Weekly Juice Battle 22


Time for another juice battle. Last week I was able to evaluate 10 different juices that will all go head to head today to determine the winners and loser. This week I had a really interesting mix of tobaccos, a couple blueberry flavors and a couple menthol flavors, among other things. It was an unusual field, but there were a few juices that, despite not scoring huge overall ratings, I found myself going back to again and again throughout the week.

#10 Eliquid Market: Kool


This one has been sitting in my queue waiting to be reviewed for quite some time now, and I finally decided to put it out of its misery.

Really, it’s not a horrible juice. It’s definitely not for me though.

First of all, there’s no tobacco flavor here at all. Simple as that. Now if you’ve ever smoked an actual Kool before, you will know that they are pretty strong as it is, so you can only guess that this juice is going to be pretty strong on the menthol.

And it is, however, the weird thing about this juice is it has far more peppermint personality than menthol. It smells minty in the bottle, and basically the only flavor I taste whatsoever is peppermint. That is actually kind of a good thing, because I strongly prefer the flavor of mint to the flavor of menthol, but it doesn’t help it taste anywhere near smoking an actual Kool. Additionally, this juice is somewhat sweet, which I found to be a little unsettling.

Overall the field is pretty good this week, so don’t let this last place finish fool you. This juice is decently vapable for menthol fans, it’s just nothing special at all.

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#9 Five Pawns: Absolute Pin


I’m finally getting down to the end of my Five Pawns juices, which in a way, is a good thing because there haven’t been any that I really liked that much. This week, Absolute Pin was on the chopping block. Here’s what they say about it:

One of our more elaborate blends takes the robust flavor of cinnamon and douses it in Irish cream and caramel, connecting each with an underlying tone of absinthe. Subtle yet lively.

Out of all the Five Pawns juices I had to try, this one was the one I thought sounded the most interesting of the bunch. Unfortunately it was a big flop for me. I thought the flavor combination, while it sounded interesting, just simply didn’t work at all.

The cinnamon was the strong player in this juice, and I really didn’t like the way it came out. When I have a cinnamon flavored vape, I want it to be strong, crisp and a little spicy. The cinnamon in this juice gave it an almost chemical taste – oddly the closest thing I can think of to even compare it to is pine needles.

The Irish Cream, while a great idea, only made itself apparent sporadically. I could taste it heavily at times and at other times I couldn’t taste it at all. I really didn’t feel like this juice had much of any cream presence to it.

Overall, I thought this one was jumbled, unbalanced, and it just didn’t work for me at all.

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#8 Dekang: Pepsi


Coming in at #8 is Pepsi by Dekang. Now to be fair, this juice is really not nearly as good quality as the 2 previous. In fact I think a lot of other people would probably rate this below the previous 2 juices in this week’s countdown. That said, for juice battles the first thing I look at when ordering these is which juices I actually wanted to vape more of.

Frankly, I didn’t really want anything to do with Pepsi, Absolute Pin or Kool, but out of the 3, I found Pepsi to be the most palatable. Kool is probably the best of the 3, but I don’t like menthol that much, and Absolute Pin was one of those juices where I just couldn’t wait to get it out of my atty and never vape it again.

Pepsi was just OK for me. It didn’t hit well at all at the low nicotine level I have it at, and it tasted flat and light. The flavor seemed to dissipate after the inhale leaving the exhale underwhelmingly light.

For a super cheap crappy juice, it’s not half bad, but I sure as hell wouldn’t ever get it with Low nicotine again. The best thing you could probably do is take this and mix it with a high nic vanilla flavor to give it a little more personality. Beyond that, it’s basically useless.

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#7 Good Life Vapor: Black Fairy


Coming in 7th place this week is Black Fairy from Good Life Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

The second of the “Fairies” comes to life with Absinthe and Blackberry with of course, an added twist. This time, the twist is not menthol. It’s a smooth subtle absinthe vape that will leave your taste buds tingling on your tongue.

Honestly, I really didn’t love this one either, but it is far better than the previous three.

Basically, you have a very strong, heavy floral blackberry flavor with a smooth absinthe undertone on the exhale. Being that I’m not a huge absinthe fan to begin with, I actually like the way they incorporated it subtly into the exhale rather than putting it front in center. Now those who do like absinthe would probably enjoy this juice more if the absinthe were more prominent because frankly I didn’t think the blackberry flavor was very good at all. It came off so heavily floral that it makes the juice take on an almost medicinal quality which I found hard to want to vape more of.

