Patriot RDA Clone Review


OK. I’ve been mulling this one over for a while now. At first I was kind of disappointed in the Patriot. At the time, I was already inundated with similar RDAs and this particular piece really isn’t a hell of a lot different than your standard RDA. It’s got a typical 3 post setup with a single hole. My first couple builds on it were underwhelming at best, and I ended up putting it away in the box for a while.

I finally got it back out about a week ago and tried out a dual nano coil build on it – you can see the coil/wick pictured above, and I have to say that I have been loving it ever since.  It looks great on a Duke, the single airhole has actually been working OK for me even on this dual coil build, and it’s an all around solid piece.

What I DIDN’T like about the Patriot

The biggest thing I wasn’t crazy about with this piece is that there really isn’t much special about it. Other than a slightly different styled top cap, and a fancy engraving, it’s basically very similar to the IGO series atomizers, Nimbus, etc.

The single airhole also presents a problem. One advantage of this piece is that it has 3 nice posts for you to easily set up dual coils on. Unfortunately, there is only 1 airhole. To make matters worse, the opposite side of the top cap is covered with an engraving, so you really can’t add an opposite airhole, which I find ideal with dual coils – so you’re stuck with one airhole unless you want to fuck up the engraving. Now for me, I made it work – I actually like it with the one airhole and dual coils because it provides a much hotter vape, so it’s a nice change of pace from what I am used to. However, I think more people probably prefer an airy draw and may not be as happy with this setup as I am.

What I DID like about the Patriot

At first I wasn’t crazy for the design, but it has grown on me. The top cap actually looks pretty cool. It has some nice beveling around the top that does make it look different from other similar RDAs I already mentioned, and in fact I think it looks quite a bit better than the IGO-L, W or Nimbus.

The engraving is actually really pretty nice. I’ve had mixed luck with engravings from FT, but this one came through pretty nice and kind of reminds me of the old Diplomats logo. It’s also a little more positive than the typical angel of death type shit that is normally emblazoned on these things. Here’s a clean pic of the exterior:


It has 3 posts for easily setting up dual coils. Additionally, it has holes through the posts to make it even easier, and they actually use proper Phillips head screws rather than the shitty hex screws.

The threading and o-rings are perfect all around.

Who is it good for?

This is really a great all around dripper. It’s great for beginners because the post setup is about as easy as it gets for building solid single and dual coils. For the more advanced, it is pretty much your typical dripper, however it will give you a slightly different look and feel for the same price, and the post/screw configuration is as good as you’re going to get at this price range.

It’s really a can’t miss – even if you are just getting it to pair with a specific mod or drip tip.

Where to buy?

I got mine on Fasttech Here for $5.

Do I use it?

I had consigned this one to my box for a couple months before finally busting it out and letting it into the rotation. Now that I’ve been using it fairly frequently, I have really come to like it and I plan to keep it around in the rotation for the foreseeable future. I actually prefer the look of it to other similar RDAs in this range, and the post/screw setup is optimal, so there’s really no reason not to use it.

My ideal setup

This is a great piece because it is easy to build a solid wick and coil that you can use for tasting juices, or as your primary atty.  There would be nothing at all wrong with building a typical wick-through-the-coil setup on this, and I have a ton of similar atty’s that I do just that with.

That being said, I have been loving my dual nano coil build. I have it at .6 ohms which is a little low for what I typically like to do, but I have found that I can use it on a Duke with the wattage cranked all the way up for a really intense, hot vape – OR- I can put it on a mech and it will give me a near perfect hit. Normally, I have to do separate builds for mechs/VV-VW, but in this case, this particular setup seems to work great on both.

It’s also important to note that I have drilled out the airhole to 1/16, which is super easy and only takes a couple seconds if you have a basic drill.

The Bottom Line

Quality. I have to say that I am really impressed with the overall quality of this piece. It showed up clean, with perfect engravings, orings and threading. For an atty in the $5 range – nearly as cheap as disposable style atties, this is really an impressively good quality piece for the money.

Performance. There’s really nothing earth shattering about the performance of this piece. When you boil it all down, it really is just a typical RDA at heart, so it’s only going to be as good as your wick and coil. That said, it’s a nice blank canvas and the post/screw setup make it very easy to phreak a sick wick and coil.

Ease of Use. The one downside is that you will almost surely have to drill out the airhole. I wish they would make 1/16 a more standard starting size because I have found that it is nearly perfect for me. Some people like bigger, but you can always at least get by with 1/16. The stock hole as-is, is way too small for me and I didn’t even bother trying it out before boring out the hole. Beyond that minor inconvenience, it actually is quite easy to use. The holes in the posts make it a lot easier to attach your coil, and they have screws that a normal human being can work with without needing a freakishly small hex key.

Appearance. The look of this one has actually really grown on me. I think it looks significantly better than IGO series attys and also looks better than the nimbus. I think it looks particularly good on a Duke. When you’re picking out a dripper in this price range, they are really all basically the same function-wise, so appearance is practically the only thing that matters, and I think the Patriot does have an edge in that department.

Price. At just around $5, this piece is priced impressively well. It’s probably the most complete dripper available for 5 bucks. There are some other 5 dollar ones that I like quite a bit also, but they tend to be a little more niche than the Patriot. This is really an atty that you could easily use all day, every day and build a variety of different wick and coil setups on.

Overall. I started out not being super crazy for this piece, but it has really worked its way into my rotation and I have come to really like it. In fact, I will probably keep it around for a long time in this nano dual coil format just to use as a nice change of pace atty. The look of it is great for an atomizer in this price range. The quality is probably the best I have seen for $5, and it has an incredible level of versatility.  Really, the only thing you can’t reasonably do with this one is run two opposite airholes. If you can get beyond that, this is basically a perfect piece for a perfect price.

Highly Recommended.

Check it out here. 

Patriot RDA Clone Review
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  1. Kyryl96100 says:

    The real patriot does have two air holes. Also it significantly reduces the heat recieved from the coils which im not sure this clone would do.

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