perry farwell says:

    I really like the crown atty you’ve got perched atop the panzer, pictured above. I wanted to add something that surprised me , i received my brass panzer from fasttech and it was very nice not a scratch on it locking ring left threads unscrews the firing switch, a drop of thread locker should fix that. but the switch is a magnet switch. How cool is that? all for 24.00 .No room for complaints here. it is heavy as hell could double as a sap. vape on.

  2. Jon Stedt says:

    What mod do you recommend as your favorite for around the same price?

    • sam says:

      It mostly just depends on your own preference. I think the Panzer is a great mod in this range. The only 2 things I don’t like are that 1. it is wider than most other 18650 mods, so most atomizers will not sit flush and 2. the locking mechanism isn’t my favorite. It does work very well, but the mod itself is so heavy that you pretty much always have to lock it whenever you want to set it down upright.

      Otherwise it is built like a tank, looks nice and performs well, so if the 2 issues I mentioned don’t bother you,then I would probably suggest you go with the Panzer.

      Other good mods in this same price range or cheaper that I like are the Stingray – there are a ton of different ones, they are all pretty good. I have the brass one and like it a lot. I also like the Paps, I also have it in brass, and the copper nemesis is very nice.

      The main things I look for are copper or silver contacts, magnetic firing button and a good locking mechanism.

  3. Flaco says:

    I was just wondering what a good atomizer is to get for this mod?.

    • sam says:

      They actually have a Panzer atomizer that matches it. I haven’t tried it but it looks like it would work just fine. If you’re really wanting a perfect match, I would check that out.

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