T4 BCC Review


The T4 BCC, pictured above, is one of my favorite clearomizers. I’ve actually had mine for close to a year now, and I still consider them to be pretty nice clearos. I would say they are most similar to the Kanger T3S, the big difference being that you can use any drip tip you want with the T4, and you are stuck with the lame clear tip on the T3S.

I also like it because it is a great fit for the Smok ePipe. Here’s how my setup looks:


Simple, easy and cheap. If you like the idea of a pipe, this is about as cheap as it gets.

What I DIDN’T like about the T4

Probably the biggest issue I’ve had thus far is that the channels in the atomizer base where the wick sticks out are not wide enough to fit a 1/16 drill bit, which is my preferred diameter for coiling this guy. It’s actually not that big of a deal because I can just use a more narrow allen wrench and it fits just fine, but it does add an extra step.

I have heard that these won’t accept all Evod replacement heads. I can’t say for certain if this is true or not, but I am pretty sure I have at least used some Evod parts in rebuilding these in the past – albeit maybe not a full head itself.

The diameter is just a slight bit too narrow to get a perfectly clean fit on the Smok ePipe. It would be better if it was just slightly wider and a little shorter.

What I DID like about the T4

Performance-wise, it functions as well as the Kanger T3S.

Appearance-wise, I think it looks better than the Kanger T3S.

Price-wise, it is cheaper than the T3S and other similar clearomizers.

Most importantly, you can use your own drip tip. This gives it a huge advantage over other similar clearomizers.

Who is it good for?

If you’re primarily a clearomizer user to begin with and don’t even get into rebuilding at all, I think this would be a great fit. It will take just about any coil head, at least as far as I know, and the ability to add a custom drip tip instantly makes this better than a lot of other similar products.

If you’re running a 14500 mech or a Smok Epipe, this would be an excellent fit.

If you’re running a smaller VV/VW mod, this would be a great fit.

Where to buy?

Pick it up on Fasttech for $3

Do I use it?

I have had 2 of these for just about a year, and I have used them both quite a bit during that time. I prefer these to Evods and T3s’ even though I like them too. The ability to change the drip tip is the deal breaker. It lets you get the ease of using a clearomizer without the cheap look of the built in drip tip that I really think detracts from appearance. I don’t always use small diameter clearomizers, but when I do, I prefer the T4.

The Bottom Line

Quality. There isn’t going to be anything earth shattering here in terms of quality. It is a fairly cheap piece. The gaskets will wear down quickly if you rebuild them a couple times and the deck isn’t particularly well thought out. Overall, though, it is good enough to get the job done.

Performance. I think the draw on the T4 is near perfect. There are airholes on either side and the airflow is just about exactly where I like it. Beyond that, it will perform as good as the coil head you put in it. If you buy nice Kanger coil heads, they should function just as good here as on any other device. If you rebuild it yourself, it will perform as good as your wick and coil will allow. For me, it’s right where I want it to be.

Ease of Use. It’s really kind of a bitch that the channels are too narrow to support a 1/16 drill bit. That’s about the biggest downfall I can come up with on this device. Otherwise, just about everything about it is easy.

Appearance. It still has that classic clearomizer look with the numbers printed on the tank, however, you can easily spruce it up by adding your own drip tip, and make it look really cool. That is a big leg up over the static drip tip competitors to this piece.

Price. At $3, I’m not blown away by the price. It is fairly comparable to the authentic Kanger products offered on Fasttech, although maybe a slight bit cheaper. At $3, it’s a solid deal, but not amazing.

Overall. I’ve been wanting to do a review on these for a long time. In general I really like this piece a lot, and I have liked them since I first started using them early last summer. They have been versatile, held up well over the last year, and they look pretty decent on a variety of devices. I haven’t had any problems picking up a random coil head, rebuilding it and popping it on to one of these. All in all, if you are a big clearomizer fan, I would definitely recommend at least getting one to test out. I think you will find, like me, that the ability to change drip tips does make a big difference.

Pick it up on Fasttech for $3

T4 BCC Review
Ease of Use

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