It’s not horrible and I think some people would probably like it but it wasn’t for me at all.

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#6 ECBlend: Balkan Blend


Rounding out the top half of the countdown this week is Balkan Blend from ECblend.

This juice I thought was pretty good, as are the rest of them from here on out.

The weird thing about Balkan Blend is it is one of those Create Your Own juices from ECBlend, and I can’t exactly figure out how to order it or where to find it on the site. So for that reason it was hard to get super pumped up about it.

That said, it is really a pretty good juice. It’s a got a nice mild and earthy taste on the inhale and a very pronounced peppery tobacco finish. For not being an actual NET, I was impressed by how authentic it actually tasted. It really does taste like real tobacco. If you’ve ever vaped a Cuban tobacco flavor, that is probably the closest thing I can compare this with.

The biggest problem I had with this juice, and the reason I wasn’t reaching for it more, was at 12mg it just didn’t hit well for me at all. I thought it was way too light. If I ever did order this again, I would definitely bump this up to full nicotine to get a better hit, and also up the PG.

Throat hit aside, I thought this one was really tasty and it came off as pretty authentic as well.

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#5 Shark Juice: The Blue Waffle


Coming in at the 5 spot this week is The Blue Waffle by The Vapor Co. Here’s what they say about it:

This Blue Waffle Premium E-Liquid is the real deal. With an intense waffle flavor mixed with real blueberries and a little syrup on top to finish it off. Now that’s a treat!

They royally fucked my order up and ended up sending me doubles of this one (in the wrong nic level) as well as many others, and in the process left off a good chunk of what I ordered. So as a result, I’ve had two of these sitting in my review box staring me in the face for the last 6 weeks or so. I kind of thought I might like this one anyway, so I decided to save it for a while and try some of the other ones I had no idea on.

The flavor of this juice is pretty much what you would expect. Heavy maple flavor mixed with blueberry.

I thought it actually worked pretty well. While it is a super heavy vape, it isn’t so strong that you can’t vape it all day. I have actually vaped quite a lot of it over the week. It has a really nice blue color to it that looks great in a Taifun or other see-through tank.

The blueberry is actually quite nice – it’s very sweet and has kind of a floral side to it that is really pleasant and helps to lighten the heaviness of the maple.

Even though they fucked my order and sent me 18mg instead of 24, it ended up working out because I thought this stuff hit exceptionally well.

It’s not a super special juice, but it is quite good and basically as-advertised. Who knows if they will keep stocking it or not, but right now you can get it for $2 per 10ml, which I think is a hella good deal.

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#4 Azure Vaping: Butter Rum


Coming in at #4 this week is Butter Rum by Azure Vaping. Here’s what they say about it:

A hot buttered rum flavor- coziness in a vape!

This one was pretty interesting. I honestly thought the flavor was WAY too light. It had all the elements there – plenty of butter and rum, but it lacked any real richness and the flavor could have been a lot more robust.

That said, I must have liked it to some degree because I managed to kill the entire bottle within 2 days of cracking it – so that has to count for something.

While it might not be the best butter rum flavor out there, I liked the way it tasted well enough to make short work of it.

It also hits very well at 18mg, so that certainly played a factor in my proclivity towards it.

After trying this one, I would really like to try another butter rum flavor, because I think it is a great combination for vaping. You get richness, sweetness, creaminess and acidity, so it covers a lot of bases and keeps the palate engaged.

All around, it’s not the most amazing flavor ever but it performs very well and the price is right.

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#3 MBV: Blu-Bacco

blu bacco

Coming in at #3 this week is Blu-Bacco by MBV.

Remember this day, because this is probably the highest you will ever see a tobacco from MBV place in a juice battle unless they dramatically change their tobacco line.

This juice really doesn’t have enough tobacco presence to even qualify as a tobacco in my book, for that reason I really hate to place it this high, but the fact of the matter is, out of all the juices I had to work with this week, I kept coming back to this one.

It’s your typical fruit-tobacco mix from MBV. All fruit, no tobacco. To their credit, I was able to get slight hints of tobacco from this juice, but I had to try very hard, and they were few and far between.

The primary flavor here is the blueberry. Now compared to Blue Waffle, this juice has a way lighter blueberry flavor – but I kind of liked the way it worked in this juice. The overall flavor is light from start to finish. The blueberry isn’t particularly sweet at all. It has a light floral quality to it and the exhale almost has kind of a maple vibe going on. Similar to Blue Waffle, but MUCH lighter – like it’s not even really close.

