Captivape: Kraken’s Blood Review


As soon as I smelled this in the bottle I realized it was a black licorice flavored vape, so I ended up putting this one on the shelf for quite a while. Recently my palate seems to be changing because the last few licorice flavored vapes I have tried, I have really liked, so I decided to bust this one back out and give it a whirl. Here’s what they say about it:

In the coldest parts of the ocean resides a creature that few men have seen and ever lived to talk about. That monster is known as The Kraken. This cold, dark & evil creature has ice in its veins and feeds off the souls of the weak. Only one has ever been killed, and upon slaying the creature the crew was shocked to discover that his dark skin was actually made entirely out of black licorice. So says the legend.

I’ve got this one at 18 mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has an opaque yellow color to it and smells strongly of black licorice in the bottle.

If I would have also known that this one is a menthol vape, I may have waited even longer to try it. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t because this is a very good juice. The black licorice smells strong in the bottle but it is quite smooth and blends awesomely well with the menthol to create a really nice vape.

The throat hit and vapor are both top notch.

The Bottom Line

Taste. This is really such a super smooth vape that it’s actually quite impressive. The black licorice is quite light on the inhale, and a little stronger on the exhale. It blends very well with the menthol giving this vape a super cool, smooth finish. There are really no unwanted extra flavors or anything here, it’s just pure black licorice flavor, and at a level that I think is perfect.

True to Description. They pretty much nailed it. It tastes as-described. The only way you might be disappointed is if the black licorice isn’t strong enough for you. I personally like it a little lighter, and I think the way they presented it was pretty much spot on.

Throat Hit. I’m loving the throat hit on this juice at 18mg. It gets a nice extra kick from the menthol

Quality of Vape. This is a great all around vape. Very nice flavor that is perfectly full and consistent from start to finish. It combines with a great throat hit and solid vapor production to create a very well rounded finished product that I could easily see making a great all day vape.

Overall. Once again I have been very impressed with a black licorice flavored juice. This one is really one of the best I’ve ever had, and also at the top of my list of nice menthol vapes. I really don’t care much for menthol at all, but if they were all like this, I would probably like them a lot more.


Check it out here:

Captivape: Kraken’s Blood Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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