Spring Break: No Juice Battle This Week

Hey Guys, just wanted to make it official. For only the second time since I started juice battles last year, I am taking a week off.

I had some family business to attend to over the last week, and came down with a slight sickness so I wasn’t able to spend as much time reviewing juices as I normally would like to. I was thinking about trying to squeeze out a battle for today, but it wouldn’t really be fair to anyone since I haven’t had a lot of time to spend vaping new juices.

So, no juice battle today.

That said, I just got a shit ton of new juices in, and I have mountains of hardware to review. Expect juice battles to be back in full force starting Monday and I should have a slew of new hardware reviews throughout the week. I am also working on my first ever drip tip battle, so expect that to be coming up soon as well!

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