Smokecignals: Cookies ‘n Cream Review


Today I’m trying out another new vendor – Smokecignals, and their Cookies n’ Cream ejuice. Here’s what they say about it:

We love cookies. We love ice cream. We love vaping. Doing all three at the same time? Heaven.ies. We love ice cream. We love vaping. Doing all three at the same time? Heaven.

I’ve got this one in a house blend at 24mg.

First Impressions

This juice sounded awesome to me, and I was really looking forward to trying it. It’s got a nice orange color to it, and doesn’t carry much of a scent in the bottle.

I started out with a fresh wick, and it took a few hits to really get the flavor coming through. The flavor itself is trending more towards being on the light side, but it stays very consistent throughout the vape, and you definitely know you’re vaping cookies and cream. I found this flavor tastes very similar to Cookie Blaster from MBV.

Obviously at 24mg, the throat hit is nuts, and it puts out a nice amount of vapor too. I think it hits like a 50/50 blend.

The Bottom Line

Taste. I love the taste. The cookies and cream are both really well balanced, so you don’t get more of one or the other – it is quite even. The cookie taste is loosely similar to an Oreo flavor, although it is quite light so I don’t think it tastes exactly like an Oreo, but it is somewhat close. The cream is slightly sweet and super smooth, and it blends very well with the cookie. Overall the flavor is excellent.

True to Description. Both the components are there, and they are really well balanced, so this one truly does live up to its billing. I would have like the flavor to come out just a tiny bit more, as I do think it is more on the mild side, but it does work well in this vape.

Throat Hit. It hits great at 24mg, and I don’t think I would have any problems dropping it to 18.

Quality of Vape. I really am enjoying this one a lot. I vaped it for about 10 hours straight yesterday – after a while, I did start to notice that the flavor was becoming a little more muted as vaper’s tongue set in. Some juices are better than other at fighting vaper’s tongue. This one is fairly light, so I can see how the flavor could easily dissipate after heavy vaping. That said, it is basically perfectly as-described, tastes great, and performs well.

Overall. For the first juice out of the gate from this vendor, I would say it was a huge success. I have really been enjoying this one and I’m sure I will easily breeze through this bottle. This juice has all the elements of a great dessert vape without the overwhelming richness, making it a solid choice for long-term vaping. I would be surprised if there were anyone out there who didn’t like this juice.

Highly Recommended.

Check it out here:

Smokecignals: Cookies ‘n Cream Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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