I appreciated this juice for the fact that it has a relatively simple and light flavor that is really easy to vape a lot of. For an MBV juice, it also had a very solid throat hit, which isn’t always the case, so that is probably one of the key things that kept me engaged with this one.

I would not recommend this under any circumstances as a tobacco vape, however as a good all around vape for extended periods of vaping it’s pretty darn good. This is a good one for tanks because you can easily go through a full tank without getting sick of it.

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#2 Vapor God: Arctic Wolf


This week’s runner up is Arctic Wolf from Vapor God. Here’s what they say about it:

If you don’t like strong flavors…don’t buy this! Our VaporGod Arctic Wolf eliquid is the perfect blend of menthol and mint taken to another level. It packs a huge throat hit at any nicotine level.
If this liquid is too potent for you at first I encourage you to take smaller hits and keep trying it because trust me…you will get used to it and it’s well worth it! It’s a definite all day vape for intense menthol and mint lovers.
This liquid is only available at 20% VG due to the potential for the menthol crystals to solidify with high VG content.
Lonewolf…..this one’s for you bud!

This juice was really interesting for me. The first hit I took was shockingly strong, to the point where I was close to coughing.

The menthol level on this juice is unlike anything I’ve ever had before – and it’s not just menthol, it also has a strong cooling mint presence. The two combined create the strongest hit of menthol I’ve ever tasted to date. It’s really incredible. It instantly sends a chill through your entire mouth and down your throat. Additionally, it packs a hell of a throat hit even at the modest 11mg I have this juice at.

The flavor is really nothing special. It’s a combination of mint and menthol with no real sweetness, and I find it to be quite bitter. So while it really doesn’t taste good at all, the performance is such a spectacle that it has kept me very interested – despite the fact that I’m not even a menthol fan.

As much as I don’t like menthol, I love crazy huge hits, and nothing hits crazier than this juice. I think at some point I would like to try this one at 24mg just to see how nuts it would be.

This is probably the most excited I have ever been about a menthol vape, and I would be shocked if someone can come up with something stronger than this.

I have to tip my hat to them for coming up with this one because they manged to keep interested, and I also think this might be the highest finish for a menthol juice in a juice battle to date.

If you want to really push the limits with menthol and throat hit, this one is a sure thing.

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#1 Yaeliq: Green Caramel


The label might look fucking horrifying, but don’t let it fool you – Green Caramel is one hell of an ejuice. Here’s what Yaeliq says about it:

Our unique duet of green Apple and Caramel-sweet and strong

If you’ve ever had a caramel apple pop sucker, that is basically exactly what this juice tastes like. It doesn’t taste like a real life caramel apple, rather a candy apple flavor mixed with caramel – and it is absolutely fantastic.

The apple and caramel are perfectly balanced. The flavor stays exactly the same from the scent in the bottle all the way through the aftertaste. The throat hit is superb and the vapor is thick and rich.

There is really nothing bad abotu this juice at all. For a sweet flavor, the sweetness was dialed in perfectly so that you know it’s a candy/dessert style vape, but it doesn’t come across as too overbearing. I’ve already gone through a couple tanks of this stuff and I can’t get enough of it. It is basically perfect in every way.

It’s been a bumpy road for Yaeliq in juice battles, but this win was truly well deserved. I can confidently recommend getting yourself a fat 100ml bottle of this stuff for $18. It is worth every penny.

I got mine at 21mg and 30/70 blend. I would probably get it exactly the same if I order again – and I am pretty sure I will be doing so in the near future because I can’t imagine not having some of this stuff on hand.

This week it wasn’t even close – this was the best juice by a mile.

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The Bottom Line

This week was pretty action packed for Vapecore. In addition to finding a ton of nice deals and ordering up a bunch of new hardware to review, I also showed you how I like to coil my Foggy Nimbus, which is my primary dripper I use for reviews right now. I also did a full review on it. For around $3, I have been getting a hell of a lot of use out of it. I wish I could say the same for my Immortalizer.

In addition, I did a tutorial on a simple recoil for the T4, a little-known clearomizer that I have been a big fan of for almost a year now, and I showed you how I made a $26 epipe that works really well.

This week I plan to dive deeper into the Taifun which I have been using a lot lately, as well as hopefully getting around to the Kracken review and tutorial I have been promising for a few weeks now.

And as always, I have a ton more juices on tap to review, so make sure to stay tuned.

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